Sex Adventure With My Boss Wife

Sex Adventure With My Boss Wife

Episode 1
“Honey, the air conditioners
aren’t responding?”
“Yes, you told me that some two
hours ago.”
“I mean the whole house is
stuffy. Can’t you get that?”
“That’s alright; I’m sending the
company’s engineer to work on
them immediately.”
“Please do. Thanks honey.”
“You’re welcome, my love.”
In less than thirty minutes time, I
heard a Siena screeched to a
stop in the compound as the
gateman closed the gate. Hearing
the sound of the doorbell, I
rushed to open the door.
“Hello sir.” I said.
“Good day Madame, this is Mr.
Kayode from Ray and Sons Ltd.”
“Oh, the engineer from my
husband’s company?”
“Yes ma’am. I’m here to work on
your fanning systems.”
“Air conditioners please.”
“Yes ma’am.” I was almost
blushing when the lanky ebony-
brown complexioned man
addressed a young woman like
me, ‘ma’am. He looked far older
than me, if not older than even
my husband.
“You’re going to work on the air
conditioners of the whole house,
beginning with the sitting room,
then our bedroom and my
husband’s study.”
“That’s ok ma’am.”
“If you can’t finish the remaining
parts of the house today, you
may have to come back another
“No problem ma’am.” I felt like
slapping him for calling me
‘ma’am’ like he was addressing
his mother but I felt he was only
being as polite as possible.
“When you’re done for today, I’ll
be in the backyard if you need
me.” I smiled.
“That’s fine ma’am.” Addressing
me ‘ma’am’ again, I was seriously
getting pissed off but I decided
to ignore his good manners.
Three hours later, while I was
knitting my son’s cardigan, Mr.
Kayode came.
“I’ve finished my work ma’am.”
“You mean you are done? You
mean the whole house or what?”
“Yes ma’am. I’ve been on this job
since the last fifteen years. It was
no big deal checking all the
fanning systems in the house.”
“That’s incredible!”
“I appreciate you ma’am.”
“Can I check them? Just to make
sure they’re working well so I
don’t need to call you back here
again.” I didn’t want him to think
I didn’t trust the work is done.
“Why not?” He agreed. Besides,
he had no choice, I was his boss’
Moving from one part of the
room to the next, I felt the
cooling capacities of the fanning
systems, as he called them. They
started working so perfectly like
they were newly bought systems.
“Thank you so much sir.” I was
being polite to him. Besides, he’d
been addressing me as ‘ma’am’
since he arrived.
“I’m always at you and your
husband’s beck and call ma’am.”
Leading him out of my husband’s
study, my feet hit the table just
before the door and I fell down. I
couldn’t hold the pain as I yelled
as if he was the one that pushed
me to the ground.
“Stop yelling ma’am.” He said as
he held me up. I suddenly felt a
tingling sensation all over my
body and didn’t know when I
started kissing him. He was
about to make a comment when
I held his lips. From my
husband’s study, we ended up in
the bedroom. Though the man
was gangling, he treated so
nicely and I felt like clinging to
him forever. When he was
leaving, it pained me that I may
never see him again.
“Thank you for coming Mr.
“The pleasure is all mine.” He
didn’t add ‘ma’am’ this time
around and that made me happy.
We were now on the same page.
“Would you like to have lunch
before you go?” I was trying as
much as possible to keep this
man here with me even for the
few hours before my husband
will be back from work.
“Maybe some other times dear,
there are other official duties I
have to attend to in the office.”
His calling me dear made me
even happier.
“That’s okay but you take care of
“You too dear.” He winked at me.
As soon as he left, my husband
called that he was coming home
for lunch. It was unusual because
he was such a workaholic who
hardly spends time with me or
our child.
“So to what do I owe this
“I came actually to pick up an
important file in preparation for
my meeting with members of the
company’s board of trustees this
“But when will all this stop?” I
grumbled, hovering over him as
he looked for the documents he
came for.
“What? Where are you heading
“Honey, it’s been like months
since you had lunch with me na.”
“I see. What about all the money,
properties and security I’ve
provided for you and your son?
Do you think if I spend my time
at home all the time, you would
be driving that car?”
“Is it security and wealth that
make a home?” Haba, this man
though that he could just leave a
whole lot of me at home every
morning before he left for work
and that would somehow satisfy
me? I am a woman, not a piece
of metal. I feel, and I have
cravings that I realized not only
him could satisfy today.
“See, you are delaying me ooh.
Just let me get what I came here
for okay?” He kissed my cheeks
as he grabbed a hold of the
documents and then he left
again. This has been the routine I
have been trying to get used to
ever since we had our first child.

Episode 2
In the evening when he returned
from work, my husband was
happy as he shared with me his
new position as the Chairman of
the Nation’s Electoral
Commission. I was vibrating with
joy as I hugged him tightly. This
meant more money for us and I
hoped that would finally make
him stay home.
