By O.D Oluwasegun

This is a true life story that was shared with me by a friend of mine sometimes ago on one of my social media platform. So, I decided to share it with everyone by giving it a title and puting it in episodes for better understanding. This is a must read story for everyone. Happy reading.

Life they say has its ups and downs, but with Juliet’s life, she has only seen sadness and grief.
She grew up in an orphanage and at the age of 17, she was adopted by Rev. Johnson, a wealthy Pastor with a large congregation and branches all over the nation.
Rev. had a beautiful wife and two sons – Ben and James who lived in the United States.
Indeed, Juliet was really blessed with the gift of vision. This made her foster parents more fond of her.
Rev. actually thought Juliet was a gift from God. He groomed her to be very prayerful and spiritually strong.
Juliet was also blessed with real beauty. She had a dark skin tone that was perfectly smooth. She led the prayer in her foster church, as young as she was.
Unfortunately, Rev. Died…. and trouble began for Juliet.
His death remained a mystery as no one knew the cause. They were in church and he was in the middle of a sermon when he suddenly had a heart attack. He passed on before they could get him to the hospital.
Due to this tragedy, Rev. Johnson’s sons who lived in the United states came down to the country with their mother.
That was the boys’ first time seeing Juliet. Like every christian family, they embraced her as a sister.
However, a few months after Rev’s death, an unusual incident occurred at church that got people talking ill about Juliet.

Juliet met Mike who was with her at the orphanage before she got adopted. They were both orphans and to Juliet, Mike was a brother.
Juliet was ecstatic to see him… she jumped and hugged him at the entrance of the church, right in front of everyone, including her foster mother and the two sons, Ben and James. She got even more excited when she saw Mike has come down from his won car . Life had smile well on Mike and he had done well for himself.
He had moved to town not too long ago and decided to visit a nearby church not knowing that this was the same church Juliet and her foster parent worshiped.
After the warm hug, they continued holding hands as they talked and tried catching up on old times.
Their gestures however got pretty much the congregation talking. Most people felt they were being inappropriate .
Mrs Johnson and James were no exception . James especially, being the eldest son, got very upset about Juliet and Elvis.
“Mummy, who is that guy Juliet is talking to? “James asked his mother while they all waited in their car for Juliet.
He was interrupted by Ben who felt James’s question was out of order.
“Seriously, James, you are asking this question? Let the girl be! I believe they know each other so it’s fine” Ben said.
Ben immediately got down from the car and walked towards where Juliet and Mike stood.
Meanwhile, Juliet had invited Mike for a prayer meeting later that evening. Just as Mike accepted the invite, Ben joined them.
“Excuse me,” Ben said. “Mum wants us to leave so I guess you guys need to wrap up.”
“Sure Ben. I’m sorry for keeping you all waiting. I totally lost track of time.
Anyway, meet Elvis, a long time friend of mine. Mike this is my brother Ben” Juliet introduced both men as they shook hands.
Ben then walked Juliet to their car while Mike went back into the church premises. That was when he realised that people were murmuring.
As soon as Juliet got into the car with Ben, her foster mum asked a direct question
“Who was that guy you were talking to?” Mrs Johnson asked.
“Mum he’s an old friend of mine,from an orphanage” Juliet answered. “It doesn’t look like that to me! Juliet, be very careful” Mrs. Johnson cautioned in a very angry tone.
“I’m sorry mum, it wont happen again,”
Juliet sat as they headed home.
Ben thought his mother had over reacted and felt bad about it.
Later that evening, Mike showed up at the prayer meeting as he had promised Juliet.
James was suppose to come take Juliet home and he was running late. She tried severally to reach but his phone was switched off.
Mike then offered to drop Juliet off. She initially refused but as it was getting late and it didn’t look like she had much of an option, she changed her mind and accepted the ride.
Mike drove off with her and soon they arrived at the main entrance of Juliet’s house.
Juliet gave Mike a goodbye hug and thanked him for his kind gesture. Little did she know that her foster mother was watching them from her window.
From. Where she stood, it appeared by
Juliet and Mike were kissing….

From her view, it appeared that they were kissing.

Mrs Johnson was very furious… She turned and went to wait for her in

the living room.

