EPISODE ONE (01) – (5)

I looked at my admission letter for the umpteenth time. I couldn’t believe that I was offered an admission into the best school in Korea; Harmony high school.
I couldn’t muster why I was given the admission. After all, we were hundred that participated in the exam. Oh! what a miracle. I was indeed happy, not because I was given the admission but because instead of me getting a cab to school everyday, I would have a driver dropping me in school everyday.
I looked forward to the day I would be starting Harmony high. I was indeed happy.

She came out of the car as Soon as the driver stopped in front of the building.
“The principal instructed you to wait in her office when you arrive”. The driver said.
“Thanks”. she mentioned and took a step.
“Harmony high, here I come!” she screamed aloud and some girls turned to look at her. She immediately felt embarrassed, then covered her mouth. She quickly ran to some girls walking to the school to ask them the location of the principal’s office, but they turned and continued walking to their classes. She felt embarrassed.
Then, a bell was rang and everywhere went dead. Only few were seen entering the school and they ran heavily as if the bell meant something really bad.

OH! what am I gonna do now? I walked inside the building and came out again, obviously confused. Then I began to climb down the nine stairs, hoping to ask the driver if he could take me to the principal’s office. I couldn’t just barge into the school like that.

So as I began to climb down the stairs down casted, I felt someone walk past me. As I turned to look at the person, I missed my leg and was almost falling when the boy turned back to get a hold of me. As he drew my waist closer, his phone fell and our lips meant. We stood there for what seemed like eternity before the guy quickly pushed me off and I landed on the stairs like a log of wood. He picked up his phone from the floor and stared at me blankly.
He took out an handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped his lips with it.
“You bitch. The next time this kind of thing repeat itself again, you will have yourself to blame”. He said, hissed and walked out.

“Rude!” I mumbled. I stood up from the floor and dusted my body. And then, right then, a flashy car drove into the 🏫 school’s premises.
“This must be the principal”. I thought to myself. I stood up and composed myself.
A woman came out of the car, dragging some files with her as she walked towards my direction.
“Why are you not in your class?” the lady asked.
“Am a new student ma”. I answered.
“oh! so you are the Angelica who won the scholarship exam”.
“Yes ma”.
“Ok, come with me”
I followed her into the tall building to the principal’s office. As soon as we entered the gigantic office, the principal raised up her head.
“Ma, this is the new girl that won the scholarship exam” she informed.
“Ok. Secretary Kim, please take her to her class and also, I apologise for my son’s misbehaviour the other day”.
“No problem ma “. She turned to me, “Let’s go”.

She took my hand and we walked out of the office. She took me to my class.
When we got there, she got me a seat to sit on, next to a very high tempered girl. All eyes were on me and I felt awkward, despite the fact that I was a trouble maker.
Then, I decided to go through the class and my eyes met his. He was staring at me badly. It was the same guy who pushed me on the stairs that morning. He was so cute, like a Demi God. I was already day dreaming about him being my boyfriend, then he scoffed out deeply and turned away
I stood up from my chair and walked towards him smiling.


My name is Angelica Hale. I am a girl of seventeen (17) years old. My mom is late and I stays with my dad, a chef in Korea. As you all know, I was given an admission into Harmony high, so there i was at the school.

I stood up from my chair and walked towards him. I sat near him on his chair while he moved his face to another direction. By now, almost all the class where looking at us. I could see my seatmate whispering some words to me but I could not get what she was talking about. I shifted a little to him but he shifted away from me. I smiled at him and placed my hand on his shoulder and give me a dangerous look. It was obvious he was angry, so I stood up from his chair and walked back to my seat.

After different lectures of three teachers that day, break finally came. Everyone went their separate ways. While some went to the school canteen, some hanged out with friends.

“My name is Betty. What’s yours”. Angelica’s seatmate, Betty said stretching her hand forward.
“Am Angelica. Nice to meet you”. She took her hand.
“So, aren’t you going out for break?” Betty asked.
“I would have loved to. But as you can see, I am a new student here so I don’t know the way round the school”.
“That’s not a problem. I can keep you company if that is the case”.
“That’s so nice of you. Thanks”.
“No pro. Shall we?”.
She took her hand. ” Yes we shall”.

They went to the school canteen together and ordered for some snacks and drinks. They sat on a two faced chair and began their conversation.

“So how come you Know the principal’s son?” Betty asked.
“The principal’s son? Who is the principal’s son?” Angelica asked Betty.
“Don’t tell me you don’t Know him. That cute guy you sat with in class today”.
“Cute guy? cute guy? cute guy? oh! That? So, he is the principal’s son? I see”. she turned to Betty ” What’s his name?”

“His name is Kyle and he his very rude. He is so short tempered and always angry most times. Well, I have a crush on him. He feels too good to move with”. Betty said and bit her lips.
Angelica nodded her head. She had wanted to tell her that she had a crush on him too but she thought against it. Besides, who would not have a crush on that kind of guy. Despite the fact that he was short-tempered, he was kinda unique in a way. If not because he was a guy she would have identified him as beautiful. His pink lips were the worst, it was so tempting and plump. His cute eyes radiated like the morning sun. Oh gosh! He was heavenly made.

“How are you guys doing?” A girl greeted and sat in a seat opposite them.
“We are great”. Betty said still
sipping her ice cream.
“Am Stacy, nice to meet you girls. So can I know your name newbie?”.
“Am Angelica”.
“Wow! Nice name. I like the sound of that”.
“Thanks for the compliment”. Angelica said and they shook hands
“I can see you already getting along with Kyle”. Stacy said searching Angelica’s eyes for an answer. “Oh! Nothing. There is nothing between us, I just met him today”.
“Ok I know. When you are done telling lies you will let me Know”. Stacy threw in eyeing her. “It’s the truth and nothing else. Besides, why would I even tell lies?”.
“Okay have heard you”.
Just then, Kyle came into view with two guys walking behind him. They ordered some girls out of the canteen and sat on their seats.
“He’s so cool” Betty said looking dreamily at him.
“And handsome” Stacy added.

Kyle unbuttoned his uniform and the girls let out a wow. He turned to look at them but they quickly turned away. He was chewing a gum loudly in his mouth and that increased the waling from the school girls around that scenario.

Angelica continued looking at her new found friends. Why were they making it obvious that they had a crush on him. She stood up from the chair, looking into her friends eyes “When you guys are done day dreaming about him, you’ll let me know” she said and walked away.

My two friends, Jade and Edwin turned to look at me. “Do you want to kill this girls. They are dying for you” Jade said.
“As if I care” Kyle said.

Edwin looked at him smiling, ” Don’t lie to me that you don’t like that newbie? She’s cute, and she looks take away. Who wouldn’t like a kind of girl like that”. Edwin said.
“Common I have a girlfriend already. Why would I like that gold digger? She’s not my kind of girl” he added.
“Hmm it’s good to know that a damn womaniser like you also rejects girls”.
“Don’t say that. Am not a womaniser. I just want to make my mom get sick and tired of me so she would send me back to the States”.
“But do you know that what you’re doing is very wrong? A woman that makes sure you’re happy and comfortable, is this how you’re gonna pay her back?” Edwin threw in.
“I don’t care. I only want to stay with my dad. He’s so cool to be with and I don’t see why you guys are having a problem with this”. He stood up. “Am going home, won’t you guys come with me?”.
“But it’s not yet time for closing. Why now? We are still on break?.
“I said am going. is anything wrong with that?”
“You can go. we are not coming with you” jade said.
“Got that. I gotta go now”. He walked out on them, entered his car and zoomed off.

I watched him from a corner in the school as he entered his car and zoomed off. This guy was really something else. I knew quite well that because his mom was the owner of the school, was what paved way for his rough behavior. After watching him go out without getting stopped by anybody, I walked back into the class. Stacy and Betty were already inside the class when I came. Stacy eyed me roughly.
“What?” I asked as I sat down.
“oh spare me that. You couldn’t even wait for us at the canteen. You left us off immediately”. Stacy complained.
“Am sorry”. I said and brought out an angry face.
“I would have smacked you now if not because of your beautiful face. I would not like to leave a scar on you that’s why I am saying this”.
We all laughed.
Everywhere seemed boring and I guess it because the school just resumed. I dipped my hand inside my bag and brought out a novel. Oh gosh! I hate reading this novel. It was filled with horror and vampires stuff. Even a little child will know because of the dark color they used. I still couldn’t muster why I couldn’t understand the novel being more than five times I am reading.

“Oh please drop that”. Stacy said and collected the novel from me. “You don’t need this, they are for boys with strong heart not you.” She brought out a novel from her bag. “You’ll enjoy this more. This is a girl like story and I would love you to read it.
I looked at the name “MY SECRET ROMANCE”. Are you sure, I asked and she gave a yes.
“And please we didn’t ask you to practice it, only read it”. Betty said sounding it as a warning in my ear. “Have heard you” I said and laughed.
Just then, secretary Kim walked into the class and asked me to follow her. I quickly dropped the novel in my bag and followed her, my friends wishing me good luck. Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
When we got to the principal’s office, secretary Kim left and principal ordered to sit in front of her. She was a nice lady with a baby face. Maybe she would be between the age of 40- 45. She was still young and healthy. All the same, I loved her smile.
She told me all what I needed to know about the school. The do’s and don’ts. I listened with rapt attention as she told me those things. She gave me the school rules and regulation’s scheme and some other books I would be needing. While I was leaving, she gave me her last word. “Remember you are on scholarship”.

I walked back to my class almost immediately. A teacher was already in the class teaching when I got there. I sat and gave her all my attention. I didn’t want to let the principal down.

School finally closed for the day and everyone began setting their bag for home. The school was filled with students and also parents brought their cars to pick up their children. Stacy and Betty pecked her as each of them entered their mother’s car off to their home while some up to eighteen had already owned a car to go home. I waited for my driver under the tree when I heard he had been sent a message by the principal. But soon enough, he came and I went home.
When I got home, dad was at home, unlike before. He was a worker holic who strived out to take care of me.
“Am back dad” I said as i pecked him.
“Welcome”. He said not feeling too fine.
“Are you ok?”. I asked and held his hand.
“I am. it’s just a little fever”. He answered.
“Have you eaten…..”. I asked but he answered immediately.
“I have taken my medication and all I need now is rest”. He said and slept on the sofa.
“Oh ok. I will be back to check on you”.
I walked back into my room and dropped my school bag on the bed. I was feeling a little hot and sweaty. I jumped into my bathroom almost immediately as I had a quick shower. I later changed up into a bum short and a yellow crop top shirt. I went back into the kitchen to make some lunch and I ended up cooking some noodles.

I wasn’t feeling quite well that day and that was why I got a leave from work. I had been really stressed out since this week and I had no other option other than to continue the job. I watched Angelica as she hate at the dinning table, she was really happy and having a good and comfortable life. How I wished I was like her, having a free life and also having a father who did almost everything she asked for.
Soon enough, she went back to her room and I had a little nap. Walking back to my room, I opened her door and saw her reading a book on her bed. I walked past.

I opened the first page of the novel Stacy gave me and found out the age grade was eighteen (18+) and I was only seventeen. I closed the book and threw it back hoping to have a quick nap. After fruitless effort, I still couldn’t sleep and I was getting bored . I knew no one in the neighborhood and I didn’t wish to either. I took out the book again and decided to read it since I would be eighteen in a few months and Also because I was bored.
Yack!!!! was this what Stacy gave me? I didn’t like reading this kind of stuff. The novel was so much filled with bad things. I swear if my dad found me reading this stuff, that means I will be dead. After reading up to chapter five, I gave up. The novel was filled with writings of different types of kisses and how to kiss, sex, romantic scenes and all those bad stuffs. Besides the main character was nineteen years old and I guess I was not accepted to read it. I closed it back and dropped it in my bag.


