Tochid Is A social media platform to connect with amazing people, interact with family, friends, specializes on entertainment, funny contents, promote your business and others side earns you real money and some commissions too.Tochid pays you for each signup through your affiliate link which you can withdraw to your bank account for Nigerians and Paypal account for non Nigerians. To promote your brands, business or product is very important to us, that’s why we allow you to earn some commissions when you publish a post, comment, like or share any post. You can advertise in the website with your commissions which automatically goes to your wallet.

Tips To Earn Real Money On Tochid.

WEBSITE OWNERS: Are you a blogger or you own a website you mange either for promotions, business, blog or forum, you can monetize your website with us by just displaying our banner ads in your website. Want to know how much to earn ? don’t worry, we are going to explain that.

WHATSAPP TV PRESENTERS: You run a WhatsApp TV where you advertise, publish funny contents to gain views, you can monetize and make more money with it by just sharing your affiliate link for your viewers to signup and you earn real money from it.

FACEBOOK GROUPS: you own a facebook group with large members or know some facebook groups with thousands of active members, you can post about our website, earn money when people join through your referral link.

FORUM WEBSITE: Publish our banner in some forum website like Nairaland, Medium etc. with thousands if not millions of users, earn money as they register through your link and many other ways including Telegram, Twitter, and other popular social platform.

MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL: Tochid allows you to withdraw your earnings once you hit $1, means its easy to reach our threshold and withdraw to your bank account or Paypal.

AFFILIATE EARNING: Tochid pays $0.05 per each signup through your link, free registration and nothing to loose. The system automatically credit you $0.05 per each signup, means 1k signups earn you $50 while 10k signups earns you $500 to withdraw to your bank or paypal.WHY WE PAY YOU Tochid pays you with the money Mapped out for running adverts on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and Sponsored Post. Instead of paying those media companies for advert, we decided to pay our active members like you to promote our website and earn money while doing so. We display Google Ads in our website which makes us extra money in managing the website. For more information on How to check your balance, withdraw and get your referral link, head over to our FREQUETLY ASKED QUESTION by clicking here