“Boi,am finished!” announced Mwewa,and hit his forehead with both palms.He pulled himself back and stood up from his office chair and capped his chin with his hand,in shock.

“What is it?Man,that’s an expensive iPhone you just hit hard on the table!” Said Mwewa’s friend and colleague,Daniel.

Still in shock,Mwewa slowly wandered around his office silently.

Daniel,still seated in one of the guest chairs, overturned his head up to Mwewa in surprise and asked again,”man,what is it?”

“Boi the pregnant girl has a video,” he finally spoke.

“A video?” Daniel puzzled up.

“You remember about the night I called her over to my house?” asked Mwewa.
“Yeah?” Daniel said with a smirk.

“Man,it’s not funny.I had the virginity on a condition that I was going to marry her….Boi
You know…you too are a man…you know how it is when the hormones crush..I promised and swore to marry her just for s*x. I didn’t know the b*tch was recording a video of everything!She just sent it now for me to see and she is threatening to expose me!”

“What for?Is it money she wants!”


“What does she want?”

“You know I lied to her about being married.I told her the truth the moment she told me she is pregnant for me..”

“I know all that,tell me what she wants!”

“She wants marriage.A wedding!And according to her,no amount of money will stop her from circulating the video all over the internet for my wife and the world to see!”

Daniel now realized how serious his friend’s misfortune was.He pulled back in his chair and gave a deep sigh,”man,this is not so good.Your wife has made you and I who we are today.We need to find a way out of this before it’s too late.”

“But what are we going to do?”

“I need to think,” Daniel was tapping over the table with his fingers.He too was bothered because he was the best friend to the husband of this woman,whose father owned this high income generating company he and Mwewa worked for.Indeed they really had to find a way out before it was too late.


When Mwewa got home,he found Mwaka the pregnant girl by the gate.She had arrived earlier than he expected after he called her over.But this was better for the plan he had conceived with Daniel at the office.He needed to do this as soon as possible and she had just helped.

He lowered the window of his car and faked a wide and happy smile that seemed so genuine,”hey.Hop in.”

He honked for the gate man to Open and he was let to drive in and park.

“You still angry with me?” He asked while still in the car with Mwaka.

“Where is your wife?” She asked with a solemn face.

“Why?” He panicked,” you want to show her the video?”

“That’s up to you,” she said and looked away,” why did you call me here?”

“I missed you” he lied.

“What about your wife?”

“Still at school.She will be back next week,I suppose,” he said.

“So what are you going to do about what I told you?” She now turned to him.

“Oh that,” he blushed,” don’t worry.I will give you a white wedding.I will find a way to divorce my wife.Just give me a little time,okay?”

“I need results in a month,” she said.

“Yeah… all yours already,” he said,” I will simply accuse her of having an affair at school.Don’t worry I will handle this.By the way how’s my baby doing?Come on let’s get inside and have a good time with him”

As they both moved towards the door,Mwewa’s wife came out and met them at the entry point.Luckly he had no hands tied with her.

“Hey,” his heart vibrated out of him,” what…a surprise!You came back?”

“Who is she?” His wife suspiciously asked at the sight of Mwaka,a neatly dressed in a chitenge and beautiful young lady.

“Honey,” he cooked up,” who could it be?Are you not the same person who directed me to get us a maid?Of course I got us a Maid?”

To be continued…
~Crazy Side Chick~ 🤦‍♀️


“Maid?” Mwewa’s wife scanned Mwaka from head to toe.The girl was well figured and too beautiful for a maid,she thought.

“Yes,our maid,” Mwewa faked a relaxing smile.

“Can I talk with you for a moment?” The wife gestured a thumb into the house.

“Sure,” said Mwewa.

Mwaka was then left standing outside.

“That girl doesn’t look like a maid,” the wife clearly said.

“What do you mean,honey?” Mwewa pretended as though he never figured out what she meant.

“I know I asked you to get a maid while am in school,but not a girl like her!” the wife was too open, though.

“What about her?”

“Honey,that girl is too beautiful to do a maids job.You know pretty girls have attitude,” the wife tried not to make it look like it was exactly with her mind: the insecurity in her right now!

“Yeah…you right.Let me tell her you already employed another person?” Said Mwewa.He knew declaring Mwaka as their maid was somehow a bad idea.How could life with his secret affair and blackmailer be like in his matrimonial home? Weeeeisshh.

“Wait..Where did you find her,and why would such a beautiful girl be wanting to work as a maid?” The wife asked.