It’s been a month now since Angelica joined us in harmony high. She’s really been a great companion and also a very adviceable friend. She helped me out in times of difficulties and even to think that she was really brilliant. All that bothered me was her attitude towards Kyle. I learnt that she had a great crush on him and also followed him everywhere he goes. Stacy has been acting weird nowadays, she has been showing some sign of jealousy towards Angelica all because she was all over Kyle. I refuse to see a reason why they are killing themselves for a Playboy. I had a crush on him but I refused to let anyone know all because I was shy and very moody. Though, we had been best friends all the way.
One day we all went to the 🏫 school field together, watching the guys as they played basketball. I didn’t know that Angelica was so good at basketball ball not until that day. I didn’t quite value those stuffs that included using my energy.
That day, all the girls and also some boys where there to cheer Kyle up. He was the one that always won in every sport they played. So that day, Kyle won and was being cheered up by everyone. He was really happy and wished to defeat anyone that came out to challenge him.
“Now, is there anyone of you guys who wish to defeat me?” He asked in a smirk. All the boys backed off, they refused to challenge him. I looked at Angelica, she had a sad look and was contemplating on something.
“Since no one is challenging with me, am off to class”. Kyle said and picked up the ball. “Let’s go guys “. he said to his friends, Jade and Edwin and they followed him.
“I will challenge you!” Angelica shouted. standing up from the grass. Everyone turned to look at her in utter bewilderment.

Kyle and his friends turned to look at me. Edwin gave a scoff while jade smirked in a devilish way. The three of them burst out laughing after looking at themselves. They stopped and continued laughing again.
“Come on Angelica, you ought to have been in your class now, receiving lectures”. Edwin said and Everyone burst out laughing.
“And maybe, since she wants to challenge Kyle, let her , she can be a good player though”. They all burst into laughter again. I stared at them not hoping to loose out.
“Why don’t we have a bet?” I said Into Kyle’s face and he scoffed. His friends who had been taking me unserious stopped when I pronounced the word ‘BET’.
“Kyle looked at me dangerously, bitting his lips. “Then what’s the bet”.
“The looser gets to run down the field ten times”. I spoked obviously waiting for a cheer up by everybody, but they didn’t like the idea of running round the field, though the field was wide.
Kyle walked towards me and whispered in my ear. I knew what we had bet for was what I ever wanted but I had to play well if I have to be known by everyone. I gave a nod and he smiled devilish. We walked back to the post. “Now let the game begin”. Jade said and everyone wailed.
“You go first”. Kyle said and threw the ball at me. I caught it almost immediately. Then, the whitsel was blowed and the game began. I took the ball and shot it past the the hoop to the basketball net and he fell into place and I scored a point . Then it got to Kyle’s throw, he also throwed and got a point too. We dribbled each other using the ball as a bait.
Then, it came to the final stage. That stage determined who was gonna be the looser and the winner. I was passing and dribbling at the same time. it was not easy for me to get to the ball to the net. But finally the ball was thrown and everyone waited in utter disbelief. To my greatest imagination, the ball 🏀went out of the stand safe and sound. Kyle gave a loud skoff and shook his head negatively. My joy knew no bound. I was really Happy. Betty and Stacy, my friends came out to cheer me up. The guys carried me up from the floor as I rejoiced. I was really happy. I knew my late mom had been a great teacher all the way.
Soon later, everyone left the field. It was remaining only I and Kyle. He was running round the field lazily as we had bargained. I felt a sudden pity for him and decided to free him off. I jogged to him and held his hands. “Let me be you fool”. He said hotly and threw my hands down. It seemed that was not enough, he gave a hard slap across the face which sent me falling on the ground, while he continued jogging away. I touched my mouth, it was broken and blood was oozing out of the corner. “Bitch!!”. he called as he turned to look at me. Then, I decided to go to my class because of the burning pain that resisted in my mouth. As I turned to go, I heard someone fell. I turned back and saw it was Kyle. I quickly rushed to him and held his hand. “Look at what you’ve done to yourself. I told you to stop running”. But it was right there I knew that he had fainted. I dragged him up and he fell down, I didn’t have that strength.
“Please Kyle wake up. Please I beg of you”. I cried into his ears. Few persons were around the field but that were far away from me. it was then I sported Stacy looking at me from a very far corner behind a tree. I beconed on her to help me carry him but she ran off immediately. I bit my lips and a tear fell off my eye. Why was nobody coming to help me raise him up?
I saw a car coming from the school compound, then I knew I was in trouble. it was the principal’s car. I knew then that I will be expelled from the school. The car came to a halt in front of me and four people came out. The principal, secretary Kim, Stacy and the school guidance counselor. Stacy smirked at me and the principal looked at me with hate in her eyes. I wanted to explain but she shut me down with a wave of a hand. I felt I was dead. They all carried him into the car and Stacy came to me laughing.
“So you think you can take my one and crush and go Scot free. simply because you are pretty or what?” Stacy yelled at me.
“Stacy how could you? How could you do this to me”. I asked loosing my mind. She walked out on me into the car and they droved off.
I felt like I was dying. I cried my eyes out praying that nothing happens to him. I refused to go back to the class and instead I stayed back in the field. I cried and my eyes shooked. Why didn’t I Know soon enough that Stacy was not my real friend.
Betty came soon enough. it was almost Time for closing and she brought my bag to me. She understood what I was passing threw and she also stopped me from crying any longer.
“Stacy told us that you pushed him to the ground when he slapped you at the school field” Betty said. I cried more, I couldn’t believe it.
“I knew she was lying because I’ve been observing her these days and I knew she is really jealous of you”. Betty continued. “Am sorry I didn’t tell you about it soon enough”. She apologized. She cleaned my tears with the back side of her hand and also with her thumb . “Don’t worry everything will be ok. But please pray let him get well soon”. We stood up from the ground and I walked lazily away. All I ever wanted was to get home to my father. I really needed his advice and cuddling. Throughout the ride home, I couldn’t be my self any more. I was really shattered by Stacy’s word.


The next day was a very boring one for Angelica, all through her drive to school, she was very moody and calm. She regretted ever challenging with him on the basketball game.

When she got to school, it seemed Everyone were all dead to her, Betty tried making her laugh but she gave up after fruitless efforts. Kyle was absent from school followed by the principal and Tracy . The three of them were all absent except for secretary Kim and the school guidance counselor. The day was very boring and everyone was moody. Angelica longed to see Kyle and also apologized for all what she make him go through. She knew that without Kyle’s interference, the principal Was surely gonna throw her out of the school. Besides, she was on scholarship.
All through the day she spent on school that day were all spent dumbly. She finally felt happy when the school closed for the day. She had to tell her father to help her beg for forgiveness.
When she got home, her dad was not yet back and she knew that it will be so. She couldn’t muster the strength to have her bath and she jumped on the bed almost immediately. She slept for some hours before her dad came back from work. As soon as he got home, he went into her unclosed door. He knew very well from his observation that things were not alright.
“What’s the matter with you Angel? You’ve been acting strange these days and I guess something is really wrong somewhere”. My dad spoke into my ear.
A tear fell off my eye. “Dad am fed up with life. I just want to die so I can meet mom wherever she is”. Angelica said calmly.
“Oh no! Don’t say that. Ok, just tell me, what’s the matter?”.
She cleaned her face with the back of her hand, then narrated the story to her dad. Her listened with rapt attention.
“It’s that why you are crying? Oh no don’t cry. Daddy promise to help you. Don’t worry you won’t be expelled, just be yourself and I will help take you back to the school, ok?”.
“Ok” she replied and lay on her bed. She was having a little fever due to the way she cried.

I dressed up quickly three days after, I needed to go see Kyle’s mom and make amends with her. She wasn’t taking Angelica likely this days, and punished her for the incident that happened between her and Kyle. I guess she was too hard on her, so in needed to go see her to beg for forgiveness. Why was I her dad after all?

When I came down the street lane, I took a cab down the road that dropped me off at the gate of her home. I checked the address again and it was the same street number. I pressed the bell ring and waited patiently. A face came shortly after and I knew at once because of her appearance.
“I will be right there” she said and disappeared from the screen.
Not quite long, a maid came out walking towards me, she opened the door and let me in. I walked behind her into the house. I got to the sitting room and sat on the chair the maid offered me.
“Please sir what do you care for?” She asked squatting.
“Don’t worry am ok” I said but she stood there still waited.
“Please sir can you just order for anything? She’ll be mad at me if she doesn’t see anything here”. she said pointing at the table.
“Ok, just bring me a glass of water”. I said, she smiled and said a thanks sir.

After taking a sip from the glass of water she brought, then I saw the principal coming. She was climbing down from the stairs gently. She finally came to where he was and he stood up. They had a hand shake and greeted each other. Then, she offered him a seat again. He sat and crossed his leg.
“So Mr…..?” she said giving him a questioning look.
“Sorry, Mr. Hale ” he answered.
“Oh” Was all she could say, giving him a smile. ” I like you”. she said and smiled.
“Sorry, what did you say?” he asked.
“I said what’s the reason for your coming” She said obviously finding her voice.
“Ok, am here because of my daughter”. he said calmly.
“Your daughter? who’s your daughter?” she asked again.
“Ok, Angelica”. she gave a shocking face, then he continued. “She’s been telling me something concerning some…….” Then a voice came up from the door side. Kyle barged into the house looking as Haggard as ever and not to think that he came with a girl who he makes people believe was his girlfriend. The girl went inside after greeting them in the living room. Then, Kyle came up, he didn’t even take notice of the people at the sitting room. He just barged up the stair case. He decided to look down, then he saw her mom with a man on the sitting room. He came down the stairs with an unknown expression.
“Get inside Kyle. I know what you are here to say, so just get inside and don’t make me loose my mind” her mom shouted, half yelling and half talking.
“Mom why? After all dad did for you is this how you pay him back? Am so disappointed in you. How could you, you think going out with a stinking man like this will pay you something? Definitely not!”. Angelica’s dad gave him a nonsense look and stood up. “Please what did I just here you say. Talking to your mom like that? Oh! I see, a boy has no home training here” he said giving a nod.”Don’t mind Mr. Hale. He’s just drunk” Kyle’s mom said trying not to make him angry.
“And you are even defending him. Don’t worry mom, dad must here of this”. he said storming up the stairs.
“Oh my God. Come back here you rascal. I regret ever giving birth to you”. she said then fell to the ground, crying.
“Oh! Am sorry ma. Don’t cry, everything will be alright” he said and cuddled her. She smiled faintly and stood up.
“Am very sorry, we will have to stop this conversation here. You can give me a call” she handed him her card. He watched as she climbed the stairs over, she was laughing silently. Then all of a sudden she came down the stair, pecked him and returned back again. He was confused. Did she just pecked him? After he healed from his confused, state he walked out of the house and went back home.

EPISODE SIX (06)-(8)

I called the principal back the next day when i came back from work. Before I could even lay my complaint, she told me she had accepted her back that there was nothing between them again. I was really over joyed. We talked for a very long time and she also asked about Angelica. She promised to come visit me over the weekend. Somehow I felt she was all over me. She really was a talkative and she asked about different things which I refused to tell anyone.

I was really happy that finally, I started going to school smoothly. The principal was no longer harsh on me. She was now caring and gave all attention to me as if I was I child. I and Stacy were no longer friends again. I started seeing her as an enemy . I avoided her badly and never talked to her again, though she tried making amends with me.