Juliet and Mike parted ways after they exchanged hugs in a friendly

gesture. Juliet then quickly headed to the living room only to see her

foster Mum sitting on the sofa with an angry look.

Juliet: ” Good evening Mum”

Mrs. Johnson: “So it has gotten to this! You have the guts to let him

drive you to my house!!!!

Juliet: ” Mum, he only came to drop me off since it was getting late.”

Mrs. Johnson: “Oh I see, since when did Mike start driving you home?

Wasn’t that the responsibility of James?

Juliet: ” Mum, yes it is. I tried reaching him all evening but his

phone was off.

Just as she was trying to explain herself, James arrived from nowhere.

James: “Whose phone was off? Liar!! Mum, I have been waiting for her

at the church premises for over an hour only to later realise she had

gone out with her so-called friend”

Juliet: “James, I did call you several times but…..”

Mrs. Johnson: “Will you shut up!!!! Now, this should be your last

warning. I don’t want to see you anywhere around that guy or you will

see the other side of me. Let me remind you of your place in this

family, don’t forget where you came from.”

Juliet: “Mum, I’m sorry” she said and began to sob.

Mrs. Johnson: “Hey, what did I just tell you? And stop all these “mum,

mum” thing you are doing. James and Ben are my sons and as far as am

concerned, I never carried you in my womb for 9 months. Get out of my

sight before I lose my temper!” Juliet ran into her room with tears in

her eyes.

“Can you imagine?! I need to discipline this girl before she brings

shame to this family” Mrs. Johnson said to her son James.

Juliet laid on her bed and cried all through the night. The only thing

she could think of to do was pray to God. Somehow, she felt that she

had done nothing wrong to make her foster mother so angry. The most

hurtful thing was when she reminded her that she’s an orphan. Ever

since she was born, she had never set her eyes on her biological

parents. Whether they were alive or not, she had no idea. The only

people she knew was Mike and the rest of the orphans back at the

orphanage home. Ever since the Johnson family adopted her, she had

taken them as her own family and had fitted in perfectly until Rev.

Johnson passed away.

“I am coming over right away” Juliet said and hung up.

“What happened to Mike?” Ben asked.

“He has been involved in an accident and is currently admitted at the hospital.

Ben, I really have to go and see him” Juliet said.

“Mum won’t allow you to go see him but I will help you out. Use the

back door and meet me at the grass yard, then we can go” Ben said.

“Thank you so much Ben, I appreciate it” Juliet replied.

Ben immediately left Juliet’s room and went to find his elder brother

James. He told him what was happening because he trusted him.

“James, mum shouldn’t know about this please… I’m accompanying Juliet

to the hospital to see a friend of hers, we will be back soon. Just

cover up for me”, Ben pleaded.

“Sure, I will” James assured him. Ben unknowingly made a very big

mistake confiding in James. He didn’t know his brother couldn’t be

trusted when it came to issues that had to do with Juliet.

As soon as Juliet and Ben left, James headed straight for his mum’s

room and knocked on her door. She was fast asleep but woke up at the

sound of James’ persistent knocks. She quickly got up and went to open

the door for him. Meanwhile, Ben and Juliet arrived the hospital in no

time, but they were not allowed to see Mike. His condition seemed very

critical. He was said to be hanging between life and death and doctors

warned that if care was not taken, he could loose his life. Juliet

cried when she heard about Mike’s critical condition. Ben stood there

and comforted her. Sister Grace from Church ran into them just then.

She was in the same church with the Johnson family. She was Head of

the church’s ushering department. Apparently, she also came to visit

her sister who had just had a baby.

“Juliet, what are you doing here? Is everything alright” Grace asked

when she saw her.

“My sister, a friend of mine has been admitted here and he is in a

critical condition. We are not even allowed to see him.” Juliet


“Oh my dear! It is well, with God all things are possible. This is the time you

should be praying instead of crying” Grace advised. “You’re right my

sister” Juliet said. The three of them quickly said a word of prayer

together… “I believe God is in control now. I have to get going as

it’s getting late. I will call you tomorrow morning to get an update”

Grace said and left. As soon as she left them, she took out her phone

and called Mrs Johnson who was impatiently waiting for Ben and Juliet

to return. “Hello, who is this?” Mrs Johnson said when she answered

the phone.