“Where is Odin?” My husband
“Odin is upstairs doing his
“I see.”
“Honey, you know what? I
prepared your special this
evening.” I said excitedly.
“Before that, I need to check an
old file that Senator Ogundipe
gave me before my
“You must be tired. You need to
shower, eat your food and relax.
You can check that in the
morning before you leave for the
“What? You’re thinking too far. I
need that now in order to
prepare for my meeting with the
senator tomorrow. We were
classmates in the university and
he trusts my integrity. I don’t
want anything to go wrong
dear.” There he goes again,
putting his work before me. Was
he the only one in that company?
Didn’t the senator also have a
family at home?
“Do as it pleases you honey.” I
said, with hurt written all over
my face. Now, if he would just
look up at me once maybe he
would see it.
“Thanks, my love.” He quickly
kissed me and went into his
study to go about his search. I
wanted something more but his
work and ambitions will not let
him treat me like a woman. All he
was concerned about was his
work and work and work. He
rarely touched me and I’ve been
aching for him. I wanted us to go
back to the wedding night
where he promised me more
years of endless pleasure. I
wanted us to be closer than we
are now. I wanted us to be best
friends and lifetime lovers not
just one bossy husband and rich
man who hardly spends time
with his family.
Entering Odin’s room to check in
on him, I saw him already
sleeping, his notebook on the
table beside the bed. I looked
into the notebook and saw his
homework already done. Seeing
that his additions and
subtractions were correct, I
switched off the light as I went
out of his room. My husband was
still in his study looking for the
file. Usually, my husband would
go in and check on Odin like I
just did but he has left the role of
mother and father all up to me.
“Honey, I’m tired and need to go
to bed now.”
“That’s fine.” He said, “I will join
you when I’m done with my
preparations for tomorrow.”
On bed, I pondered as I
wondered why and how I
allowed someone else touched
me, besides, my husband’s
employee. It was the last thing I
had ever dreamt of but it
happened. Though I enjoyed it, I
just discovered that it was
unfaithful of me to give in to
another man when Raymond
provides me with nearly
everything I’ve ever wanted in
life. The problem is that he
doesn’t have time for me and my
desires keep seeking for
fulfillment. Will I continue to
m——–e because my husband
hardly touches me?
“Tonia, I’ve found the file. I can
now shower and take something
before I join you.” He called out,
interrupting my thoughts.
“Glad to hear that.” He was so
excited about his new
appointment that I thought he
would touch me tonight. It’s
been quite some time and I’ve
been wondering whether our
marriage will go on like that. I
was touching my body, hoping
to arouse him when he comes to
bed. To my surprise, after he
showered and ate his food, he
entered the room and sat, his
hands on the table as he
disturbed my eardrum flipping
through the pages of some files.
I kept shaking on the bed,
distracting him and inviting him
to join me but he sat there like
one serious-minded business
tycoon. It was at that time that I
thought of inviting Mr. Kayode
again. But everything was just
fine, the fanning systems were
intact, the Dstv and Tv sets were
just in good order. What would I
do then? I can’t continue to live
like that naah.
In the morning of the next day,
my husband was dressed and
ready to go to the office. He and
Odin were having breakfast as I
was putting some indomie in the
flask for Odin. He normally takes
Odin to school in the morning
while I go to pick him up after
school hours because he would
be so engrossed with work at
that time. He was the owner of
the company but he worked
himself to death as if the
company would crumble when
he stops working. As the two of
them were leaving, I kissed my
husband as I watched his
handsome face and luscious lips.
He had all it takes to lure a
woman of his choice but his
commitment to duty makes him a
lover of work than anything else
in the world.
As his car pulled out from the
drive way, I became lonely again,
not that his presence filled up the
house in the first place anyways.

Episode 3
My friend, Busayo, stopped by on
her way to get her wedding
dress and accessories. The joy
she radiated as she tells me
about her fiancé made me
jealous. We were classmates in
the university; she was busy
pursuing a career when I
married Raymond. I’m happy that
she has found her right hand
man now.
“Tonia, Peter is the man I’ve been
waiting for all my life.” She spoke
so gloriously in her British
tainted accent.
“Oh, I’m so happy for you. I’ve
been waiting all the while for this
to happen.”
“Thank you Tony-baby, I was
wondering if you could
accompany me to purchase my
wedding accessories.”
“That’s no problem. Raymond
and Odin have gone to school
and work, what will I be doing in
this house all alone? Let’s go get
some amazing things in the
market my dear.”
“Hey, I’ve got news for you. My
husband is organizing a small
party for just close friends this
Saturday; I would love for you
and Raymond to be there.”
“I hope Ray will not be in the
office this week-end like he does
nearly every week in the name of
supervising his accountants and
auditors ooo?”
“I pray so dear because I would
not be happy at all if the both of
you can’t make it; who else I
know again?.”