That morning when the driver dropped me at school, it was like a new beginning in my life. Once I got to my class, everywhere went dead silent. Everyone was looking at me and I felt a little bit awkward. I went to my seat, then I sat down. Betty too was looking at me.

“What happened? Why are they staring?” I whispered into Betty’s ear.
“We thought the principal was gonna expel you because Kyle made a declaration this morning that you will not be able to come back to this school ever again”. Betty whispered back.

I gave a loud hiss and scoffed out angrily. “Is that all? That’s the reason they are staring at me like baboons”.
I turned to Kyle’s seat. He was not in class. I was pissed off. I really did not understand why a boy like him was brilliant. Boys like him we’re supposed to be dull and unserious.

I looked at jade. He was looking at me but he immediately turned away after our eyes met. I walked towards his seat. Standing before him, I squatted beside him and whispered something on his ear. I stood up and he also stood then we walked out of the class. I stood near the wash room waiting for him and he came in moments later.
“Why did you call me here?” Jade asked somehow feeling irritated.
“Where’s Kyle” I threw at him. He looked at me again then gave me a glare.
“He’s with his mom. They are inside the office”. he said and pointed towards the office direction.
“I Know. But what is he doing there?” I asked somehow feeling irritated.
” I don’t know!! You can go see for yourself if you want to know”. With that, he barged out.

Oh my gosh. Kyle’s friends were all just like him. I gave a loud puff. I just wanted to beg him, if that was the case. I hated keeping malice with people, especially boys who were as tough as a lion. I stood there fidgeting over the situation. I need to act fast.

😜 KYLE 😜
I walked out of the office looking as happy as ever. Mom just told me to accept Angelica as my sister and told me to treat her the way I would to my sister. She told me she had her reasons. I had promised her that I would have heed to her instructions but that was never to happen. I didn’t like her in any way, except her body are body and stature, but I loved all girl’s body.

She was too crazy for my liking. What I laughed about was that mom believed me. She didn’t Know that I was gonna make life a living hell for Angelica. I wanted to show her that nobody messes up with my and go Scot Free.

I was creating a very huge plan on her to humiliate her. As she got on my nerves gradually, I started making up a plan.

It was already two days to the end of year party in our. We had written all our exams a week before so everyone was glad. There was celebration everywhere as everyone decorated the school party hall. Everyone was happy Including the principal and other staffs of the school. We danced and some rehearsed but remember, Kyle and Angelica were nowhere to be found around the hall. They could be busy or something but I don’t care, I had to enjoy the party.

The day of the party finally came. I was happy because i loved parties and I liked to party. I put on my blue t shirt and a pair of trousers. I styled my hair into another part just to make me look handsome today. I had also promised myself to possibly lay some girls. I was so happy and contended when the thought of Angelica hit my mind. I thought about it then gave a nod, I will do that when am less busy I said that to console myself.

I looked at my wrist watch to see the time and I found out that I was late. My mom had already left when I was still on bed. I went to the sitting room to have a warm coffee. While sipping the coffee the maid offered me, my eyes caught the picture of my dad and mom on the table. I picked it up and stared at it for a very long time, tears burning down my eyes. I missed my dad so much, though he was the reason am spoilt. He sincerely had told me that he loved my mom so much but was scared to admit ever since they filed for a divorce. I really wanted them to be back to each other. I quickly cleaned my tears sighting Jade and Edwin in the sitting room.
“Hi boss”. Edwin said and we took turns in shaking.
“Aren’t you coming with us to the school party?” jade asked.
“Why not, I will be right back. Gat to get my car keys.” seconds later I was back. We hopped into the car and zoomed off.

We got to the school right on time. Jade and Edwin got off from the car promising to see me later, while I drove I to the premises. I got out of the car and and and………. I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. Angelica was walking towards me smiling. She was putting on a black gown together with a pair of black high heels and a red lip stick to match. It was right there I knew what it felt like to be confused. She was so so cute. I couldn’t believe that this same Angel was who I was planning for. But then, I had my pride. Pride was the only thing that kills me but I had my ways.
“So, aren’t you going in?” she asked once she got to me.
“And how is that your business young lady?” I asked feigning anger.
“Because you are staring too much.” she took my hand and dragged me out, towards the hall.
I looked at her. This girl was really crazy. How can she still like me after all what I had done to her? Or was that one of her plan for me?
I smiled to myself. I was still gonna make her life miserable.


We got to the hall, hand in hand. Music was already blaring from the background and girls were already dancing with their boyfriends. While she held my hand to dance with me, I did the most shocking. I ripped off her hand from my hand and walked away to her friend Stacy. Maybe that will teach her a lesson.
“Be my partner.” I said to Stacy and stretched my hand forward.
“The pleasure is mine” she said and took my hand blushing.
Angelica walked away. She wasn’t angry and had no expression on her face. She was expressionless.

I was a bit pissed off but I didn’t let the feeling show out on my face. I walked to Betty, she was talking with a guy who happens to be jade. She was smiling happily. I guess jade was a great company to her. I sat on a chair and offered myself a glass of chilled juice. Cool music was blaring out of the background and some danced a cool walking dance. The principal and other staff of the school were in a high table discussing on some important issues, I guess. I figured out a more quieter place to seat as I watched everything that took place in the hall.
After all the drinking, partying, dancing and all the enjoyment. Everyone was tired and stressed out. Some slept while drinking and some continued dancing to the sour music.

The principal came up on stage and announced that she needed everyone’s attention. Those who slept were woken up and became agile listening to the principal as she spoke.
“I can see that you are all happy”. Everyone gave a loud wail. “Anyways, I and all the staffs of the school had came up with a befitting way of how you can can have a happy holiday. We have made up our mind to do a school camping trip and we are sure you guys are gonna love it. Is that ok by you?”

Everyone gave out a wailing sound. We were all happy about the declaration the principal made. I was personally happy because I loved camping. But I thought about my dad, who would be there for him when I had gone for camp. There must be a way because I was not planning to miss out in any extra curricular activities done by the school.
Music soon began again and everyone danced. Then I noticed that Kyle and Stacy were nowhere to be seen around the hall. I couldn’t muster where he could possibly be. Jade was still whispering things in Betty’s ear, she laughed too and I was a little bit jealous.

After drinking two to four glass of chilled juice from the glass, I became pressed. I decided to use the rest room.

When she got to the rest room, she eased herself and came out. She watched her hand on the water closet and also washed her face. She drew out some cotton wool from the cotton swap, then wiped her face and hand with it. She applied some lip gloss on her lips.

As she turned to go, she felt someone drew her hair from behind. She gave a loud moan as that same person swept her body threw to tiled floor. She tried dragging herself back put the person continued pulling her into the back door. As she gave a loud wail, someone emerged gigantically from within and hit her head with a rod. She fell to the ground lifelessly. Blood oozed out of her head as she spurred to the ground. Her sight became blurring, that was all she could remember, every became very blurring to her. She wished she was dead because the pain up on her head was eating her up gradually. Her eyes closed and darkness invaded her.


I looked around the party hall, Angelica was nowhere to be found. She was sitting alone in a quiet corner the last Time I saw her. I asked jade if he had seen her walked out of the hall but he gave me a negative answer.

“She’s not a child, ok. She will be back, Why are acting as if she’s lost or something. Just cool that off your mind”. jade said consoling her.
She gave a negative nod.
“No! I feel something is wrong here. It’s my friend we are talking about here, so don’t tell me to cool it off.” Betty said.
“Ok fine. Do whatever you wish”. Jade answered as he bit his lip harder.
Betty walked away from him. She was putting on a very worried look and ki some bit of tears fell off her eyes. She walked to Kyle in a silent corner of the hall. There he was romancing and kissing Stacy. She gave out a loud scoff. Why was she even here?
“Hello”. She said to him for him to here her out.
He turned with a red burning up eyes.
“What!!” Kyle shouted at her. “Can someone gets some privacy here? what”.
“Hmm sorry. Please did you see Angelica?”.
He gave a loud hiss and returned back to stacy, he continued kissing her all over again.
“Sorry” Betty turned and walked back again walking inside the hall. Where could she possibly be? An idea hit her mind. Maybe she was inside the rest room, but she would have been back by now if that was the case.
She turned back again and started walking back to the rest room area. When she got there, she knocked on all the doors but no one was in. As she turned her back to see the back side of the washroom, something took her leg and she fell down flatly on the floor.
“Oh my gosh”. she cried out lightly. When she used her hand to support herself as she stood up, her hand met with something thick. She smelled it.
“Blood?? Where could this blood be coming from?”.
She quickly drew out her phone with her left hand from her pocket and switched her phone touch on.
“What!!!! Angel…. What the hell?? What’s happened to you”. she called as she got near her shivering. Blood continued coming out of her head.
“Angelica Please don’t do this to me please…… Somebody help me! ” she screamed. “Help! someone is dying”. She stood up from the ground as she staggered towards the hall, tears blurring her sight.

“Help somebody. Help” Betty said as she rushed inside the hall. Music stopped playing and everyone rushed towards her asking different questions even she could not answer one at a time. She was too confused and tired to speak, she just pointed at the restroom and everyone rushed there.
After a thorough look at the washroom, Angelica was brought out with the principal gasping out for air.
“Let’s call the ambulance.” Secretary Kim suggested.
The ambulance arrived minutes later and Angelica was carried inside. The principal and Betty suggested that they would follow her, they hopped in the ambulance and the bus zoomed away.

I walked round the sitting room fidgeting with my two hands. It was already past twelve in the mid night and Angelica was yet to come. My phone rang, I picked it up and it was the principal. I hissed loudly and threw the phone on the sofa. I wasn’t in for all her useless talks. Or was she calling to tell me the where about of my 👼 angel? My phone rang again and I quickly picked it up.
“Hello, how may I……” I started but she quickly shut me down.
“Come to Seoul hospital right now. Your daughter was just admitted some hours ago. Please be fast your attention is highly needed”. The principal spoke in the phone.
“But….” She quickly cut the call which kept me worried. I quickly changed into better clothes and took my phone from the sofa. I shut the door after coming out .

I swayed past the hospital door into the premises. I was completely heartbroken and shattered. After doing everything necessary for me to see my daughter, I was given a room number to go to. I was really happy; I thank the doctor sincerely. When I got to the corridor of the room, I found the principal and her friend Betty crying badly. Once the principal saw me, she jumped on my shoulder and hugged me as she sobbed silently.
“Did anything happen to her?” I asked as I released from her hug.
She stifled a little” The doctor just operated on her and given us the information that she would be okay after a little rest”.
I gave a nod and walked past her into the door. I looked at her and sighed badly, just an innocent girl suffering the sins of her father. I held out her hand and kissed it warmly. Then an idea hit my mind, I remembered the threats and looked at her.
“I will be right back Angel. Dad has to take a good look into something”.
I picked up my phone and dialled Theresa’s number.
“Meet me at the usual spot”. I spoked into the phone and ended the call. I knew it must be theresa and no one else. I would have acted fast on her threats if I had known. It was time for me to avenge my wife’s death.

“You nothing bitch. How could you have done that, I never expected that from you”. I said to her.
She laughed out loud devilishly and mimicked my words.
“So you think you can mess up with queen theresa and go Scot free?? Hell no, ok. Mind you, this is just the beginning. You are so lucky I didn’t kill her, if not……”
I raised my hand to slap her and she held it firmly.
“How dare you Hale? Trying to slap me or what? Let me make something Clear to you; you caused all these for yourself when you left us to marry your filthy late wife”. Theresa mumbled in a devilish way. I bit my lips and looked into her eyes with my red burning eyes.
“Do not forget that I told you to sign the properties to me since you did not accept to take us back? You forgot right?. Mind you, this I just the beginning. The next will be on your bastard daughter, Angelica. Mark my words!!” She opened the car door and hopped into it giving me a wicked grin.