“Hello, Good evening. This is Sister Grace the Usher”, she answered.

“Oh, nice to hear from you. I hope everything is alright?” Mrs.

Johnson asked.

“Yes madam, I was wondering if you were around… I just saw Ben and Juliet here”

“Around where? I’m home. Where did you see them? She asked. “At the

general hospital. I thought you were around was why I called, so I

could see you before leaving” Grace said.

“Oh no my dear, but you can come see me at the house tomorrow. Which

hospital did you say you saw them?”

Mrs. Johnson asked again. “General hospital madam” Grace confirmed.

“Thank you very much.” Mrs Johnson said and hung up.

“My son, God works in mysterious ways… I have just gotten information

on which hospital they went to. I’m going there right away”, Mrs

Johnson said to James.

“Mum, why not go and see Mike himself tomorrow morning? That’ll be a

perfect time for you to confront him directly” James said. She thought

about it briefly and agreed “I guess you are right. I actually need to

get some sleep… You interrupted my beautiful sleep when you came knocking

on my door.” She said that and went back into her room to sleep.

Meanwhile, Ben and Juliet were already on their way home. They had no

option but to return home and go back to the hospital the following

morning since they were not allowed to see Mike. They got home to find

everyone asleep. “Ben, thank you very much for all you did for me

today,” Juliet said.

“Don’t worry sister, it’s always a pleasure. What we need to do now is

to keep praying… Hopefully, we will have good news tomorrow. ” Ben

said. They hugged each other and went to their separate rooms.

Juliet couldn’t sleep that night, she prayed all night and fell asleep

around 3:00am. Mrs. Johnson and James woke up early that morning,

ahead of Juliet and Ben. They quickly got dressed and went the

hospital to see Mike. When they arrived, they were told Mike was

responding to treatment so they had the opportunity to see him. Mrs.

Johnson went into the ward alone leaving James behind at the OPD.

Mike was indeed lucky to have survived the accident. His head, arms

and legs were all covered in bandage. He could hardly move. Mrs

Johnson, however, overlooked all those details. She was just concerned

about her mission.

“Young man, how are you? She asked. “I’m feeling better, thank God”

Mike answered. “You better be. I believe you know who I am? She asked.

“Yes Madam” Mike answered.

“Good. Now let me be quick. I want you to stay away from Juliet. I

don’t want to see you anywhere near her again.” She said.

“Madam” Mike said in pains. “I am in no mood for any negotiations, so

don’t call me. Just be warned… You’ll have yourself to blame if

anything happens” She said and left the ward. Mike didn’t understand

what was going on. He was surprised to hear this from Mrs Johnson.

Within a few minutes, Mike was just motionless. This got the attention

of the nurses. They hurriedly called a Doctor to come to their aid. It

wasn’t looking good, Mike was dying.

Ben and Juliet arrived just at that moment and they were asked to

wait. After about 45 minutes, the Doctor finally came out. Juliet

quickly rushed towards the doctor.

“Doctor, please how is he? She asked desperately.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

To be continued…..

Is Mike dead? What can you say of James and his mother’s attitude towards Mike?


We did all we could”, the Doctor said. “What do you mean, Doctor?

Juliet asked. “I’m afraid, we just lost him” the Doctor declared.

“What!!!!!!!!! Juliet shouted “I’m afraid, we just lost him” the

Doctor declared.

“What!!!!!!!!! Juliet shouted “Doctor, please tell me it’s a lie. How?

She continued as Ben held her by the shoulder to console her. “We

tried all we could. I’m really sorry for your loss” the Doctor

confirmed and left

Ben with her at the OPD. Juliet cried her heart out… She couldn’t help

herself… She was inconsolable. There was nothing Ben could do to

comfort her. He waited patiently till she was ready to go and drove

her home.

James and his mother were already home. Despite the mischief they had

been up to earlier, they were reading and sharing from the bible

together. Ben and Juliet met them in the living room. Juliet who was

still crying ran into her room leaving Ben behind and locked herself


That got the attention of James and his mother. “What is wrong with

that girl, has she lost her manners or what? How could she walk pass

me without greeting”, Mrs. Johnson complained. “Mum, please don’t

blame her. She is in pain, she just lost her friend Mike, the one we

saw at church the other day” Ben intervened.