“So how is peter?” I asked.
“Trust me, my Peter is the best
man that have come into my life.
He’s handsome, hardworking,
caring and really romantic.”
“You are highly lucky my dear.”
“Why are you saying that? What
about Ray, I used to have a crush
on him ooh until I met Peter.”
“I hope you were not playing
with my husband?”
“Nope, how can I do such a
thing; that’s the last thing I
would do, no, not to my best
“Give me a minute dear; let me
quickly change so that we can go
shopping. This reminds me of
the day I and Raymond were
going shopping for our own
wedding ceremony.”
“I’m also happy for you two.”
As I turned, going to my room
and channeling the Dstv to
Telemundo, I rushed to my room
to dress up. It’s been long I wore
any of my innumerable jean
trousers. I decided to go so
youngish by wearing a jean
trouser with a white top. When I
came to the sitting room, Busayo
blurted: “What is this, are you
going on a date?”
“Date ke, I need to relax in
something simple once in a while
since I’m not with a stranger.”
“That’s okay but I’m jealous ooh.
Are you the one getting married
or I am?”
“Better mellow your mind and
let’s go shopping.” I burst with
excitement, laughing out loud as
I switched off the Dstv and telly
After shopping, I sighted Mr.
Kayode entering his car as we
just got out of the shopping mall.
“Kayode.” I called but he didn’t
hear me. “Kayode, Kayode,
Kayode.” I shouted and he
turned, facing me.
“Hi Mrs. Raymond.” He was polite
but not like the other day when
he was calling me ‘ma’am’ like I
was an elderly woman.
“Hi Kayode.” I responded gently
and gingerly as Busayo pinched
me, asking who he was. “He’s my
husband’s employee.” I told her.
“I can see your hands are full,
that’s evidence of extravagant
shopping.” He said, smiling.
“My friend is about to wed and
we came buying her wedding
“I can see.” He said, saying hi to
Busayo as she responded simply.
“What brought you here?” I was
prying into his affairs.
“I actually stopped by to see my
wife before I leave for the office.
I’ll be working long hours today,
so I came to let her know.”
It’s not as if I expected a man of
his age to still be single but I had
to admit, I was envious and
disappointed in finding out that
some lucky woman out there
was getting all of him.
“That’s good. You are a good
“Ok, I have to be on my way
“That’s alright, bye!” I said as I
turned, walking to Busayo’s car,
shaking my butt as his eyes were
all on me.
“What did you just do? You know
you’re a married woman?” Tonia
said, making a fuss.
“Don’t worry, he’s just one of
those diligent employees of my
“But you saw how you shook
your behind and he was staring
at you like his girl friend.”
“Oh, he was staring at me, don’t
mind that man joor. Let’s get
going.” I turned around to see if
he was still there with a huge
smile on my face.

Episode 5
Three days later, it was broadcast
that there was a bomb blast in
the Federal Capital Territory. The
bomb was said to be detonated
at the early hours of the morning
rush, claiming not less than
twenty-seven lives. The names of
certain senators and political
juggernauts were mentioned
among the victims and that made
me worried. I was not ready to
miss my husband yet.
We’ve just re-ignited the
romantic lights of our life and I’m
not willing to let him go at such a
time. On my way back from
Odin’s school, I tried calling my
husband but none of his
numbers were going through.
What is happening? Tears began
dropping from my eyes, creating
a tributary on my face, moving
down my neck and body. We
used to talk together, laugh
together as I’ve always known he
loved me, if not for his ambitions
that made him the person he has
fast become already.
Reaching the gate of our house, I
shouted at the gateman to bring
me today’s papers. On the “Truth
Seekers”, the headline reads: “7
Senators pronounced Death.” It
shocked me and made me almost
bashed my car on the wall.
Getting inside the house, I went
straight to our room and carried
the picture that stood on the
“Oh honey, please don’t go
please; don’t leave me yet. When
it’s time, we’ll go together.” I was
soliloquizing. All of a sudden, my
phone beeped, it was Busayo.
Though we shared the same
English name, Anthonia, I
preferred calling her Busayo just
as she often called me Tony-baby.
“Tony-baby, what’s up?”
“I’m good and you?”
“I’m happy to tell you that our
wedding date has finally been
“Wow! I’m elated to know that?”
“You know what? It’s on June
“Really, that’s a historic date and
your wedding is going to be a
memorable one too.”
“Let’s sing Amen to that Tonia.”
“That’s perfect.”
“I lead and you respond
“Great Busayo.”
“Let’s shout Amen six times after
the name JEHOVAH-RAPHA.”
“Je-ho-vah-Ra-pha, A-men, A-
men, A-men, A-men, A-men and
the great A-men.”
“A-mennnnnnnn.” I deliberately
dragged the last one.
“You’ve made my day.” Busayo
said laughing out loud.