I stood there looking at her as she drove out of sight, I didn’t know she followed me all the way from the states to Korea. I quickly cleaned a tear that fell off my eye. I knew my days on Earth were numbered.

EPISODE NINE (09)-(10)

“So, doctor how is she now?” Mr Hale asked the doctor when he sat in his office the next day.
The doctor shook his head “Mr Hale, the injury crested on her was very critical. She will be needing some more medical attention and time to recover from her state”.
“I Know doctor, but I’ve been receiving some bad information concerning her.”
“Ok that? I almost forgot. Mr Hale, due to the injury she surveyed on her head, I don’t think she will be able to recognize people again. Though she can recognize voices, I don’t think she can on faces”. The doctor spoke out calmly.
“What!! She won’t be able to recognize me?” He asked and cleaned the strips of tears that fell off her eyes.

“Mr Hale, you and I know that crying wouldn’t solve anything so, I advise you to keep yourself up together. Even if she can’t recognize you through your face, your voice matters alot. Don’t worry i will see what i can do about that. Besides, know of a very well to do doctor who is an expert in dealing with this kind of injury, I can contact him and maybe he can perform the needed surgery ; you can come see me later so I can prescribe some drugs for you. At least, the drugs can help her recognize people after a week or more so. Don’t worry, I know she will be alright after the surgery, he’s very good at it. Please excuse me, I have to take care of some medical matters” He walked out.

He fell to the ground and cried like never before. How was he going to take that?? He rumbled his hand through his head and cried out loudly. How could theresa do this to him? after all he had done for her. He stood up and cleaned his tears. After all, when there is life, there is hope.

It’s been two days now, since Angel had been in coma. The supposed doctor had came and performed the surgery, on a note that she will be fine after she wakes up . She’s not been having any signs of waking up. The doctor had given us an instruction that no one should stay away from her sight, so I had promised her dad that I would be there for her . I sat on the stool beside her and watched as she breath through the oxygen. I was deeply sorry for her. I held out her hand and wished her a quick recovery. As I turned to go, I thought that I saw her hand moved.
I turned to her again and it moved the second time. Her eyes were moving over dangerously. It was as if she was fighting with someone. Still closing her eyes, she continued swaying her head, shouting and moaning loudly.
“Camp!…. Camping trip!!…. camp” She kept shouting and also dragging herself up. I knew this was intense
Still in my state of confusion, I ran out to call the doctor . He arrived almost immediately and she was given an injection; She stopped and opened her eyes looking at a direction and to no one in particular.
“Doctor, are you sure she’s ok?” I asked somehow scared.
“She’ll be fine. All she needs now is rest” The doctor assured me. I walked of the room dejectedly. Besides, who wouldn’t be dejected being in my state. I looked at Angelica again and she was looking above her with no expression on her face. I felt for her. Once I got outside the room, I put a call through her dad and he promised to be with us any time soon enough.

Mr Hale ran into my office as soon as as he got to the hospital. I looked at him and laughed silently, he was scared.
“Have your seat sir”. I spoked out to him. He quickly sat down.
“Mr Hale you are very lucky, she is alright. She’s really improving in her health condition and the good news now is that she is back to normal”.
“No doctor, please make this clear to me. Do you really mean that my daughter doesn’t have a memory loss again?” He asked somehow confused and worried.
“Yes sure but…..”
“But what doctor” He took in impatiently.
“No no no, it’s not that serious but when she woke up I heard her saying something like a camping trip or something. Did the two of you planned on going on a camping trip??”
Just then, Betty came into view.
“Yes, the principal told us that we would be going on a camping trip this holiday”.
“Thank you, that was what I was talking about. That camping trip will be a real good help to her, if not maybe it will help her be happy. All she needs now is love and someone that will do all her biddings”. I (doctor) said.
“But what if…….
“No what if Mr Hale. Think about it then you’ll give me some feedback. Excuse me” I stood up and walked out.

“Sir what the doctor said could be true because I myself witnessed it when she was shouting. It seems she really loves going on camp. Besides, I can’t be there without her, she is my best friend.”
“It’s true. I will see what I can do about that and that’s if she improves .” He answered and walked into the hospital room.
I held Angelica’s hand and looked into her eyes brightly, she just looked at me confused.
“Angel it’s me Betty, do you still know me?” A tear fell off my eyes.
Angel stared at me weakly and put her hand on my jaw. “Of course I know you Betty. You are my best friend so I don’t have any reason not to know you”. She held her hand and squeezed it gently. “Don’t worry, am fine. it’s just that am weak”.
“Am happy to hear you say so Angelic. I will leave you now so you can rest”. I stood up .
“No please wait. When are we going out for the camp?”. She threw in.
“Don’t worry about that, all we want now is for you to be strong, we can talk about that later”.
“ok, but promise me you will never go without me”. she pleaded.
“I promise”. I stood up and left. I was really happy that she was recovering from the injury more than expected.

A week later, she was set to go home. She had successfully recovered, so she was brought home. The next day was the day we were going for camp and I slept over at her house that night. I couldn’t believe that she was normal again, at least the doctor was worth giving an award. We happily arranged our bag and danced happily the night before the day. We never slept throughout the night as we were thinking of how the camp trip would be like.
Angelic had sincerely told me that she wouldn’t have anything to do with Kyle again after I told her that I found him and Stacy kissing. She told me that they will just be friends and nothing more. I was really happy I really wanted to have fun. I couldn’t believe that my best friend was also going with me for the camping trip.



I couldn’t even wait for ⛅ sunset that morning before I stood up from bed. I woke Betty up and she stood up smiling. We both walked out of the room to the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and prepared my 👗 dress for the trip. While I had my bath, Betty brushed her teeth. After all the up and downs, we were finally set to go.
When we got to the sitting room, Betty suggested we took some coffee, so we had that.
While struggling with my laungage out of my room, I remembered that I had not seen my dad that morning. I quickly dropped it and rushed to his room. He was right there shivering and sleeping shakily. I held his hand and looked into his eyes.
“Dad what happened to you? Are you sure you are ok?” I asked him as I looked at him sorrow fully.
“Am fine Angel. It’s just a little fever, ok?” He answered and held my hand.
“Are you sure dad? Have you taken your medication? ” I asked worriedly
“I have. The doctor prescribed some drugs for me which I have taken”
“Will you be ok without me or should I stay back?”
“No you don’t have to. You can’t miss your fun for me, I will be ok”. He said.
“Are you sure?”
“Very sure”. I stood up and walked to the door. “I will call uncle Joe later in the day so he can come spend some time with you, ok?”
“Yes, Angelic. You don’t have to worry yourself about me, I will be ok”.
“Ok see you soon”. I said and slammed the door behind me.

“What took you so long ?” Betty asked when I got to the sitting room.
“Nothing”. I mumbled and we walked out of the sitting room.
“So now, I will have to put a call through my dad. He will be here in a jiffy”.
We waited for Betty’s dad, and he came almost immediately. We hopped into the car with our bags in the car bonnet.
While in the car, my mind sauntered to many places.
Where was my mom right now? My dad told me that she died but I never believed, because I knew the tone my dad always uses while telling lies? We left the United States while I was only five and I didn’t know why we left and what happened between my dad and mom. I tried asking him sometimes, but he always waved it aside. Or do I have another family outside my dad? No! That can’t be possible because Uncle Joe would have told me even when my dad refused. I puffed out air from my mouth and lower my head. I was really heartbroken. I felt for him.

We got to school minutes later and everywhere was very fluffy and shiny. We offloaded our bags from the car bonnet and watched as others did so to theirs. Secretary Kim came later on and gave me a hug.
“Hope you are well now?” she asked and I said a yes to it.
She walked back to the gathering and all eyes turned to look at her. “The principal gave an instruction that everyone should wait for her at the block one end, she would be there in a jiffy”. Everyone obeyed the instruction and went there.
While we wait, a white camry 🚗 drove into the school premises. To my outermost surprise, Kyle came out of the car smiling sheepishly.

I came out of the car as everyone wowed out my outfit. Locking the door, my eyes met with Angelica’s eyes. She looked away immediately and rolled her eyes. Oh! she was alive. I thought she was already dead. I kept looking at her, how could someone be so pretty?. She wasn’t looking at me and I knew she was really angry with me.

The principal came few seconds later and the conveying bus also arrived. We were more than seventeen of us and the bus only conveyed seventeen . Secretary Kim then asked the three of us to go with Kyle. At first, I opposed but when Betty gave a nod I decided to go with him.
Stacy sat on the front seat while me and Betty sat at the back. Stacy gave me a mean look and I gave her a 😈 devilish grin. I started hating her after the day she left me alone at the field . Once the conveying bus left, we followed suite. I could see Kyle staring at me through the front mirror as he drove. I hissed silently and turned to Betty then we began how girly stuff conversation.

Few hours later, we got to the supposed camping site🏕️. It was an island 🏖️ with a wide ocean and there were other campers around. Beautiful trees were located there and the most caressing breeze was all over. We all came out of the car as soon as the bus drove into sight. Everyone was laughing widely with happiness written all over our face.
“Now everyone, go keep your bags in the house far below that side” She pointed. I turned to look at the direction and I wowed at the building. There was a shiny big gate and the house was the most beautiful house I had ever seen before, though it was small
“I love it”. I said and turned to Betty.
“Me too” she said and we smiled
We all walked silently to the 🏠 small house, smiling.
The place was very beautiful and decorated. They paired us into five in a room. I, Stacy and three other girls; Olivia, Kathryn and Sofia. It was so fun being with the three girls. They were really funny and I liked them for that.

We hanged out in the room, drinking and chatting happily before we all moved to the beach.


They all ran to the beach, enjoying the cool and caressing breeze. Betty dived into the beach as Soon as she took notice of it.

“Aren’t you coming in?” She asked Angel.
“No I don’t swim”. She answered.
“Oh, ok come in I will teach you”. she said.
“Thanks, maybe some other time, ok?”
“Ok,” Betty mumbled and continued swimming inside.
The rest of her class mate came out smiling happily. Kyle and Stacy came out too, but they were quite not in a good mood. The other girls; Sofia Kathryn and Olivia joined angelic on the beach sand as she waited out for Betty.

“So, you don’t swim?” Sofia asked Angel.
“I don’t. I never liked it, not once not ever”.
“Hmm that’s cool”. She stood up.
“Aren’t you guys coming with me?” Sofia turned to the girls. The all stood up and followed her.
At the count of three they jumped into the beach. The rest followed until it was remaining only Angelica and Kyle.

Kyle squatted right beside her and stared into her eyes. She turned away from him and turned to another direction. He smirked and laughed really hard.
“Are you avoiding me?” He spoke into her ears.
She blinked her eyes lightly and bit her lips dryly.
He gave a look and stood up holding her shoulder.
“You don’t have to dear, remember pride goes before a fall” With that, he walked out.
She poked her lips and ran her hand dryly through her hair. She was really confused.
“What’s the problem Angel? Why are you down?” Betty asked as soon as she got out of the water. The rest followed suite until they were all out.
“Nothing”. Angel muttered dryly.
“If you say so. Why don’t we go inside?”.
“Alright”. She stood up and they all filed into the 🏢 building.