“I…I…,” He stammered,” she came hunting for a job as a cook or maid at the office.I told her there was no vacancy then she begged me to offer her any kind of job including cleaning the bathroom. Hi kwaku ome on+233544142683 to read more of these story from our telegram and WhatsApp page. She said she really needed a job so I told her I wanted a maid and so she told me she would take the job…and that’s how I came here with her.”

“Mmm,” his wife wondered,” well… let’s try her.But she is not going to be a live-in maid.”

“Try..try her…uhm..sure,not a live-in maid,” he said.

“Call her in,” she said.


“What do you think you doing?” Mwaka asked curiously as Mwewa came out of the house.

“Ssshhh,relax,” he said as he tilted his head over and over in the direction his wife would overhead them.”Look,I know what am doing,okay.For now just accept you are our new maid.This is the beginning of your journey as my very near future wife,okay?”

“Honey!” the wife called from inside.

“Yes,love,” he answered and quickly turned to Mwaka,” follow me.”

So he led Mwaka to his wife, inside the house.

“As I said,” he began,” this is Mwaka our new maid.Mwaka this is Majory,my sweet and loving wife.”

Mwaka gave Mwewa a quick grave look at the compliment on his wife such that he blinked away and shifted to his wife:

“I will leave you guys to discuss,” Mwewa said and went outside to his car.


He hurriedly reached for his phone,locked himself in the car and called Daniel.

“Boi the plan is messed!”

“What happened ?” Daniel asked keenly.

“The plan has gone sour,my wife came home without informing me,” he said.

“What?! She caught you red-handed?!” Daniel shrieked.

“No!Moron…we found her already here,” He said.

“What did you tell her about Mwaka,then?”

“I told her that she’s our new maid”

“Did that work?”

“I guess so.My wife has accepted her as a maid and I have managed to convince the little b*tch to stay in her lane.She seems to have buried her destructive attitude for now.”

“So what’s the plan B?” Asked Daniel.

“Our first plan is still valid.I will still find a way to terminate Mwaka’s pregnancy minus her knowledge.Then I will pretend to be very disappointed and grieved at the loss.I will comfort her by lying to her that I want to make her pregnant again cause I really want to divorce my wife to marry her.She will believe that I really love her and want to marry her.And when she does,I will ask her to delete the video.When that destructive video is gone forever,she will know my true colours!”

“Good,” Daniel sighed over the phone,” just don’t mess up.And don’t keep her in your house for long or Majory will find out about her.You will then loose your chance to inherit her father’s wealth.And I,being your best friend,I cannot risk being considered just the same man you are.You Bloody Cheat!”

“Shut up, thief!Or I will send the rightful auditors to your office so you can be sent to Mukobeko Hotel(Zambian prison)” said Mwewa.

To be Continued……


“You are the crime lord in that company,” said Daniel,” so if I go down,I definitely go down with you,Sinner!”

“Shut up,let’s meet at the junction for a drink we make plans,” suggested Mwewa.

“Be quick,it’s getting late,” advised Daniel.

” sure…but I must drop Mwaka by her place cause my wife doesn’t want a live-in maid.”

“Ok.Don’t forget to caution her,she must behave herself if she must marry the GM of SD Rides ,” said Daniel.

” Marry the GM my foot!” Said Mwewa.

By the way,Mwewa was the General Manager of a famous and big company that sold and serviced vehicles.It was owned by Majory’s father,the director, and the SD were initials for Son and Daughter because Majory was the only child of her widowed father.A family of two,of course.

Mwewa was also the appointed GM of other businesses owned by Majory’s father–such as the Real Estates.


Later in the evening,Mwewa had to take Mwaka home as his wife had refused a maid living under their roof.She would be reporting for work in the day since there was not enough work to do in the house according to Majory.Mwewa and Majory had no kids to baby sit.

He got out of the car and went inside the house and found his wife showing Mwaka round the house.

“Honey,I got to meet up with Daniel at the Junction for a few minutes,” he informed from the living room.

Majory left Mwaka in the pantry and came to talk with Mwewa in the living room.

“Honey,I just came.I want big time with you,” she told him as she tapped a pointing finger on his lips.

“I know.And I want the same,come on.Its been a week we ever had the bed dancing and I really want to wreck it tonight,” he said with his hands chained with hers.

She smiled at him and eyed him seductively,” I did miss you so very much king of the bedroom?”

“So did I,” he smiled back at her as he waited for his obvious kiss.