“Busayo, I should be thanking
you for stealing away my worry.”
“What’s the matter?”
“You’ve not heard? My husband
went to the Federal Capital
Territory to see one senator and
the papers are saying about
seven senators were victims of
the last bomb blast. The worst of
it all, I’ve been trying my
husband’s number and none of
his numbers is going through. I
just don’t know what to do?”
“What’s our country turning to?”
“Our country is becoming so
unsecured as we now sleep with
eyes wide open because the next
bomb blast may be right on our
“My dear, you have to calm down.
I know this would be a trying
time for you but you have to
relax and think through it. We
can no longer talk with heads
held high about our country, no,
not anymore.”
“Ours is a country where the
abnormal now becomes normal.
In fact, bombing has become the
“modus operandi.” I’m just
scared jare.”
“Hey, before I forget, I’m coming
over to discuss our wedding
ceremony with you. Many things
are on my head, who to invite,
what food to prepare, clothes to
wear and change and what have
“That’s fine, that will also make me think less about the bomb blast naah.”

Episode 6
While we were discussing who
to invite and who not to invite to
the wedding, what food to
prepare and what not to
prepare, my phone beeped. It
was my husband.
“Hello honey.”
“Hello Madame.” A feminine voice
said from the other end.
“Who are you? What are you
doing with my husband? Tell him
I’m leaving his house for him.” I
cut off the call.
“Who was that?” Busayo asked.
“It was the woman my husband
is messing with?”
“Messing? No, I trust your
husband would not be doing
such a thing.”
“See, the fact is that no man can
be trusted. I’ve trusted my
husband far too much and he
has not reciprocated that.”
“Don’t think about that now,
what is most important now is to
know whether your husband is
fine or not.” Before Busayo
finished speaking, my phone
beeped again. This time around,
it was an unknown number.
“Hello, this is Dr. Ijeoma from the
Federal Teaching Hospital.”
“Yes, what is it?”
“It’s your husband.”
“What? My husband, is he alive, is
“No Madame, he is alive and
recovering quite well.”
“Thank God.”
“Your husband was the luckiest
of all the victims of the bomb
blast. He didn’t sustain many
injuries and would be
discharged tomorrow or next.”
“Oh Jesus!” I exclaimed,
breathing in and out in a fast
“What’s the news now?”
“She’s even a doctor.”
“I said it, your husband can’t be
involved with any other woman.”
“I know joor…you just can’t be
so sure.”
“That’s true but you can trust
your husband.”
“I trust him of course. Oh, who
are we inviting next?” I brought
us back to the subject matter of
our earlier discussion.
“Oh, I’m thinking of specially
inviting my colleagues.”
“See you, you can’t forget that
As we talked on, my phone
beeped again.
“Who will this be now?”
“Pick it first naah.”
“Ok, it’s another unknown
“Hello.” I said.
“Hello.” The voice on the phone
sounded familiar but it was
difficult deciphering whose voice
was that.
“It’s Kayode, your husband’s
company’s engineer.”
“Oh, the one that repaired our
fanning systems!”
“Yes, your fanning systems.” He
said as we both laughed. “I’m
calling with particular reference
to your husband.”
“What about my husband?” I
said as if I’m totally ignorant
about his condition.
“We’ve just been informed by the
Federal Teaching Hospital that
your husband is one of the
victims of the bomb blast but he
was the luckiest of all the victims.
He was minimally injured by the
“Thank you for the information.”
“You need not mention.”
“There’s something else.”
“What’s that?”
“It’s about the other day. Since
that day, I couldn’t stop thinking
about you.”
“Thanks but you need not go
there. I don’t have time for such
rubbish.” I hissed as I cut off the
My husband returned the next
day in the evening with his head
“Honey, what happened to you?”
“It’s a long story my love.”
“Don’t worry my dear, go and
shower first, we would talk
about it later.” I was helping him
remove his tie from his neck.
“Daddy, daddy, welcome.”
“That’s my boy. How are you my
brain box?”
“I’m fine daddy, our Aunty told us
that there was a bomb blast and
I’ve been waiting to ask you
because mummy does not know
“Close your mouth there.” I said.
“Odin, mummy knows something
ehn?” Odin shook his head in
“And the bomb blast, some lives
were saved.”
“Thank God Daddy.”
“That’s my boy.” My husband
carried him on his shoulder
playing with him before he took
him to his room before he went
to shower.
As he was taking his bath, Odin
ran to me.
“Mummy, mummy, daddy bought
me chocolate.”
“Oh, and he bought me nothing.”
“It’s because I know something
more than you like the bomb
“My boy is intelligent. He knows
about the bomb blast.”
“Yea! I know about the bomb
“Have you done your assignment
for tomorrow?”
“No mummy but I have started
“Now go and finish it before
lunch is ready.”
“Yea! I love my mummy.”