After we had freshened up that same morning, we all moved into the sitting room. I sat on a couch and before I could call Betty to sit beside me, Kyle was already there, grinning.
I sighed very hard and and watched him stylishly as he gave me a smile.
“Am bored. This place is just so boring. why don’t we play a game?” Sofia suggested.
“Truth or Dare ?” Kathryn stood up.
Sofia stood up and gave a wide smile.
“What about spin the bottle?”.
Everyone one jumped up excitedly. They were all happy about the idea, but I was not.
“I don’t like that game, I think truth or dare is far more better.” I said feigning angry.
“If you are not in, please you can excuse us. I think that is more better”. Stacy said and eyed me. I stood up from the couch and eyed her back. As I began to walk back into the room, Betty held me back.
“Please Angel don’t go. I wouldn’t want you to miss out in this game. Don’t go please”. Betty begged and popped her lips.
“But I don’t like that. It’s not ideal”.
“Please… Ok don’t worry, the bottle won’t spin to you. I assure you that.” Betty pleaded.
I walked back to the gathering and squatted again.
“I will go first”. Jade said. He spinned the bottle and it spinned and faced Stacy.
“Thank God”. I thought I wasn’t going to get you. Am happy I sat here because someone else would have taken advantage of the situation. He walked towards her and squatted right before her to give her a kiss. The kiss lasted to more than a minute and I was really ashamed for Betty. After the kiss, they both stood up and promised to be back.
Before Betty left, she gave me an assuring smile.

“I will go next”. Sofia said. She spinned and it got to a boy, Kelly. Kelly smiled but she was angry because Kelly was not that kind of a romantic guy.

They had a light kiss and it ended right there.
“It’s my turn now”. Kyle said loudly. Everyone smiled and he threw up the bottle. He placed it on the floor and spinned it. Everyone waited out patiently. The bottle spinned and spinned until it got to Angel’s spot, then it stopped. Angel opened her eyes after few seconds of closing her eyes and to her greatest surprise, the bottle was right before her. She looked at Kyle and he smirked at her. She turned to Stacy and Stacy was looking at her dangerously. What was she gonna do? She looked at everyone and feign a fake smile then she stood up
“As you all know, it was not my intention to play this game so I withdraw’ Angel said and took a step back. Everyone one gave a loud wow, except for Stacy and Kyle.
“But that’s not the rule of the game. So you have to stay back” Kyle answered.
“Thanks, but am no longer interested” Angel traced her steps back and walked out of the gathering, Kyle stood up and followed her. Everyone smiled and the game continued.

“Don’t follow me” Angel warned as she climbed up the stairs.
“And what if I do?” He smirked and climb too.
“You’re gonna regret it”. She picked up the broom stick. “Stay back or I will hit you with this” She pointed the stick at him.
He smiled faintly and took a step forward. “Stay back!” she warned and threw up the stick at him, he got hold of it quickly and stood before her. She sighed deeply and faked a smile.
“Now get this” He bent his face stylishly and placed a kiss on her lips. She stood there like an helpless 🐕 dog trying her possible best not to break the kiss. She was enjoying every part of it and she didn’t Know Kyle was very good at kissing . She waited patiently for some minutes before he finally broke the kiss.
He looked at her and pecked her on her four head
“I love you angel and I will always do. I had loved you right from the first day I saw you but I was afraid to say it out to you because of my pride”. He said and swallowed hard. “See you later”. Kyle walked out.
She continued looking at him as he walked out of sight. She then bit her lips and tasted it, it was like vanilla flavor missed with a banana extract, she really loved the taste of it.

Evening soon came as fast as expected. Everyone swaved out of the compound with the hope of getting a cool breeze near the beach. They all squatted on the beach sand closed to the beach as they enjoyed the cool breeze.
“Let’s play a game!’ Sofia suggested
“Must you make it obvious that you love games? Aren’t you tired?” Kathryn queried.
“Because am bored. Please…..” She begged
“Ok what’s the name of the game we will be playing?” Kyle asked.
“Hmm…… Let’s play seven minutes it heaven”. Sofia said.
“Na na na… I don’t like that game” Kathryn answered.
“So let’s begin” Kyle stood up. The other boys stood up face to face with the girls. “Since the rate of us are equal with the rate of the girls, let’s begin.” Kyle began.
Jade took Betty’s hand “Let’s go” Betty followed him.
Kyle took Angel’s hand. “Let’s go.
He took her to a more quieter place at the side of the beach and they sat there.
“So…so can you tell me more about yourself ?” He asked.
“There is nothing much to talk about. I stay with my dad, I don’t know my mom whether dead or alive. Am their only child”. So, what else do you expect me to talk about?”
“Ok, am a boy” Kyle said and they laughed. “Of course everyone knows that you are a boy” She said.
“Ok am the only son of my parents, though they are divorced, I stay with my mom and am a very calm and gentle boy”. He laughed.
“Who told you that you are calm? You are too rude and pompous”. She added.
“I know and that’s the attitude am trying my best to keep aside now “.
“I hope you do so”. She answered.
They smiled at each other.
“So about the other day, I….. I love you Angelica, I really do. But what I need now is your acceptance. I really love you”.
She gave a loud sigh and buried her head in her palms.
“If you know you truly love me, then Prove it” She said and looked into his eyes.
“Now this is it”. He kissed her all the way from her neck to her lips, with her moaning with pleasure”. This is my prove to you.


“I love you too”. I said and kissed him back.
“Let’s go in now. It’s already late”. Kyle stood up and held my hand. We walked into the building hand in hand.

“Wake up girls!!” The principal said walking majestically into the girls room.
They all took turns in waking up one after the other. Angel yawned and stressed up her body on the bed. She had a wonderful dream of her and Kyle getting married. She was really happy about it.
“Good morning ma’am”. They all greeted the principal.
“Morning. Now you all should go have your bath now, we have a very important important meeting this morning” The principal said and walked out.
Angel jumped out of the bathroom, she had a quick light shower and came out feeling relived and happy. As she sat on her bed, she remembered the kiss she shared with Kyle the night before. She was really excited.
She dressed up wearing a jean short skirt and a white crop top. Angel stood up and walked to the Dinning area. She sat down on the dinning chair as she watched Kyle emerged from the room with a dirty messy hair. He walked to her and gave her a peck on her four head.
“Morning baby”. He said and leaned forward.
“Eeeeeew! You stink. Aren’t you gonna have your bath? “. She said in disgust.
“Not until you give me a kiss”. He answered and smiled at her.
“Then get ready to…..” Before she could speak, he gave her a rough kiss, bitting and sucking her lips as he did. She opened her eyes wide, confused. He suddenly stopped and turned around when he heard some steps.
“No. You don’t have to stop. Continue with whatever you were doing, scumbag”. Stacy said as she came up on sight.
“”What was that for, Stacy?” Kyle asked giving her a warning look.
“Nevermind, as you can see am not in the mood for the two of you. You can continue if you wish”. She walked away.
“Don’t mind her Angel, I don’t think she is in her right senses, ok?”
“Ok you don’t have to worry am ok”.
“Am glad you are”. He hugged her.

“Please doctor, is there no other way the sickness can be preserved?”
“No Mr Hale, the preserving drugs I have been giving you is now useless due to the stage it had entered. So I advise you to go for the surgery, though it is a case of between life and death”. Mr Hale knelt down slowly and swallowed hard.
“Please doctor, I will pay you any amount of money you wish for but please can you help me with this?” He begged.
“I can’t do anything sir, remember it’s the ♋ cancer of the lung we are talking about here. I have tried all my possible best to help you with the few medicines I know but it seems all my efforts were useless, so I advise you to go for the surgery. You may be surprised that the sickness will heal in a matter of time.”
Mr Hale wiped up his tears and put on a straight face.
“Doctor I will go for the surgery”.
“Now you are talking. Let me get the instruments ready. We will move to the theater room few hours from now”. The doctor answered and turned to go.
“Wait doctor. Please take my phone, in case anything happens to me, please don’t fail to contact either the principal or Angel”. He pleaded and handed the phone to the doctor.
“You don’t have to be scared sir, you Will be alright. Have faith”. The doctor said and walked out.
He sighed deeply and cried more. What if he died in the middle of the surgery? Was he gonna survive it? He cried the more thinking of his daughter. Oh what a cruel world!!.

“Stop staring at me”. I warned Kyle as he sat faced me in the room. He laughed loud and sighed deeply.
“You are so beautiful, that’s why”. He lamented and brought his lips closer to mine.
“Thanks, but am not interested “. I said and slightly pushed his lips backward.
“Ok, if you say so”. We heard steps coming to the door and Kyle quickly jumped back. He quietly ran back to the door and as he was about to open it the door cracked open, revealing the face of the principal. She wore a worried look, immediately she saw Kyle, she turned to look at me and gave a ‘What is going on here’ look.
“Kyle what are you doing in the girl’s room?” She asked somehow confused.
Kyle smiled nicely and put on a straight face.
“I just came to say hello and nothing more”. He meant to leave.
“Hold it right there, Kyle. You Know I can’t believe you”. She turned to me. “Angel, did he do anything to you that you feel is not right?” She asked.
“No ma. He just came to say hello”.
“Ok, you can go”. Kyle walked off.
“Angel, see me in the dinning area right now!”

I followed her all the way from the room to the dinning area. She held my hand and looked into my eyes clearly.
“What’s the problem ma? Why are you somewhat scared?” I asked her
“Angel sorry to say this to you now. I got a call not quite long from a doctor telling me that your dad is in the hospital right now, about to be commenced a surgery on”.
“What!! my dad? Surgery ? How come? Please tell me this is a lie “. She pleaded,scared.
“This is not the time for crying. The doctor told me that you are urgently needed at the hospital’s premises right now” She said calmly.
“My dad! No! my dad. I must go now. I must be there now”. She said running from one end of the sitting room to the other. The principal held her gently and hugged her caressing her hair.
“Don’t cry darling. We will know what the problem is by the time we get there”.

🏨She jumped out of the car as soon as the car stopped in the hospital’s parking lot. Once she got to the office, the doctor directed her to the room her dad was resting on. She couldn’t even wait for the principal. She was in dire need to see her dad.

I jumped into the room the doctor directed me to. My father was there breathing and struggling hardly on the bed as he if was going to die. My heart struck me, I dived to him, beside the bed and sat down there. I quickly held his hand and he turned to me in utter stupefaction. He brushed the strips of hair that covered my eyes and held my hand.
“Dad!” I cried and looked into his eyes.
“Am sorry Angel, I don’t think I will be able to survive this. This surgery done on me seems not to be helping matters”.
“Don’t say that dad you are not gonna die and I assure you that”. I cleaned the strips of tears that fell off his eyes.
“It’s like you don’t seem to understand. I have lung cancer Angelic” I fell to the ground in utter bewilderment.
“You have cancer?” I managed to ask calmly. “How come I didn’t know about it. Dad how could you?”.
He cried the more and held my hand. “Am sorry Angel”. I fell again to the ground and continued looking at a spot, with no one in particular.
“Angel please here me out, I have a confession to make. I have to say it to you now or else it will going to be a scar on you all the rest of your life.” I jumped to him and he gave a nod.
“Sorry am about to say this to you in this situation. I apologise for all the stress I had made you past through.”
“Dad stop that already, just tell me what’s going on”. I begged.
“Angelica, am sorry to say this to you, you have another family else where”.
“What? Another family? How could you dad?’.
“Please here me out”he begged and continued. “While I was in the states, after I married your mom. She was unable to concieve after many months of our marriage. Your grandma was not helping matters, she taunted your mom over any slight mistake, calling her a barren. During all this comotion, I had a secretary called Theresa. She was all over me, despite the fact that I always turned her down. All the calamity struck when she came to visit me at home the day your mom was not around. Unknown to me that she had planned it with your grandma. They invaded some substance was put in my drink and after that, I didn’t know what I was doing again, it was then I had a sextual intercourse with Theresa.”
I looked at him in utter shock. “Dad, how could you?” I lamented.
“Some weeks after, Theresa came to me in my office that she was pregnant. I was shocked and I denied it. She was not happy with me when she left my office back then. And to make matters worse that day, Your mom came back to me to announce that she was pregnant. I was shocked to the bone marrow but I never expressed it.
Theresa finally gave birth some months later and i gave her a huge sum of money to start up her life all over. Before she left, she promised to torment me all my life and also promised to end my lineage. She also told me the name of her daughter was Stacy”. He said and I adjusted slightly.
“Yes Stacy. I know you know her and that’s because I have seen her one or two times in your school”.
My world came crashing down at my feet. Stacy? My worst enemy. I couldn’t believe my sister is Stacy.
Please can anyone tell me that all my father had said were all jokes?