“Oh sorry for her, but it still does not justify her actions. I am the

one taking care of her. Even the bible says “let the dead burry their

dead’ ” Mrs. Johnson responded. “What! Mum, did you just say that?

Come on, the girl is really hurt!” Ben said and walked away, leaving

his mother with James who refused to utter a word.

Juliet stayed in her room all day weeping. Ben brought her food to her

but she refused to eat. Somehow, she blamed herself for Mike’s death.

She figured that if Mike hadn’t driven her home, he’d still be alive.

It was out of his kind gesture that this tragedy had happened. Maybe

her foster mother was right, she thought. She should have stayed away

from Mike. At least, he’d still be alive.

Juliet blamed herself. She knelt down beside her bed at that moment,

looked up to her roof and began praying with tears in her eyes. “God,

why am I going through this. Forgive my sins, I beg of you. I pray

that you grant Mike rest with you. Forgive me father for I know I’m

the cause of this, forgive me.” She prayed.

Time ran fast and soon it was 6:30PM. Juliet had forgotten she had a

prayer meeting that evening. As head of the prayer group, her presence

was required in church. It had completely skipped Juliet due to the

current situation she was in. Grace called her to ask if she was going

to make it. On phone:

Grace: “Hello Juliet, where are you? We are here waiting for you.”

Juliet: “I’m sorry Grace, I can’t make it. Please let someone stand in for me”

Grace: “Why? What’s wrong? This is very unusual of you.

Juliet: “We’ll talk about it later. Just kindly do me that favor, ok.

Let someone take over”.

Grace: “You really surprise me but fair enough, will do just that. You take care

now, I’ll call you later.”

Grace hung up and immediately called Mrs. Johnson to tell her about

the conversation with Juliet.

Mrs. Johnson got upset. She stormed into Juliet’s room. “Young lady,

what are you still doing here when you are supposed to be at church?

She aggressively asked.

“Mum, I’m sorry but I can’t make it today” Juliet answered. “Look, you

better dress up and get ready for church before I pounce on you. Have

you lost it? What do you think I have been bringing you up for?” she


Juliet quickly got up and began dressing. Mrs. Johnson was leaving

Juliet’s room when she remembered that she had left her purse in her

room. She asked Juliet to fetch it for her while she left and waited

in the living room. Juliet brought the purse to her and returned to

her room to finish dressing up. Mrs. Johnson opened her purse and her

facial expression changed. It appeared that she had lost her money.

She immediately called Juliet back to ask her.

“Hey! Where is the N5,000 I kept in the purse?” she asked. Juliet was

clueless “Mum, I …” she started saying, but before she could finish

speaking, Mrs. Johnson landed a heavy slap on her face. “Where is the

money?” she asked again, looking furious.


“Where is the money?” she asked again, looking furious. Mrs. Johnson’s

raised voice brought Ben out of his room.

“Mum, what’s going on?” Ben asked as he joined them in living room.

“Ask her, my son, let her answer you.” Mrs. Johnson said, gesturing at


“Juliet what is it?” Ben turned to ask her. Juliet who was still in

tears answered. “Mum’s money is missing and she thinks I’m the one who

took it”. “Juliet, did you take it? Please tell me” Ben asked.

“No Ben, I didn’t touch her money” Juliet answered. Looking at her,

Ben could tell she really knew nothing about the missing money. He had

to intervene on her behalf. He asked her to go to her room while he

sorted things out with his mother. “Mum, how much are we talking about

here? Ben asked his mother after Juliet had left. “Why are you asking

me that? I don’t know why you keep standing up for this girl!” Mrs.

Johnson responded. “Come on Mum, just tell me” Ben asked her again.

“5,000 Naira” Mrs. Johnson grudgingly answered.

“5,000 Naira? Was that not the money you told James to take from your

purse this morning for the DSTV subscription? Ben asked. Mrs.

Johnson’s face dropped as she remembered that she had actually already

given the money she claimed was missing to James that morning.