“I love you too baby.” I pinched
him as he goes to his room,
When my husband finished
showering, he came to the
kitchen where I was.
“So what happened honey?”
“I need to cook for my family
first. It’s been long I did that.”
“What can you cook? Do you
think we want to drink tea for
lunch?” I was laughing out loud.
“Ok, I want to surprise you.”
“Yes my love, so you go and rest
in the room, I’ll invite you when
it’s time.”
Going to my room, I met Odin
coming out from our bedroom.
“And what is my baby doing in
our room?”
“I was looking for my mummy. I
love my mummy even though I
know something she doesn’t
“I love you too my baby.”
“So have you finished your
“I’ve finished it mummy.”
“Can we go to your room, let me
check it out?”
“Wow, this is great. I love it.”
“Yea! I love my mummy.”
“I love my baby too.”
As I was jollying with my baby,
my husband called.
“My love, call Odin and you two
should come and have
something delicious.”
As we were eating, Odin spoke
“Mummy, the food is yummy
“That’s true my baby.”
“Thanks honey for this. You’re
everyday bringing joy into my
As soon as he finished eating, he
rushed to the sitting room,
putting on the telly. As soon as
we finished eating, my husband
carried me like a baby.
“What are you doing honey? Stop

“I’m coming home for lunch
today my love.” My husband
said the morning of the next
day as he and Odin were
leaving for school and office
“Thanks honey, I love you.”
“I love you too, my love.”
“Oh, my baby, wait.” I rushed
bringing his food flask.
“Daddy, I love my mummy
though I know something
about the bomb blast she
doesn’t know.”
“Wow! I love my baby too.”
Smiled smoothed my face as I
waved them goodbye. My
husband always kept his words,
whether on personal or official
terms. I know him to be a strict
and diligent man who loves to
work and work himself almost
to death but he is proving to me
that he can still love me as he
goes about his work. He’s
keeping his word and I’m
happy that I’m with the man of
my life.
Going back inside the house, I
picked up my phone only to see
twelve missed calls. Busayo had
been trying my number. I called
her immediately.
“Hello.” She said as she sobbed.
“What is it Busayo? Stop crying
and speak to me.”
“This is the worst thing that has
happened to me in all my life.”
“Speak to me Bussy-baby and
clean those tears.”
“You won’t believe what has
just happened to me.”
“Speak to me first dear.”
“It’s heavy on my mouth, I can’t
“I’m coming to your house
I rushed to the bathroom,
showering and wearing a kente
gown. Driving fast out of the
gate, almost hitting the
gateman, I sped my way
through to Busayo’s house.
“You are already here.” She said
as tears flowed down from her
“Stop crying Bussy-baby and
speak to me.”
“You know what? Peter’s wife
drove to this house and rained
curses on my head.”
“Was he married?”
“That bastard has shattered and
battered my life. I trusted him,
sharing my life and body with
him and the reward I gain is a
million naira.”
“What are you saying? Tell me
“He told me the wedding can no
longer hold. He’s sorry for
playing with my life but he can’t
marry me. He has a wife and
family overseas; he’s going back
to them. I should better my life
with the money. He would keep
in touch.”
“What rubbish is that?”
“I tore the cheque in his
presence; he thinks I gave him
my life in exchange for money.
Men cannot be trusted at all.”
“Except my Raymond, I can trust
him with everything in the
“I can give my consent to that.
Ray is such a rare breed, a man
of integrity and industry.”
As I was trying to calm Busayo
down, my phone beeped. It was
my husband.
“Hello honey.”
“Yes my love, please I need to
take a flight to the Federal
Capital Territory.”
“For what again? I’m not ready
to lose you ooo.”
“Don’t worry; you would not
lose me my love.”
“That’s alright honey.”
“I love you.” He said. “I love you
too.” I responded.
“The intentions of Mr. President
are perfect and must prevail.”
“I beg to contradict Honorable
Senator of the Federal
“Contradict the purposes of Mr.
President? Are you out of your
senses?” Senator Ogundipe
bellowed at my husband.
“I am so sorry if that’s how it
would seem Senator.” My
husband responded calmly,
“You mean you want to shatter
the consensus of the Grand
Democratic Party?”
“As the Chairman of the Nations
Electoral Commission, I cannot
work according to the
President’s directives as far as
they contradict the foundational
tenets of this commission. I
must adhere strictly to the
fundamental principles,
Honorable Senator. There are no
two ways about it.”
“Do you know that you were
put in as the chairman of the
commission because the
president thought you will
comply accordingly so as to be
made the Minister of Finance
after the elections?”
“If that’s the dividend of a
corrupt electoral process, I
prefer not to be part of it
“Do you know your actions
bespeak your removal from
office?” The senator said to my
husband, shaking his head in
“If that’s the price of integrity, I
gladly accept it as my fate.” My
husband said without much
“Mr. Raymond, do you know
what you are saying?”