“Stacy? My sister?” He nodded his head. I fell to the ground again.
“Angel please, when I die, return back to the States. You have an aunt there, she is in charge of my properties. I have a big company there and your aunt promised to hold on to the company for me before you come on age. Please I beg you, once she comes please follow her. Don’t oppose because I can see many dangers coming your way”. He answered calmly and sighed.
It was then I remembered, the answer I was dreaming all my life to ask my dad when I have the opportunity to do it.

“Ok but dad, What about my mom is she dead or alive?” He turned to me sharply and the colour of his face changed.
“Your mom?” He managed to say. “Your mom?”
It was then I knew something was intense. He crashed on the bed and began struggling. I held his arm and he crosted on the bed. He stopped breathing after he had put on a straight face. I dived out of the door to the doctor’s office. After I had explained what was going on, he followed me to the room. After the checking and all those odd stuffs, he was finally covered up by a white cloth. I looked clear
ly, scared and confused at the doctor and he gave a nod. In that Same confused state, I jumped to the ground and began crying.
“Angel, you have to console yourself because crying wouldn’t solve anything for you. Your dad is already dead and nothing can bring him back so I advise you to Clean your eyes and be a good girl”. The doctor consoled her.
It was as if she couldn’t breathe again. She tried holding her self up and at that same time, she fell to the ground. She remained still in that position as she watched the doctors and nurses running up to save her. She fainted and another swarming darkness invaded her.

Angel couldn’t believe that after two years of her father’s death, she was already on her way to the States. Her dad’s death had been a great threat to her and she had never found herself smiling ever since then. Her dad’s burial had been done a year before, though it was only the principal and Betty were the only members presented from her school.
The rest were her dad’s neighbors, colleagues and a few of her father’s relatives. Kyle didn’t come to pay her a visit ever since she left the camp, though Betty had told her that he travelled out of the country with her dad when he came. She couldn’t believe that the principal was so kind to the extent of flying her abroad to finish her education, though that took only a year and some months.
She cried the more. The only thing that bothered was the reason why her father never told her about her mom. His death still echoed in her mind every time she remembered him.

That morning, she packed and arranged her bags at the sitting room. She hired a taxi which came to take her to the airport that morning. She never said about her traveling to anyone else, not even to her best friend: Betty.
When she got to the airport, she had to wait for some time because her time for the flight was not yet due.
She buried her head in her hand when she found out that someone was coming towards her. She was not in the mood for talking.
“Hello young lady”. A male voice said as he surged his way towards her.
She recognized the voice quickly but didn’t know where she had heard that kind of voice. She raised up her head and he smiled at her…..
“You don’t recognize me?” The same male voice said.
She looked into his eyes trying to muster where she had seen him before but nothing came to her mind.
“Sorry I don’t know you” She threw in. He sat near her on the seat and she slightly adjusted.
“I Know you don’t know me and I don’t know you either but I Know that with time… we will get to know each other better.” He said and smiled..
She hissed loudly and stood up holding her bags.. “When you’re done talking, you’ll let me know”. Angel answered.
“Nevermind, my name is Archie”. But she never listened, she just walked away dragging her languages along with her forcefully. He stood up.
It just happened that Archie was going to the same destination with her, so he didn’t let her have a peace of mind throughout her stay in the aeroplane. She never liked his company. He was a disturbing fellow with bugging lips, who couldn’t stay for minutes without talking.

Her joy knew no bounds when it was announced that their seat belt should be worned due to the purpose that the flight was landing. It was then the so called Archie remembered to shut his mouth, though he still continued asking for her number when they alighted.

She sat on a seat waiting for her aunt to come pick her up but it seems she wasn’t coming. She later called angel and begged that she wouldn’t be able to come, but sent the address through SMS.

I looked at the talk active fellow and he was still there looking at me. Or was he mad? No!! Someone like this can’t be mad. He was well composed.
“You can come with me to my car. I will drop you anywhere you wish is your destination”. He said after a long silence that lasted within us.
After much persuasion and thinking, I decided to follow him. He never seized to talk about anything he saw on the way to entertain me but unknown to him, I was bored and tired of him.
I alighted from his car few meters to my aunt’s house to avoid him coming back again.
“Please can you tell me your name, just a hint please”.
“Andrew”. I mumbled out with anger.
“Common that’s a guys name”. He said calmly.
“Sorry I mean, Angel”.
“Nice name, an angel like you also bearing the name Angel.
I faked a smile and watched as he drove down the way before moving to my aunt’s house.

When I got to the house, I used the bell ring. I waited out patiently before I saw two faces staring at me nicely with happiness well written on their faces.
“We will be right there sis”. They said and turned off the screen.
I waited out patiently for them, before they came out, smiling at me.
“Sis, mom told us you will be coming today so we have been waiting for you all morning” They said as they hugged me, they help me carry the languages inside.

I was so happy to see my sweet sixteen’s nieces.
They were so entertaining and excited to the extent of telling me about all the trending news in town, though they expected me to tell them mine in return.

They even suggested I help them plan their upcoming birthday. I was so happy being around them.
My dear Aunt came later in the evening, she hugged me kindly and was really happy to see me. She said she missed me because I was only small when I left. I never knew I had a kind aunty, because I thought all aunts were wicked due to many stories I have read about wicked aunts.
I had been so happy before my aunt came the next morning, dragging some paper files with her.
“But aunt, isn’t it too early?” I asked somehow feeling bad
“Nothing is ever too early dear”. She said calmly and sat on the bed.
“But aunty am only twenty ” I pleaded.
“Going to twenty one”. She added and winked.”See, you are starting work next two weeks so I advise you to put all your efforts in this. I wouldn’t want you to become lazy like my daughters. They were pampered by their dad”. She said and sighed.
“This is the only promise I made to your dad and if I don’t fulfill it, I don’t think I will be happy all the rest of my life. I really miss my brother”. A tear fell off her eyes.
“Don’t worry Aunt, I will try to put all my efforts to make my dad happy”. She smiled at me and I smiled back.


I was so happy being in the company of my aunt and her two daughters until one day, when tragedy struck, wiping away all the three precious people who ever valued me.
That day, they were coming back from a party they attended of one of my aunt’s friend. they were almost reaching the house when they were all wiped off by a fast moving trailer. The incidence was very critical one and they died in the spot. When the ambulance came, they were already dead and was finding it difficult to breath again.

Angel never knew what happened as she waited out for them at past midnight. She took up her phone and dialled her aunt’s number but it wasn’t reaching. As she sat up to watch the evening news, it was then she discovered that they all died. She cried and lamented. The only three precious people she had were all gone, what was she still alive for?

She suggested she ended her life and lineage there. What was her mission to life for, to watch her love ones die? She hit herself of the ground and cried to a stupor. If not that she had made a promise to her father, she would have ended her life there. Oh! What a cruel life.

Two weeks later, she watched as her Aunt and cousins were buried down to the earth surface.

I refused to cry as I put on a straight face because I couldn’t allow the calamities of life put me down. The burial was done and everyone went home except for me, I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of what wrong I had done making all these calamities befall me. I had to do something good about it.

Three days after everything had been done, I visited the lawyer. All what I heard from him gave me a stab at the back that I will forever remain all the rest of my life. I still remembered everything he said and how he said all.

“Angel I can’t do anything about it. Before your dad died, he gave me a stern warning that his will will be given to his sister and no one else, I never remembered him telling me about any of his daughter.” He spoke calmly. “So now, you will have to wait for two more years, when no one reports for the will, then it can be assigned to you. Excuse me”. He stood up and meant to leave.

“Two more years? Please sir can anything not be done about this?” She pleaded.
“Am sorry angel it’s the law and I can’t violate it. Thanks, see you later”. He walked out and she fell on the floor.

“How can life be so unfair to me?” She lamented. First it was her dad’s death, secondly her aunt’s and cousin’s death and now another commotion .How could she survive all these calamities befalling her??? She had to be strong for her self. She picked up her bag and walked out.

She had to go home and think of the next step to take. Her life was chartered and will always remain chartered even if hope comes.
She had to do something to strive hard and that’s was if she had self esteem and capability.

After three weeks of staying at home and doing nothing, she Soon secured a job as a waitress in a big restaurant in the outskirts of the states.

The restaurant was one of the best there and it was owned by one of the high ranked men in the area, though she heard the restaurant would be inherited by his son.

She liked the owner of the company because he was a good man and he had a good sense of humor. She had seen a face that resembled Mr Val, but couldn’t place where she had seen a kind of face.

He took her as his daughter when he had heard the story of her life and how her dad died. He never seized to make angel laugh through his funny jokes and comedies.

That morning the alarmed roared on my bed side, signalling me that it was 6 o’clock. I hit it with my thumb and slept back peacefully. I continued rolling to and fro on my bed before I rembered all I had planned out for that day.

I quickly sat up my bed fidgeting. How could I forget a thing of that nature. Today was a day we would be welcoming the new ceo, Mr Val’s son.
I jumped up from the bed into my bathroom. I had to dress up quickly, else I will be late. I hurriedly rapped my self in a blue gown👗and a brown shoe 👡 I had to make sure I get to work before seven. I didn’t know why I had to get this late.

I got to work few minutes past eight and I thanked God that it wasn’t yet 9 o’clock which was the dead line.

“Why are you arriving?” Steph, my colleague asked when I barged into her serving a customer.
“I slept late last night and I guess that’s why”. I told her. She nodded and turned to me.
“The secretary requested I called you and thank God you came at the right time, if not?”. She continued

“So, what about Mr Val’s son, is he now in the company?” I asked waiting for an answer from Steph.
“Yeah he came this morning. He is so cool and young. I didn’t Know he was going to become this mature, afterall the last time I saw him was years ago”.
“That’s good to know. I will be off now”. I walked away to our dressing room. I hurriedly changed into my uniform and walked out to the secretary’s office.

“Good morning ma”. I said to her and bowed.”
“Thank God you came at the right time, I was about sending for you”. She said calmly.
“Here I am ma. Why were you looking for me?”. I asked. Her telephone rang and she quickly picked it up from the table.
She answered the call as hurriedly as she can and turned to me…..

“The New CEO requested for a coffee right now. Please get that for him”She said and winked.
“Ok ma’am” I turned to go.
“He said he likes it hot”. She added and I walked off.

At least, this was the right opportunity for me to meet with the son of a man that had been like a father to me.
I quickly mixed up the whole coffee content and made for the office, though I was quite late. I climbed up the stairs and continued mixing it not minding where I was going to. I had to make the coffee good if that was the only favor I could repay to Mr Val.

It was then I barged into someone, walking fast before me. Within the twinkle of an eye, the whole coffee emptied on the person’s white long sleeves. I looked up to see not only a Angry face.
A loud slap sent me spurring on the wall.

“How can you be so careless to the extent of emptying a hot coffee on your CEO’s sleeve. What the hell is wrong with you?” He took the tray containing some remnants of the coffee and empty it on my head. I gave a squitshing sound and cried silently.

