(How He Defiled Me)

Episode 1

Life was like a living hell to my mother after the death of my father, she couldn’t cope cause she happens to be a full house wife.

With the help and advice of few relatives she was able to secure a job as nanny in an estate quite far from our house.

She’d clean the people’s house, prepare their meals, take their children to school and bring them back, she’ll also stay with the children until their parents comes back.

While she do all this she’ll leave me in the care of our neighbors who happens to be a male bachelor called Austin early in the morning, she usually comes back when I’m already asleep.

So sorry for not introducing myself to you, my name is Ifeoluwa but people usually call me Ife or Love.
Presently I’m twenty nine years old and I’ll clock thirty, I’m sharing my life story with a psychologist who is also my counselor.

He just asked me how I happened to be a porn star.

(Flash back)

“mum I’ll not stay with uncle Austin again, I’ll be living with mummy Khalifa ” I told my mum one morning while she was dressing me to go and stay with uncle Austin cause she’ll soon leave for work.

“common shut up your dirty mouth, I know why you want to go to mummy Khalifa’s house, cause you like playing and uncle Austin doesn’t give you room for play. I don’t want you to grow with dull bran like Khalifa and his younger once, I was the one that told him to take good care of you ” she scolded

“but mum…… ”
“keep quiet” she cut me in.
Mum is just too hyperactive, she speaks much and listen less, she would have waited to hear me out before reacting.

The previous day uncle Austin was fondling my breast and I know it was wrong although I was still young at that time, I was eight years old then and primary four if I’m not mistaken.

“now go” she ordered, I left for uncle Austin’s room, it was five am that time, I knock gently until he opened the door for me.

Immediately he saw me, he carried me up in a bridal style and placed me on his bed, although I was eight but I look older than my age, my breast was fast growing with nuts inside already.

“my beautiful princess how was your night ” he greeted but I refused to answer, what happened the previous day made me to hate him.

“I know you are angry cause I’ve not suck your boobs, I’m sorry about that so should I suck it now? ” he requested but I still did not answer him.

He gently unbutton the button on my cream color pinned four uniform, he raised the inner one up, he suck my left breast gently and touch the right one softly.

Although I felt pains but I like it, my body seems to be yarning for it but within me was hatred and anger for him.

He moaned gently while squeezing the left one, it send cold down my spine, I tried not to moan.

I cried gently and prayed that someone should come and see what was going on, I had no where to run to and my mother was not ready to hear any word from me.

Few minutes later the door opened, of cause it was my mum, I knew it already cause she doesn’t knock before coming in.

Episode 2

(flash back continues)

“I brought Ife’s launch, it seems she has forgotten out of anger with her big head ” I heard my mum saying immediately she berged into the room without knocking, uncle Austin quickly stood up from me and pretended like something never happened.

I was quiet, my mum was not able to see him cause he turned off the light, he lives in just a room, his bed was at a corner demarcated with a transparent curtain aside the other part of the room.

He walked to her swiftly in the dark to collect my launch box. “haaa uncle why not turn on the lights the place is too dark” mum said to him.

“no don’t worry, I turned off the lights because Ife still wants to sleep, immediately she came she layed on my bed” he lied
“what kind of nonsense sleep does she wants to sleep at 5am in the morning, is it because the place is dark ” mum quarried not seriously
“mum I’m not sleeping ” my little voice echoed
“don’t mind her, go and dress for your work cause children always have problems ” he managed to cheer my mum up.

My mum left out of ignorance while he resume the sucking, my n!pples were red already, I cried in my heart blaming God for giving me a wrong mother.

(end of flash back)

“so you mean that was how everything started? ” the psychologist who’s name was Dickson asked and I shook my head

“miss Love what you narrated seems you were not happy initially but my question is that how comes you suddenly changed and acting porn became your carrier? ” Mr Dickson asked, I know he wants the details.

“well, it’s a long story but I’ll explain everything bit by bit. ”

(Flash back)

I became addicted to the suck!ng to the extent I began to ask for it and uncle Austin eventually became my home teacher.

I don’t tell mum anything about me cause he said I should always tell him every slight changes on my body.

At primary six then I was eleven, I’ve started seeing some withish fluid (vaginal discharge) on my pant, I told uncle Austin about it.