She was, however, too embarrassed and proud to admit her error. So she

decided to stick to her story, even though she knew she was lying and

falsely accusing the poor girl. She insisted the money she was looking

for was not the same one she had told James to take. Ben didn’t

believe her. He knew his mother well enough to know when she’s hiding

something or lying. But he couldn’t tell his mother that she was

lying. She was already furious. He couldn’t afford to have her more

angry than she already was.

Ben told her he was going to pay the money and that he was going to have

a talk with Juliet. He said that just to calm his mother down.

Juliet was going through very difficult times both at church and at

home. Apparently, her foster mother had been reporting to the church

Elders how that she had been stealing at home. Even though she was

innocent, this rumor about Juliet’s supposed behavior had quickly

spread throughout the church. Living under Mrs. Johnson’s roof was

virtually becoming hell for her. She hardly smiled these days. In

fact, she cried every day.

Ben was the only person that stood by her through those difficult

times. She prayed and prayed, all day and night. It seemed like things

only got worse as she prayed. She was no longer comfortable at church

as everyone was talking behind her back, calling her a thief.

Soon, Mrs. Johnson and her two sons had to travel for a 3-day church

outreach. Juliet was left alone at the house.

On the first night of their departure, Juliet locked up the doors of

the house and went to bed. Around 2:00 am, she woke up to hear

foot-steps in the hallway. She came out of her room to find out who it

was because She was so sure of what she heard, she then went and check

if she had really locked the door. It was locked, nothing had changed.

She then went back to her room and within some few minutes she was far

asleep. Suddenly, her door opened slowly and someone who was dressed

in all black with a mask on his face entered the room. Juliet didn’t

hear anything as the person slowly went closer to her bed. The only

thing that woke her up was when her nose was suddenly covered with a

handkerchief to prevent her from inhaling fresh air. Within some few

seconds she become weak, it appeared that there was some sort of a

substance in the handkerchief that made her weak, helpless and


The unknown person then striped her naked and raped her that instant.

He went away right after this, leaving Juliet bleeding profusely. She

was a virgin until that night. 😥😥😥


Even though she was weak and found it difficult to move, her eyes

could not stop the tears that were coming out of it. She had just been

raped by an unknown person. She was slowly regaining her strength as

the chemical from the handkerchief began to fade away. She had no idea

what to do and she could hardly endure the pains. She just laid there,

completely lost in thought. She was scared. The incident was

definitely affecting her psychologically.

Once she had gained enough strength, however, she gently stood up and

with the support of the wall, walked slowly to the bathroom to wash

the blood away. The pain was so severe she was willing to do anything

to make it go. She went and laid back in the bed. Then, she decided to

involve the police. She looked everywhere for her phone but couldn’t

find it anywhere. It seemed the rapist had taken care of the phone.

She had no option but to go to the living room and use the land line.

She got there only to find that the phone lines had been cut with a

sharp object. The rapist obviously knew how to cover his tracks.

Juliet was stuck. The only thing she could think of was to walk down

to the police station and report in person… But she was too weak for

that. She started feeling dizzy and as she made to go back to her

room, she fell down and collapsed in the hallway. No one was there to

help her. It was 5:15am in the morning and she was all alone. She laid

there until about 6 am when James and his mother got back.

Apparently, they had had a change of plans as their outreach was cut

short. The rest was postponed to a latter date. Ben didn’t come home

with them. He had gone to drop off some church elders who had

accompanied them on the outreach trip. James and his mother saw Juliet

lying in the hallway. They immediately concluded that she had gotten

herself drunk.

“Look at that idiot! Look at the shame she is bringing to this family…

We left her just for one night and she has taken to drinking alcohol”.

Mrs Johnson said. “Mum, her excesses are becoming one too many. We

need to stop her” James said.

“Please carry the stupid girl to her room. I can’t stand the sight of

her” Mrs. Johnson said and went to her room. James carried Juliet in

his arms and took to her to her room. As he laid her down, his eyes

were drawn to her beautiful dark neck and they moved on down to her

chest. He placed her on the bed and continued gazing at her. Suddenly,

lust set in. Before he knew it, he had started unbuttoning her top.

Juliet was completely knocked out and oblivious to what was going on.

“Hey James, what are you doing?’ Ben said from Juliet’s entrance. He

had returned.

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