“See? can you see how it feels to be poured a hot coffee on? He slapped me hard again and drew up my hair.
“People like you are not meant to be on this company. I guess I will have to fire you”. He said and made to leave but I quickly held his trousers.

“Kyle am Sorry please can you forgive me?” I cried. It was then I figured out that I had mentioned Kyle and the person standing before me was actually Kyle.

He turned almost immediately giving me a angry and confused look. “And you even have the audacity to mention my name. A CEO!!?” Another slap went across my face again like a bomb. I fell to the ground and the tray on my hand fell and broke.

He gave me a serious look and winked wickedly. “Now get out of my sight”.
I continued looking at him, stupified. The only difference I could see in him was that his hair was dyed.
“I said get out of my sight this minute!” He barked and I stood up shaking. I excused my self and walked out.


I walked away angrily and a little bit confused. I thought over the situation all over again. I didn’t quite know why he couldn’t recognize me, or was he crazy?. I stubbled down the hallway fidgeting. It was as if something came over him and he was insane.

I continued walking angrily until I came face to face with Steph.
“What’s the problem Angel? What’s with that face?” She asked winking.
I sighed hardly and mumbled some words under my breath.
“It’s a long story Steph and I’d rather not share it with any body” I said coldly to her.
“Don’t worry come with me. I must hear it”. She held my hand and dragged me to a table. It was just morning and no one has started coming, so we had our time.
“So tell me, what’s the problem?”

I narrated everything to her and she listened with rapt attention.
“I see, you don’t have to worry. It’s not his fault because I heard he lost his memory while in new York. It was a very bad accidental occurrence”. She added.

Oh! That was why. Why didn’t I figured that out. I bit my lips and thought for a while. So Kyle was’nt able to recognize me after all we had done together at the camp. I struggled out with the tears that was almost falling of my eyes, I had to be strong.

Steph tapped me on my shoulder lightly and excused herself. I stood up and walked to my post.

I sat on the soft cosy chair gradually. I was lost in thought and I didn’t quite figure out why. I swingled the chair in circles as I thought about it. I knew very well that I was not that friendly with women but I was a flirt.

I could do anything that can make a woman wet in just two seconds. I bit my lips and thought about the situation. I knew well that the girl knew me from somewhere with the look she wore and besides, it was as if I knew her. I had a fast beating heart that I’ve never felt for any woman when I come close to them. No! I had to put an end to this!! I picked up the telephone and called the secretary.
” I request to see the girl you sent down minutes ago”. I said and listened to her voice.
“Ok sir. She’ll be right there in a jiffy sir”. she spoke shakkily into the speaker.

I dropped the telephone after that and waited for the angel I slapped.

She came down few seconds later and unlike before, she was putting on a bold and straight face. She walked into the office after I had signalled her to come in.

I walked into his office and stood faced him, with him sitting on the chair. He never changed right from the moment I saw him last. He was just a little broad and he dyed his hair.

I looked into his eyes and he gave a angry questioning look at me.

He stood up from his chair and walked towards me stylishly.
He kept looking at me as he came closer, as if he was gonna kill me. As he came closer I traced my steps backward. He continued coming until I stopped on the wall. He stood before me and put his two hands above my head, stopping me from running away.

He kept looking at me as if he was trying to remember something before I got fed up.
“What the hell do you want from me?”I barked angrily and he looked at him non stop.
“Do you Know me?” He asked with a bit of anger mixed with confusion.
I kept looking at him until when I felt it was time to answer him.
“No!” I barked out angry.
He bit his lips which made him look more sexier than ever.
“Then how come you mentioned my name back then?” he asked and stared into my eyes.
“You are the CEO of this company and I don’t see any reasons not to know your name” I mumbled under my breath.
“I see”. He winked and then, he suddenly turned wild.

He brought his lips closer to mine until our nose was almost reaching out to each other. He bent his neck down and kissed my neck all the way from my neck to my breast area. He was sniffing as he went.

I suddenly became wet. Unknown butterflies started wumbling down my stomach. I felt this was not right as I struggled out to get out from his grips but it seems he was too broad for me.

“If you don’t tell me the truth right now, I will continue. Or do you want me to continue?” He asked as I shoke my head negatively.

“Stop it”. I pleaded but he continued.
“Tell me the truth then I will let you go. For the very last Time, do you know me?” he asked and I shoke my head.
“Alright then. I will continue” He bit my earlobe and he was about emptying his hand on my breast when I pushed him off.
“I will talk”. I answered and sighed…..



“I will talk”. I said and sighed.
“Ok, let me hear it. How come you know me?”.He asked in a cool voice.
He offered me a chair and I sat down.
“I Know you and everyone knows you. We attended the same high school”.I answered and licked my already dried lips.
He gave a nod and continued looking at me stylishly.
“Okay so, apart from that, is there nothing else? ” he threw in.
“What else do you want to hear?” I asked somewhat scared again.
“I want to hear everything”. He added.
“Ok if you say so. Ermmm, you had a crush on me back then”.

“Hello? Excuse me!!” He laughed hard creating a secret dimple at the corner of his face
Oh my Gosh! That same laugh I fell for back then in I school. I couldn’t regain my complete self again. I continued looking at his lips as he laughed hard. His dimples were the worst of all.

“Me? Had a crush on you? nah nah. That can’t be possible because I don’t row with girls like you.” He continued laughing.
I looked at him and poked my lips.
“So, why are you now laughing?”. I sounded irritated.
“Because you are so funny. You look like a comedian also”. I faked an angered look.
He stopped laughing and looked at me straight in the eye with a hint of mockery in his face.
“You can go to your post now. Your attention is no longer needed”.
He said and I stood up.
I walked out of his office while he continued mocking me.

The restaurant closed for the day and I took my bag and walked out, with Steph running after me.
“Where the hell are you rushing to that you can’t even wait for a friend?” She queried.
“As you can see, am not rushing anywhere. I just decided to go clubbing tonight. I need to cool off my mind because today is Friday”.
“Oh I forgot so soon. You like clubbing on Fridays. Can I come with you?” She asked winking.
I rolled my eyes and laughed.
“Remember am going there to cool off my head. I don’t want any stress”.
“So am now a stress to you?” Steph asked blinking.
“That’s if you say so”. I walked away and flagged a cab down, which took me to my house.

Once I got home. I quickly had a quick shower and I applied some lotion on my body.
I brought out a red fitted gown, and a black shoe and wore them. it was so perfect on my body though the gown looked in a way too tight in me. I preferred tight clothes. I applied my make up and walked out to the sitting room. After I had taken a supposed dinner, I walked out of the house.

I got to the club at dark. Music was blaring at the background and everyone danced with their partners. I looked for a quiet corner and sat down as I ordered for a bottle of champagne.

As she sipped the wine with her mouth, she felt someone near her. She turned shakkily to the other side and saw a guy smiling at her.
He sat down opposite her and stretched his hand forward.
“Can I sit with you” he asked.
“Not when you’re already sitting down”. She added with a little high pitched voice.
“I Know. Nice meeting you”. He stretched his hand again. She looked at him and continued sipping her drink.
“Don’t you think we’ve seen each other before?” he asked trying to get her attention.

She hissed loudly.”That’s what you guys say, when you don’t Know someone you’ll be acting as if you know. Like a guy I saw at the airport the other……” she stopped and looked into his eyes. She continued looking at him before she remembered.
“Archie? Are you not Archie? The talkative guy?” she asked somewhat going crazy
He smiled a little. “Yes am Archie. The guy from the airport”. He answered.

“Ohh!” She sighed.
“So, now you’ve known me, can we have a dance together”. He pleaded.
“I don’t dance with strangers”. she barked.
“But am no longer a stranger to you. Please please and please”.
“Thanks Angel. Let’s go”. he took her hand.
“I promise to dance with you but on one condition”. She bit her lip.
“Just make your request and It will be granted”. he nodded.
“Promise me you will pay for the bottle of the champagne🍷 wine I took”.
“That’s not a problem as far as you dance with me”.
He took her hand and they took to the dancing floor. Everyone else joined in the danced.
As I danced with Archie, I took notice of a guy dancing with a girl far behind me. Some people took notice of him and they stopped to watch him dance. This guy was so good In the clothes he wore. Some beads of sweat formed more on his body and that made him more good. I wasn’t interested in the dance anymore. I halfed looked at him and halfed danced.
“I will be right back. I need to go order for another champagne.” Archie said and excused himself.
As I turned to climb down, a felt a wave and I almost tumbled when everyone gave out a loud wail.
I was almost falling on the floor when a sweaty arm gripped me. With the clothes he was wearing, I knew it was that same guy I saw dancing a while ago.
He held me on my waist for what seemed like eternity. Our lips was almost meeting and at last, I looked at his face. I was shocked to my bone marrow.
“Kyle” I said silently.
“Angel? he called somehow feeling empty.
With the way he called me, unknown love music started playing in my head. I shook it off.
As I bent my head a little, my eyes meant with Archie. He was looking at me hatefully and I was confused.
We both straightened up from our position and I turned when I heard wailing from the clubbing guys.

“Kiss her! kiss her!! kiss her!!!” they all wailed as they clapped.
It was then I knew that the whole situation had been planned with just a twinkle of an eye.
Kyle bent his neck to kiss me and I shook my head negatively……


Kyle bent his neck to kiss me and I shoke my head negatively.
He cupped my face in his hands and gave me a long kiss. As he sucked my lips, I crudded up in fright. I was afraid and the Same time enjoying the feeling.

As I kissed her, it seemed a new feeling erupted In my body. Some past incidence started reviewing back in my memory. Everything came back to normal and I knew how I found Angel and fell in love with her. The kiss we shared near the beach kept recollecting in my head and everything we done when we went camping. it was then I knew that I was in love with this girl.
We finally broke from the kiss and everyone applauded us. I took her hand and kissed it and she smiled.
We walked out of the gathering and everyone else continued with the dance.

He took me to a quiet corner and held my hand.
“Now I remember you Angel. I love you”. He said calmly.
“I love you too” I said and kissed his four head.
Just then, Archie came into sight. He wriggled my hand away from Kyle’s hand and pushed me to his chest.
Kyle charged towards him and drew my hand.
“Let her go now or I….” Kyle said
“Or you would what? You can’t do me anything. She’s my girlfriend”. Archie said looking at me, winking.
I released from his grip.
“I beg your pardon? Who’s your girlfriend? Who the hell do you think you are”. I barked at Archie.
He pointed his finger at Kyle.
“This is the second time you’re stepping on my feet. Who gave you the audacity to kiss her?” Archie asked Kyle.
“Hello?? I think something is going wrong here. Archie for crying out loud, I just met you today. How am I your girlfriend then?” I turned to Archie.
He became mute as he stared daggers at Kyle.
I stood at their middle preventing them from fighting as they stared at each other dangerously. I couldn’t believe that these two were actually fighting because of me. Or is it that the knew each other from somewhere?

“Angel I want you to say the truth in the question am about to ask you”. Archie said as he turned to me.
“Go on”.
“Are you choosing Kyle over me?” He threw the question to my face. I kept looking at him without blinking an inch. I didn’t Know the answer to offer him. I can’t just say am choosing him over Kyle, someone I’ve only met two times, neither do I choose Kyle, that too would break his heart.
I looked at Kyle and then at him, then a answer occurred to Me.
“I can’t choose anyone between the two of you. Excuse me’. I turned to leave.
“I take that as a yes Angel” I turned to look at him. “Just prepare for war”. He said and backed off.
Oh my gosh!! is it a must to love someone???🙄🙄🙄

The following week soon got to an end. I and Kyle had really gotten along really good and we had gotten used to each other. He was such a nice and caring guy. I never knew he was so caring to the extent of calling me every two minutes to ask how I was doing when we were both in the same place. He always called me Everytime to his office which kept Steph focusing on the two of us.