“you are now becoming a woman and that whitish fluid is the juice that every man desires from a woman especially beautiful once like you, I can’t wait to taste your juice if you don’t mind, trust me you’ll like it ” he said
“if you say it’s good then it okay by me, I’ll allow you to suck it” I said
Without feeling of love we both engaged in an intense kiss, the kiss was deep until I began to moan.

He gently slipped his hand down my skirt and fondle with whatever his hands touch.

He resume in my breeast as usual then it was big already but still growing, he fondle the right one and suck the left one.

His hands on my navel making circles, he tickled me while I twist on the bed like fish, then softly he whispered to my ears “you are nice and beautiful ” I blush.

He gently thrusts a finger in and out of me, I felt a sharp pain. I had to jump up from the bed, he quickly drag me back and pushed me on the bed, I fell on the floor and my head hit the bed furniture.

I was unconscious cause I hit my head so bad on the bed, my uniform were soaked in blood already while I layed lifeless on the floor.

Episode 3

(flash back continues)

I woke up to see myself at the hospital, my mum standing beside me and the Judas uncle Austin was also standing fixing his gaze on me.

“Ife you’ll not kill me, what kind of play were you playing to the extent you hit your head on the furniture? ” my mum asked all of a sudden.

My gosh this woman is so annoying how on earth did I managed to come through her, I wanted to speak but I felt pains around my head.

“that was one of the main reasons I suggested you stay with Austin, you are to rough ”
she complained again.

If I’m to act on my wish slap will do to calm her noise but that’s impossible cause she’s my mum.

“mum I’ll not stay with uncle Austin again ” I said to her trying to catch my breath.

“I just pray you get well, uncle Austin is the best that can take good care of you ” she said, he tried to calm her down.

I cut him an annoying look, he was not comfortable at all.

Naturally I dislike him but whenever he’s on me I stay cool cause my body yield to him more than I.

Mum took permission from work but she wasn’t permitted cause of the nature of her job so I still fell in the hand of the wolf in sheep clothing.

He gave me break for some months before resuming his evil act, then I was done with my common entrance exam, summer holiday was near mean while my mum’s work still continues while I stay at home with uncle Austin all day.

After coming back from my one hour summer lesson one day happily uncle Austin made advance to me.

He started by pleading with me to help him, I asked what the help is all about.

“my eyes can’t get off you I don’t know why ” he said pointlessly
“what do you want me to do? ” I asked
“just help me ” he answered
“how may I help you? ” I asked confusedly
“just help me to cum” he answered.
Then I don’t even know what was the meaning of cum talk more of helping him to cum, I gave him a dumb gaze then he pulled me for a hug.

My head was on his chest for almost thirty minutes without any moves, then he gently took my hand to his erect cock, I was scared a bit cause I remember how I hit my head on the furniture the other day.

“help me please ” he said for the second time.

“I don’t know how to help you ” I retorted.
“my scrotum is full and I need somewhere to pore it, that why I need you to help me” he pleaded again.

I was still confused but this time I made a suggestion “do you have idea on how I’ll help you? ” I asked
He shook his head “yes, kiss me” he said
He carried me in a bridal style and placed me on the bed.

I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue into it, trying to catch my tongue while I bite him several times trying to hide my tongue.

My hands was on his abs as I moaned in pleasure, he grabbed my hips and squeezed it softly.

He groaned and pressed on me, I tried hard to catch my breath, he lift my blouse and unbuckled my Jumper.

He kissed between my breasts and squeezed it softly, I was on his erect body.

He moaned and removed my clothes that was lifted above my breast, he gently went down and bite my navel in a pleasant way, I shaked like someone being tickled.

He kissed my crotch and winkled, “you’re always beautiful and nice ” he whispered to my ears, those words got me crazy.

He gently kissed all part of me down to my waist, he sucked my wet clit and slid in a finger, I felt like shouting “hold me tight ” he said.

I held him so tight and closed my eyes, he plunge in his hard cock little by little until it was fit, he thrust in and out, my moan was too loud, he slipped in his tongue to my mouth to minimize the loud moan cause it will attract the attention of people.

But I’m sure someone has heard us already, the door was opened wide, I jerk off and I saw the fears in his face also.
We are in trouble

Episode 4

The door was opened and the curtain was lifted immediately, uncle Austin rushed up immediately.