“I mean every one of my word,
Honorable Senator.”
“Get out from my office before I
incur the wrath of the
“I’m really sorry if my words
have grossly infuriated you
Senator, I’m only trying to work
according to laid down
“Principles my shit, get out from
my office, you ingrate.”
Instead of arguing further, my
husband went out before the
Senator invited the security to
embarrass him out of his office.
Two weeks after, my husband
was the topic of all the
headlines in all the National
dailies. By the grace of God, he
was the only survivor in an
assassination attempt. The Vice-
Chairman of the Nation’s
Electoral Commission who was
with him in our house was shot
dead in my presence. What
saved my husband was that the
assassins mistook his deputy
for him. I was talking with him
and they thought he was my
husband. He was the only one
shot. The rest of us were
threatened but no bullets
penetrated our bodies.
What did Senator Ogundipe did
thereafter? He certainly knew
that he had done the most
dreaded thing just on the week
before the nation’s primaries.
He quickly notified the president
who, with him, tried to placate
my husband and the entire
electoral commission. There
were lots of condolence and
consolation gifts from the office
of the President, the office of
Senator Ogundipe and the
office of many other high
dignitaries of the Grand
Democratic Party. My husband
wanted to sue Senator
Ogundipe but he had no
evidence to justify the
assassination, so I advised him
to keep his fingers crossed.
During the burial of the vice-
chairman of the Nation’s
Electoral Commission, many
people were in attendance. The
President, Senator Ogundipe
and many senators and
governors of the Federal
Republic were present. During
his eulogy, Senator Ogundipe
said: “Though we erring
mortals fail to understand, God
works through our death to
bring us glory.” He spoke like a
saint and I admired his words
but I watched him seething in
rage because in the Federal
Republic, people kill everyday
and keep on living like
everything is just perfect.
During the primaries, my husband tried as much as possible and I can say that the elections were free, fair and transparent. But when the main elections came, the surprise that blew my head was the fact that all those working in the electoral commission seemed bought and the elections went just as not planned by my husband. The main elections were completely rigged and Mr. President, Senator Ogundipe and those stamped by the president were elected as governors, senators and chairmen of the local governments. Though my husband was not part of the rigging, he was appointed the Minister of Finance. I persuaded him to accept the offer and let bygones be bygones but he refused. Two weeks later, he was shot dead while on his way to the office.

My late husband wrote his son
as the heir to all his properties
but everything should be under
my control until he reached the
age of twenty-one. I was the
happiest woman in the world
even though his younger
brother had been coming
arguing that I killed his brother
because I wanted to inherit
He had been coming around the
house disturbing until our
family lawyer read the will in the
presence of all family members.
Busayo had been depressed
and I wanted to be closer to her
so as to encourage her that she
can still find love again. I
employed her as the
Accountant-in-Chief of Ray and
Sons Ltd. I’ve been seeing Mr.
Kayode only on official matters
Moreover, he was a married
man and I wouldn’t want to put
two hearts asunder. But
surprisingly, I received a parcel
from my gateman on reaching
home one afternoon. After
coming down from the car, I
opened the parcel as I was
walking inside our home. It was
a letter and a flower. The cover
had the title: “A Letter to My
Boss’ Wife.”
Dear Tonia,
I’m sorry for writing you but
read this letter with “hakuri”
because like the Latins say, “non
sum dingus”, I’m just not
worthy. Deep inside the
bottomless part of my
innermost heart is a sweet
madness which pushes me so
hard to write you this letter. My
one and only experience with
you stole my heart away from
First accept my sincerest
condolences to you for the lost
of your husband, my boss and
faithful mentor. To tell you the
truth, since I encountered you,
I’ve longed for something more.
You brought sunshine into my
life’s pathway no matter the
misery and melancholy that
characterize our unsecured
condition in the country.
Since you took over the position
of your late husband, you’ve
been the loving object of my
eyes. How stupid am I but I
can’t spend a day without the
thought of you. My days are
filled with sadness without you.
Where have you been? Where,
oh where have you been
leaving my heart so sour? I’m
trying to reach your heart with
my true words, whispering that
I love you.
I cannot live another day, no,
not another day without you.
Listen to me, take my heart and
soul even though I’m a married
man and you, a widow.
I love you.
From Kayode.
What is this? “Listen to me, take
my heart and soul even though
I’m a married man and you, a
This man must be unfaithful to
his wife. Why would he be
asking me of such a thing? I
went to the kitchen and quickly
burned the letter and the flower
inclusive. I can’t take this
rubbish. I decided to discuss
with Busayo who stopped by
my house on her way from the
market the next day.
“Bussy-baby, there’s something
I’ve been meaning to share with
you since yesterday.”
“What’s that?”
“You know Kayode in the
“Yes, the one whom we met
when we went shopping for my
sham marriage naah.”