So Angel had the audacity to choose Kyle over me, after a month I spent in searching for her. I heard they were now dating and she was no longer a sales personnel but now his PA. The news was all over the medias. I was so crazily in love with this girl and I vowed never to let her go.

I walked to my office to see a woman waiting for me. I ushered her into the office and she sat down.
“So, how may I help you ma’am”. I asked her obviously angry from the news I received that morning.
“I came here with peace and I want you to cooperate with me to make it better. Am Angel’s stepmom and I also hate Kyle just the way you do. If you agree to work with me, then just consider her all yours”.
“But mrs, I didn’t ask for your opinion. I don’t need help from anyone because I lay my head just the way I want it. Thanks for your help but am not interested in working with you”. Archie told her.
She gave Archie a confusing look, then stood up. As she turned to go, she turned back and mentioned a few words out to Archie.
“Am after my husband’s will and because of that I will have to kill anyone obstructing me even if it means killing Angel”. She walked out and hissed.
Archie thought about the situation all over again. The woman wore a dangerous face which means that she meant everything she said. He sighed heavily.
“I think I will have to work together with this woman to eliminate Kyle”.


KYLE 😜 😜
I stood up from the chair and turned to see Angel walking away with her bag.
“Where are you going to? I asked and she turned to look at me rolling her eye balls.
“Obviously, am going home”. She said and turned to go.
I quickly walked towards her and held her hands. I knew she was shocked at what I did.
“Will you please spend the night in my house?” I winked at her.
She looked at my hand and then to my face. I knew badly that she was scared of how I threw the question at her. She kept looking at me thinking whether to trust me or not.
“But…..” She began.
“I promise” I said squeezing her hand.
“Anything for you Angel. I swear.”. I bit my lips and stared into hers.
“Okay”. She finally answered and suantered into one of the couches. I quickly ran to my office and arranged all the important stuffs in the office and quickly ran out, afraid of her leaving me behind.

We went off into the car. She was so quiet all through our ride home and I was afraid of asking her anything. She just kept a straight face and never started any conversation with me even though I tried talking to her. She never bothered about talking to me.

As he drove into the compound, I wowed at what I saw.You can join us to read more of such intriguing stories from unlimited story platform, fresh stories Kingdom, sweet and nice story room ,house of stories room through kwesi on+233554737287. I never knew Kyle lived in a Mansion!! I was so super elated when I saw it. It was so beautiful and well decorated with nice flowers. I knew he took notice of my change of behavior and I quickly maintained my calm.
We got to the elevator and we walked inside. He kept looking at my lips which made me feel awkward. He was such a damn cute guy. He kept looking at me and that made me felt anxious. I was already scared of him, being it the two of us in the elevator.
He walked to my front and stood in front of me as he kept watching my lips. As he bent to kiss me, I quickly turned my face to the other direction.
“Why did you do that?” he asked, somewhat embarrassed and sorry for what he had done.
“Remember you promised”. I said to him. He smiled broadly and that made my heart flared up.
Finally we got out of the elevator to his sitting room. It was also so classy and well decorated.
He offered me a seat and I awkwardly sat down.
” So, what do you care for”. He asked as he sat near me.
“Never mind. Am not hungry”. I answered in a whisper.
“I take that as a yes. I will make some noodles”. He winked and I smiled.
Within ten minutes, he served the hot noodles and I ate it clumsily. He kept staring at me and everywhere was dark. The only light in the sitting room was that of the light that erupted from the television.
We were watching a scary film, though I hated it and Kyle loved it.
After minutes of closing my eyes and Kyle laughing at me because of the scary film, I decided to have my bath.

“Where is the bathroom? I really need to freshen up badly.
“You can come with me”. He took my hand and drew me towards the dinning area. He pushed me gently inside the bathroom and locked the door.
“When you’re done, you’ll let me know. Am waiting right here for you.
I became dumb.
“But what am I going to change into”. I said as my voice echoed from the bathroom.
“There’s a towel in there”. He answered, I knew he was mocking me.
I quickly had my bath though I was scared. He was the one who locked the door and what if he opened it and barged Into me. I was scared but I also had a trust in him.
After the bath, I wrapped the towel and found out that the towel was so short. My thighs were well showcased due to the way the towel was short. If not because it irritated me to wear my previous clothes, that was what I would have wore.

“Are you done taking your bath?” Kyle threw in making cold shivers run down my spine. I shoke repeatedly in fright.

“Do you have a sister?” I suddenly asked feeling weirdly crazy.
“Why that sudden question??? Actually, I thought i remembered telling you that I am my parents only child”.
“Okay do you have girly clothes”. I asked biting my lips.
He was a brilliant boy and he quickly knew while I was asking those questions.
“I can lend you one of my t_ shirts”. he answered. I stood there and waited patiently for him.

Seconds later, he opened the door and handed the shirt to me. I quickly locked the door after receiving them from him.

I wore them also and discovered that it was so big and long. I felt empty inside the shirt.
it was almost touching my knees and I hated it for that.
“Are you done?” He asked again again and I answered.
“Yeah sure. You can open it”.
He bursted into laughter after seeing Me in the buggy shirts. I couldn’t contain the anger I felt at that moment.
“So what’s the reason for the laugh?” I desperately asked.
“It’s nothing. You can go on”.
I hissed loudly and walked to the sitting room with my cold feet. The cold was swallowing me up and I guessed I wasn’t alright with that
Kyle also came minutes later with the kind of shirt I wore.

was well written on it. I felt a little anxious as the cold continued eating me up. I cuddled my self up In the couch as the cold sauntered it’s way into body.

Just then, something occurred in my head. I needed to test Kyle, using the secret, my aunt told me before she died .

I squeezed my self up in the couch and cuddled my self as if I was sleeping. I snored silently just to gain his attention.

After few minutes of half watching me plus half watching the TV, he paused whatever he was watching and turned to me.
He placed his hand on my thigh and I shoke silently. Deep down, I didn’t want him to fall to my test. I just prayed he wasn’t those beast that actually took advantage of girls. After looking at me for some seconds, he cleared the hair on my face and kissed my on my forehead. He carried my all the way from the sitting room to his room In a bridal style.
I was happy he didn’t fall to my test. After placing me on the bed, he covered me with a blanket and turned to leave. Fear quickly gripped me

I opened my eyes to look at him and held his hand.
“Kyle can you please sleep here with me? Am scared.” I didn’t know when those words jumped out of my mouth.🙄🙄

looking at
me gradually
and he silently
shoke is head.
“But Angel, I promised…….”
“Shhhhh, I Know. Remember am the one pleading with you”
“Okay”. He said and walked to the other side of the bed.
How could he even think of leaving me alone when I was as scared as a cockroach.
He entered the bed and covered himself with the blanket, staying far away from me.. I laughed silently. He was such a funny guy but dip down, I was really scared.

She slept of minutes later and I shifted towards her. She was really sleeping peacefully and soundly. I really loved that. I kissed her gently on her lips and kept looking at her face. I couldn’t believe I was in the same bed with a beautiful girl like Angel. I really loved her. I didn’t know what to do at that moment but I decided to let go. She trusts me and that’s why she called me, so I can’t take advantage of her. I held her hand, closed my eyes and let sleep take over me.


I woke up gradually and stretched my body gently. This was the most wonderful sleep I had ever had since when I was born. The rays from ⛅ sunset was weakening my eyes to the point of making me not want to get out from bed.
I stood up and yawned greatly. I had to find Kyle and the only way I can do that was to come out of the room. I laughed gently at myself when I saw how buggy the t_ shirt was. I couldn’t believe Kyle did that to me.
I found my way to the kitchen recalling from yesterday’s step. I didn’t quite see Kyle around. I scratched my head gently and walked to see what was on the gas cooker. He was cooking corn beef in a pot and soaked rice in the other. I helped him stir it though I hated the aroma coming from it because I never liked corn beef ever since when I was born.

Kyle hugged from behind as I tried to close the pot. He held me tight and kissed my neck. I turned to look at him and smiled, he smiled too. He turned my face to meet him and he planted another warm kiss on my lips.
“Good morning sunshine!” He said loudly, kissing me wild.
He carried me up again and was about taking me to the room when I quickly rushed down. I knew he wanted me badly but I wasn’t just in the mood. I pointed at the food on the gas cooker and smiled at him.

He remembered faster. The food was already burning,though not badly.
“Do you want some?” He asked, dishing out some for himself.
“You are supposed to Know that I don’t….
“Like eating corn beefs”. He smiled and winked at me.
“So you knew? How come you know that I never like that?”.
“Bla bla bla. Story for another day. I already ordered pizza for you, though.”

I smiled and kissed his fore head.
“You are such a darling”.
“Come have some it’s really tasty and very delicious”. He said having a mouthful of it. I really envied him. He could eat any thing that came his way. I walked gently to him and he carried me above the kitchen stool. It was so high and I was kinda afraid. He put some corn beef in my mouth, I chewed it gently, after some time, I became used to it.

He kept feeding me until something occurred on his memory.
“My parents will be coming around today”. He suddenly let it out.
“What! What the hell am I going to wear?”. I asked as I looked at him, my mouth agape.
“Hmm, Don’t know”.
“Is that what you’re gonna say about this? You never said it earlier” I bit my lips hardly.
“You can wear these instead”. He added, pointing at the t_ shirt we were both wearing.
“And to think of the situation that I don’t like repeating clothes”.
“Hmmmm? Ok, give me the key to your room. I can help you get your clothes instead”.
“That’s my privacy”. I replied faking anger.
“Are you in or not?” he placed his hand on my hand.
“Am in”. I got the keys and gave it to him, he eyed me completely before walking out of the house. I was scared. What if his parents arrives in his absence? No! that can never happen. I watched as his car zoomed out of the neighborhood
I became empty at that moment as I stared into space. I couldn’t believe that Kyle was the only source of my lightened up expression. I walked to the sitting room and waited right there for him.

I got to her room and searched through her closet gradually. This girl was so damn just queen of clothes. If given the chance, all her clothes would far way go for a butique. I selected the most skimpy ones and one or two of the buggy types. Her clothes were the best I’ve ever seen in my life. I quickly took them, wrapped them up in a bag and walked out.

I came thirty minutes later and she hugged him dearly.
“I missed you”. She said poking me lips
“Me too ” I added.
She took the bag from my hand, stared into it and began emptying all the clothes out. The expression on her face shown that she wasn’t happy.
“What? Don’t you like the clothes?”
“I like them but it’s too skimpy”.
“That’s not a problem, providing am the only guy here”. She laughed hard.

The door bell rang, Kyle ran to get it. It was the 🍕 pizza man. I was really happy. He ordered I sat on his laps, and I did it as he fed me with the pizza. it was so yummy and really tasty.
He kissed me with any pizza I took from him, I got fed up.
“Am no longer interested”. I mumbled and stood up.
“Ok, take your bath I will be come have mine when you’re done” .
I walked off. I really needed to have my bath. My body was already irritating me.

His parents visited later on. I was so shocked to see Kyle’s mom. She really changed a big time. I hugged her when she came and we really had fun. I was so shocked later on when Kyle told me they were no longer divorced.

We had fun and talked about the old times. When it was time for them to go, they gave us their bleesings and prayed for us.

The next day was one of the best day of my life when we attended a friend’s party. Kyle proposed to me and I had no other option other than to say yes. He was really joyful at the moment and people applauded us. I was really happy staring at the ring for a very long time. ANGEL was boldly written on it. I loved it.

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