“I’m looking for Ife ” her little voice said, I maintained my position cause I was exhausted already.

“when did all this rubbish started, will you leave this place? ” he shouted at her.

It was my friend Nike, I told her to come over so that we can do our assignment but uncle Austin just sent her away, I didn’t complain cause I was seriously weak.

“please Ife I don’t want anybody to berge into my house asking of you, when you’re with your friends let them know that I don’t welcome nonsense ” he warned, I gave him a fierce look and he apologized immediately.

He walked to the door and closed it, he retired to the bed and heaved a sigh “thank you for helping me” he said, I don’t think he should thank me for a thing of pleasure.

He asked me to get dressed we are going out, without thinking twice I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, I dressed for the outting.

He took me to a boutique and asked me to choose the clothes of my choice, I was so happy.

I selected as many as I can, my big body makes me thinks I’m already mature.

Among my mates I look older, it makes me to avoid my mates. I hook up with older people cause of my fast growing body.

On our way home we visited an eatry where he asked me to order for anything I like, I ordered for Chinese rice there but when we were leaving I asked for sharwama as takeaway.

That was when I became carried away.
The next day when I went to lesson Nike asked if I’ll be free that she wants to discuss something important to me.

I followed her to the school garden, Nike is same age as me but she looks petite but wiser than her age.

“are you a virgin? ” she asked, her question took me unawares and I wondered how she knew about virginity.
“why did you asked? ” I questioned back
she arch her brow, well I saw everything that was going on that was why I opened the door without knocking.

” she said
I had to open up to her although that was my first time, she suggested that I explained things to her mum that her mum is nice and might speak to her mum.

I foolishly agreed and followed her to her house one day to tell her mum but her mum failed me, she warned Nike to stay away from me the bad egg that I’m a bad girl.

That was how my friendship with Nike cut off but after then I kept things to myself.

(flash back ends)

Mr Dickson shakes his head “that is really terrible I must say, now I understand how it went. How about your mum and her work?

” he asked
“well, mum thought she’d given me the best then she brag about me” I said
“can you narrate little about that? ” he asked, I shook my head

(flash back)

When I was at junior secondary school two (jss2) a friend of mine got pregnant, her mother was a friend to my mother.

My mum was the first her mum told about the pregnancy “Grace is pregnant and she doesn’t even want to tell me who is responsible ” mummy grace told my mum one Sunday when my mum was free cause the people she works for don’t go to work Sundays so she’s always free Sundays.

“this is terrible, how comes did she get pregnant, why were you so careless about your daughter and the worst of it all she is your first child” mum quarried her friend as if she’s innocent.

I watched them quietly, I wish I could just interrupt their discussion and tell the both of them that they are not responsible and they don’t deserve to be called mother but I couldn’t cause mum will roast me alive.

“and now she’s refused to tell us the name of the boy” mummy grace said

“torture and torment her, she must say it ” mum answered
She’s just too “over sabi” in everything.

“I can’t o, maybe you should come and help me ” mummy grace pleaded
“that’s why I don’t want Ife to associate with people, ever since I’ve been working I always leaves her with the guy next door ” she boasted proudly.

“is not like that, I have three children how will I leave them in the care of a neighbor when the eldest is mature? ” mummy grace quarried

“don’t worry we will see to it, she must confess who impregnated her, let’s go to your house” mum assured mummy Grace, they left immediately.

I followed them without their note with the intention of exposing my mum.

Episode 5

I took a second thought and turned my back cause I know if I mess up my mum will so deal with the hell out of me.

I went back home to eat but my phone rang, Austin has suggested my mum buy me phone at Js2 inorder to keep in touch with me.

Without taking a second thought my mum accepts to it, she bought a small phone for me but on my birthday uncle Austin gave me an Android as birthday gift.

I began to trip or should I say fall into his trap, I checked the caller ID it was him, I picked the call in haste, “hello sweet ”

he began
“hmm I’m good, what’s popping” I answered amidst mouth full of rice.
“please come over I need you like die” he said

“huh? Don’t you know today is Sunday and mum’s around or do you want her to suspect us? ” I demanded
“not at all, I’ll cover up for you it’s a discussion and come along with one of your books so that you’ll say I’m helping you to solve a difficult assignment ” he said

“alright just give me ten minutes I’ll be right there ” I said
“don’t delay please ” he said
I rushed the food to his house, he smiled immediately he saw me.