“Perfect, he wrote me a letter
asking me to be his girl friend.
He has the guts to say since he’s
married and I’m a widow.”
“What the hell! And what did
you say to him in reply?”
“I’ve not replied him yet. I want
to cease his employment and
make him jobless.”
“No, don’t go that far; he’s one
of the most diligent of all the
workers in your company.”
“Then I would give him the
warning of his life.”
“That will be fine for you’re his
boss’ wife, his new boss.”
Although I burnt his parcel and
warned him embarrassingly in
the office, I couldn’t stop
thinking of him. I remembered
the way Kayode kissed me; his
luscious lips tasted like mint
explosion. It was a perfect
meeting and mating I had since
longed for more. Switching off
the lights in Odin’s room at
night, my son exclaimed.
“Mummy, I love you!”
“I love you too honey.”
“But I know something about
the bomb blast that mummy
does not know.”
“That’s my baby.” I said as we
both laughed.
I went to my room that night
thinking of Kayode. Sunk was I
in thoughts, imagining myself in
his arms. As I was touching
myself, my phone rang. It was a
text message so I didn’t bother
to check it. Since the death of
his father, I’ve been calling Odin
the names I used to call his dad.
Odin loves me and I don’t want
any Kayode to come in between
our happy lives but the truth is
that I have not been able to
stop thinking of him.
What has been happening to
me is what I do not know right
now. Leaving my room, I went
peeping to see whether Odin
has slept off. Yes, he had slept
off. Going back to my room, I
picked up my phone to read
through the message; it was
“Please don’t say no to me for
my life is in your hands. I’ve
been sick because my heart
leaves me daily in search of you.
Make me well again by saying
yes. I love you.”
What will I do now? I can’t deny
the fact that thoughts of him
have been the predominant
thing on my mind. Should I say
yes and keep the affair hidden
from Busayo and my son? Yes,
that’s what I will do. Kayode is
such a handsome and romantic
I pressed the reply button and
send a reply to him.
“I love you too Kayode-baby and
let’s meet tomorrow at 10am to
begin our love peregrination.”
Before I knew it, he called me
“I’m so happy you accepted.”
“I couldn’t run away from my
feelings. It was the best thing I
could do.”
“But won’t your son be home
by 10am tomorrow?”
“Are you not a dad, tomorrow is
a school day man…c’mon go to
“I love you.” He said with a
singing voice.
“I love you too hon…good
night.” I stopped immediately. I
shouldn’t call him what I used
to call my late husband; his son
deserves that more than any
man in the world. My husband
has just been buried and I’m
about to begin a relationship
with another man.
When I drove Odin to school the
next door, he reminded me of
his father. He was such a good
child, doing things far above his
“I love mummy.” He said to the
“I love you too honey.” I
shouted, smiling.
While on my way home, I put a
call to my secretary, intimating
her that I will not be in the
office today because of an
important appointment.
Appointment ke? I smiled as I
increased my speed, overtaking
cars imagining that Kayode was
already waiting for me.
I reached home and changed to
something simple. I wore a jean
shorts and a T-shirt. I moved to
the sitting room and put on the
telly, quickly channeling to
telemundo. Before I finished
watching a scene, a car horned.
It was Kayode horning to get
into my house.
“Ooh, I’m so glad you made it.” I
“I excused myself from office
today.” He said.
“We have all the time for us. The
whole world can wait.”
“Yes dear, we can catch some fun here.”

After a meeting with the Heads
of Departments of my
husband’s company, I followed
Busayo to her house before
going to pick up Odin from
school. I was pressed, so I went
to the comfort station to pee
when my phone rang. It was a
message and Busayo read it
before I came out.
“Tony-baby, what the hell are
you doing with Kayode?”
“Like what?” I pretended as if
nothing is going on between I
and him.
“Don’t lie here joor, you think
you can spoil what Ray
laboured to establish?”
“Where are you going? Better
stop it.”
“Stop what, c’mon, take your
phone and tell him where you
two will be meeting tonight.”
She threw my phone at me and
I saw the message.
“Bussy-baby, you have to
“Understand what? That you
want to crumble Ray’s family
and company or what?”
“I know you will not
understand. See Busayo, I’m a
woman and need some good
man to touch me. I can’t stay
masturbating all by myself jare.”
“Is that all you can say?”
“See, the issue here is that I
have feelings for Kayode, even
though I was kind of
wondering why he sent me the
parcel he did send.” I did as if
nothing had happened
between us two some lovely
day before my husband’s
“My friend, Tony-baby, I know
you have a life to live. You’re a
young widow and your things
are still in shape but you have to
be careful. Look at your son and
see a replica of Ray.”
“If you can’t get a man and
marry, don’t be telling me
rubbish about life. What do you
know about life?” I spoke to her
as if we’ve not been friends for
quite some years now.
“Listen to me Tonia or ruin your
life joor.” She told me as she
went into her bedroom. I called
her but she wouldn’t answer, so
I left to pick up Odin from
“Mummy, I love you but I know
something about the bomb
blast that mummy does not
“That’s my boy.” Truly, in him is
a replica of Ray; his pointed
nose, lovely brown eyes and
dark hair. My son is just like his
father; like father like son, they
In the evening, I forgot to fry
some fish for my son. He had
been piscivorous all his small
years. What is happening to
“Mummy, where’s my fish. Ooh,
mummy is selfish; she prepared
chicken for only herself.”
“No baby.” I rushed to the
kitchen and fried some fish for
him but he was gone before I
came out. I followed him to his
room and saw him crying.
Getting closer and wiping his
tears and telling him I have
special fish for him tonight and
I wanted to surprise him, he
burst out laughing and we
went back to the dining eating.
Surprisingly, Kayode showed up
and I went to open the door for
him as Odin went upstairs.
“Baby, I came to take you out
for party.”
“What party? You know I have a
son to protect?”
“I know but you have to get my
point naah.”
“Which point is that?” I said and
saw his lips approaching mine.
“Mummy, mummy.” My son
called from upstairs.
“Oh, my son.” But before
Kayode could get up from me
because he was already on top
right there in the sitting room,
my son shouted as he fell down
from above, breaking his hand.
Odin was breathing loud and I
raced him to the hospital after
asking Kayode to leave my
In the hospital, the doctor said
my son will get up soonest; it
was not a complicated medical
case just that he broke his
“Madame, don’t worry, your son
will be up and doing very soon.”
“Thank you doctor, I really
appreciate your work.”
“It’s my pleasure ma’am.” I
stared at the doctor when he
called me ‘ma’am.’ I wondered
as I pondered what people see
in me that they address me with
such respect.
In the morning, Odin woke up
smiling. As I watched him
closely, I saw the photocopy of
my husband.
“Mummy, where am I? What
happened to my hand?”
“Don’t worry honey, you will be
“I love you mummy but I don’t
know that man that was on top
of you.”
“Ooh…don’t worry about that
All of a sudden, Odin closed his
eyes and I jumped up.
“Oh, thank God, he doesn’t
know what’s going on. Besides,
he’s only a child.” I said smiling,
moving from one end of the
hospital room to the next
before the doctor came in.
“Madame, what happened to
your son?”
“I don’t know, we just spoke
now before he closed his eyes.”
Checking my son’s eyes and his
pulse rate, the doctor
discovered that he was no
longer breathing. The doctor
looked at me and shook his
“Doctor, what has happened to
him? Don’t tell me he’s dead.” I
started crying.
“Madame, your son is gone?
Maybe there was internal
bleeding we didn’t discover
“Gone to where? Doctor, tell me
you’re kidding. Doctor, no, no,
no.” I started crying as I
touched my son’s body looking
at him. Indeed, he was the
photocopy of his father; his
replica. Holding him on my laps,
I saw his eyes opened and
closed and breathing in and
“Doctor, doctor.” I shouted. A
nurse came saying the doctor is
doing his ward round, I should
not be disturbing the whole
“What are you saying? My son’s
life is at stake and you are
telling me not to disturb the
whole hospital, you must be out
of your mind.”
“Madame, don’t say rubbish to
me ooo, I’m not any girl you just
speak anyhow to ooo.” I felt like
slapping the nurse but I didn’t
want to call attention. Besides,
my child’s life is far more
precious than a petty quarrel.
“I’m sorry nurse, I was really
worried because the doctor
declared my son dead.”
“Dead? But look at him smiling.”
“Yes dear, he just opened his
eyes now.”
“Sorry ma’am, I never meant to
be rude to you.”
“I understand your job nurse.” I
said to the nurse as my phone
rang. It was Busayo.
“Hello Bussy-baby.”
“Hello Tonia, I didn’t see you in
the office and I was really
“Ooh, an accident happened
yesterday, I’m in the hospital at
the moment.”
“What happened?”
“My son fell down from upstairs
and broke his hand.”
“How? Where were you?”
“It’s all my fault but I’ve learnt
my lesson.”
“Tony-baby, I’m coming right
away. Which hospital are you?”
“The Covenant Hospital.”
“Oh, I will be there soon.”
When she came, I narrated the
entire story to her and she
looked at me. Odin was sleeping
when she arrived, so we talked
and chatted, remembering our
university days even.
“But you were a hot babe, no
guy could get you that easily
naah, what has changed you?”
she asked, smiling.
“Don’t mind me joor, I just can’t
explain it jare.”
“So what are you going to do
about the Kayode of a man
before he destroys you and
your son?”
“I’ve made a fundamental
“And what’s that?”
“I’m removing him from office; I
want him far from my life.”
“I think that will be the best
idea now.”

“I think so too.” I said.

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