I frowned playfully, he tickled me and I began to laugh immediately.

“have you ever gone for clubbing before? ” he asked, I shook my head “no o, mum is not the club type ” I answered and he laughed at me.

“common girl, mum has played her own life when she was young it now your time to show case the world what you have before you’ll settle down ” he said

“you’re crazy, I can vow for mum that she’s not the type, I ain’t no fool” I teased

“I know you’ll not believe, she’s only acting cool because she’s now a mother don’t you understand that? ” he asked

“you’re lying joor, don’t forget that I don’t trust you ” I said to him bluntly.

He knows I don’t trust him, “but will you go to the clubbing with me tonight? You know you’re the only girlfriend I have right ” he requested.

“mum will not allow me o” I said
“Ife you’re a big girl try and make decisions on your own. Beside you can go without telling her” he said

“how? ”
“sneak at night of cause ” he said
“hmmm” I hummed
“yeah, I’ll message you when it’s time to go, don’t fall my hands o”
We were still discussing when I heard mum calling my name, “I’m at uncle Austin room o” my voice echoed, she appeared there almost immediately, as smart as I was I faced my book.

“uncle thank you for taking good care of my daughter o, if you know what happened to my friend’s daughter you’ll mercy for her ” she began, she can gossip for Africa.

“what happened? ” he requested like someone interested but I know his mind was not with her.

She spent almost two hours narrating how Grace had refused to tell them the person responsible for her pregnancy, she concluded by thanking God that she’s the best mother, she deserves hot slap I’ll never forget to say that.

I was chatting on line at the middle of the night 23:00 when Mr messaged me that it was time, I did not even bother to dress, I was on pyjamas, I followed through window and sneaked into his room.

He has perfect dress for me, of cause you know what I mean by perfect dress. That of daughters of Jezebel.

We got to the party where everywhere was booming, guys and ladies at crook and cranny area misbehaving.
Uncle Austin pulled me for dance, everything there was for eighteen above but nobody knew I was not up to eighteen cause of my big body.

We dance for a while before sitting down, he asked me to wait for him to ease himself.

I sat down waiting when all of a sudden everyone was shouting, all hail the great Alhaji, ladies flock around him.

He threw money at the people hailing him, I ignored cause I see no reason why they’ll praise him like god on earth.

He came straight to me like someone sent, “hello young lady ” he said but I ignored, he was attracted to me cause I seem not to be praising him.

“hello dear ” he said for the second time and I ignored.

“you no thank God say Alhaji dey talk to you self” one of the ladies said

“sorry miss, I don’t do your type ” I answered the lady politely
“this is the kind of lady I’m looking for, not all this kind of lady that would open leg at anytime ” says the Alhaji.
“well if you need my help contact me” he said and drop a card and huge amounts of money that made my eyes to popped up but I mentained my position.

Austin came back few minutes later to meet the card and money on my table, he asked about it and I explained everything

to my surprise he took the money and card.
“this is a great opportunity for us to make money ” he said, I peered in surprise.

“I’ll explain everything for you tomorrow ” he said
After the party was over we went home, on my way home my phone rang several times but I was not able to check the caller.
Austin left for his room while I tried to sneak to my room thesame way I sneaked out.

I throwe my pyjamas first, then I climbed through the window cause I was on short trouser.
I struggled hard and entered my room

“welcome back ” I heard her voice.
I turned to check it was my mum, she sat on my bed and she was crying already with a long stick on her hand.

Episode 6

“Ife you are an evil child, you are wicked, where are you coming from dressed like this and at this unholy time.

Look at the clock it’s 3am, I was here waiting for you since 1am” she said.

I opened my mouth to speak but words ain’t coming out, I was totally speechless.

“will you answer me where are you coming from this night? ” she questioned again but I was shivering already cause I can’t tell her it was uncle Austin besides I’ve began to enjoy life with him already.

I shook my head and moved backward, she followed me “will you answer me and stop nodding your head? ” she shouted.

She lashed me with the stick, I had to jump up and run round the house cause it was really painful, I cried loudly.

Uncle Austin was knocking the door while I and mum was running around the house, she trying to catch me while I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.

“mummy Ife open this door ” he said hitting the door.
She angrily went and opened the door, “haaaa, you scared me, why are you flogging her this night? ” he asked
“just look at the way she dressed” mum said and uncle Austin stare at me from head to toe
“what happened? ” he asked

“ask her where she’s just coming from in such dressing” she said
“Ife where are you just coming from? ” he asked

Twas a dramatic scenario that night “I went to party ” I cried
“Jesu gba mi ” mum said and placed her hands on her head like someone who lost another.
“party how? ” she asked

“didn’t I warned you to stay away from Grace? So she’s influenced you into party right ?” Austin said quickly, he knew I’d not be able to compose a smart lie.

“I’m sorry ” I managed to say trying to recover from the shock of his lie, he can lie and he’s perfect in it.
“Austin why would you allow my daughter to visit that wayward child? ” mum questioned

“I’m so sorry ma, I thought it would be okay by you since you’re a friend to her mother ” he lied
“no no no Austin you didn’t try at all, you shouldn’t have allowed her” she said.

“don’t worry I’ll deal with her for doing this” he said and drag my hand to my room.

He closed the door and pushed me to the bed, he’d collect the stick from my mum.

He pulled my trouser down and spank my butt, the sound was like a slap, he plunge in his hard cock, I cried in a moaning style.

“you’re a stubborn girl, how would you do such a thing ” he said while spanking my butt, I cried and moan while he thrusts in and out fast fast.

He would use the stick to wipe the bed while I shout, he’d use his hand to spank my butt, it was really a pleasure for me that night.

Mum was already sympathizing for me already “please uncle is okay she might faint o” she said hitting the door.

Austin and I were on fire already, he eventually fell on me tiredly but still hitting the bed, I cum.

I was weak already, he broth out his cock, I rub it softly and suck it.
He helped me to put on my trouser while I layed lifeless on the bed, then he opened the door.

“uncle please don’t kill her for me even though it’s her fault ” she said and ran to me where I was laying.

“goodnight ma, I’ll speak into her brain tomorrow ” he said and left.

“I’m sorry dear but why did you choose to do this to me? Now look at how uncle has flogged you ” she said touching my skin maybe expecting mark.

“mummy I’m sorry, I’ll never do that again ” I pleaded
She stared at me for long then hug me
“you are all I’ve got, I can’t stand watching you behaving like irresponsible person in life,

I want the best for you that is why I’m struggling hard to see that you go to school and as a smart girl like you I believe that some day you’ll make me proud ” she said,

Tears drop down my eyes, I wish I could make her happy just the way she’d always wanted but I can’t, I’m already an addict.

I wished I had remote of life then I’d preview that morning that I insisted of going to uncle Austin’s house, I’d have said everything even though mum wasn’t ready to listen but I was sloppy and childish.

When mum left for her room I cried, I was already at the state of dilemma.

The thought of making a change and make my mum proud was in a corner of my heart but I want to satisfy myself, I need touches and I need someone like Austin around says my second thought.
I was lost in thought until I slept off.


I woke up very weak and tired, I felt pains around me, I remembered what happened the earlier and I felt guilty to stand in front of my mum.

I went to the bathroom, I left the bathroom to my room to see myself, I hated myself for who I am.

I remembered that Austin said he wants to tell me something about the Alhaji, I was ready to hear and I want to make the money so that my mum would be proud.

(End Of Flash Back)

“that was how my mum minimize her noise about me, she forgave me that night but her trust for me died” I said to Dickson who lost his attention while I was talking to him, I wonder what he was looking at that made him to forget I was talking.

“actually I’m listening so don’t get upset in telling me more about you cause I’m learning from your story, the Alhaji you talked about what happened next when you woke up eagerly to know what Austin wanted to tell you? ” he asked sternly

“well that was how my connection in the porn carrier started ” I answered

“can you explain, sorry I’m taking your time ” he said
No problem.

(Flash Back)

After the incident of that night mum’s trust for me grew less but that doesn’t change anything, I was only emotional when she spoke to me that night but sincerely that emotion was temporary.

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