Majory stood on the tip of her toes to meet Mwewa’s lips with hers.But oops! Mwaka entered the living room and made a cough that the mission was unaccomplished.

“Can I go home,now?” She asked and looked weird.She didn’t even say sorry!

Majory turned away from Mwewa and told Mwaka,”you will respect my privacy with my husband, okay?”

“I get you,” she sounded rude and she didn’t care.

“You can go,” said Majory.

Mwaka walked outside silently.

“She has no manners,” complained Majory.

“Honey,we can get another maid if you don’t like her,” said Mwewa.

“I will give her some time.You know we are both busy to start searching for maids,” she said.

“Well,if you say so,” he said.

Majory walked to the kitchen,” what am I cooking for my king this evening?”

“Nshima with finkubala!” Said Mwewa.

“Mmm,sorry finkubala finished,” said Majory.

“Well,you know what else I love.Cook anything I love to eat,” he said.

“Ok go fast and come back soon,” she told him.

“Thank you your highness,” he said.

When Mwewa got outside,he found Mwaka leaning against his car.

“Hey,I will drop you off by your place but I suggest my wife shouldn’t know about it.I don’t want her to be thinking otherwise.So let me find you outside the gate.”

“Are you playing with my mind?” She asked and opened the car door and jumped into the passenger seats.

“How do you mean?” He said as he got into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“You don’t show any signs of getting into ways to divorce your wife,” she said.

“Come on! Should I divorce my wife overnight?I need to plan.I need to set her up with some wrong to find her guilty.You worry too much my love.You and I will surely wed,Kay?”

“Don’t forget,I want results in a month,” she ordered.

“Month? Wait and see how soon I will send her packing,” he said.

She smiled,” are you sure?”

“Yeah,am very much sure,” he lied.

So he drove her home.She lived a few yards away from his house.There after he went to meet up with Daniel at some beer Junction near Mwewa’s home.

Daniel received Mwewa with a teasing laughter,” the poligamist!”

“Get out of my way!” Said Mwewa.

They ordered some beers and began to drink by the bar counter.

“So when is your wife going back to school?” Asked Daniel.

“She came for a night,” he said.



“You got to get home soon enough then.She needs enough rounds I guess.”

They both laughed.

“And the maid..hahaha….I guess you will have enough time to bonk when your wife is gone tommorow huh?” Said Daniel.

“Definitely,” said Mwewa,” the last one.After that,she will be wiped out of life for good.”

“Meaning you will poison her pregnancy tommorow?”

“You ask useless questions.You know the plan,” said Mwewa.

“Yeah,you got to act fast,” Daniel said.

Mwewa’s phone rang.

“My wife misses my ‘johnie’,I got to go,boi”

“Sharp my guy.Go and punish her!

They both laughed

“And are you remaining here?” asked Mwewa as he walked out to pick the call.

“I will just have a few more bottles and leave,” said Daniel.

But when Mwewa left the bar.Daniel fished his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number.

“Hello…find me at the Junction now,” said Daniel over the phone.

A few minutes later,Mwaka showed up and joined Daniel by the counter…..

To be continued…..


Daniel pulled a stool for Mwaka to sit beside him by the bar counter.

“Am sure just a glass of ciders won’t hurt the baby?” Daniel asked Mwaka with a grin on his face that his gap of a missing tooth between his upper teeth showed and didn’t look so good on him.

“No thanks,not this evening,” she replied.

“Oh..pure girl,” he complimented.

“Thank you,” she said.

Daniel took a sip on his beer and took a minute of silence then spoke in a low thick voice:

“Mwewa is planning to poison your pregnancy,” he informed Mwaka.

“What?!” Mwaka dismayed.

“Yes.You need to be careful.Never take anything prepared by him, for you to drink or eat,” said Daniel.

“But he said he was going to divorce his wife to marry me.What are his plans really?”

Daniel laughed with his mouth closed,then said,” poor girl.Am sorry but he has no such positive intentions on you.Unless he inherits SD Rides and everything His wifes owns through his father,He is not gonna marry you.He married his wife beacause She has her father’s wealth signed to her name.He can never divorce his wife because if he does,he automatically looses his opportunity to become the director of SD Rides and all the estates that his wife formally owns.”

Mwaka wrinkled up in anxiety.She put her hand over her belly and asked,” He doesn’t want this child,but do you think he wants me?Do you think he loves me?”

“Yes yes he does.Mwewa loves you more than his wife and trust me,he would choose to be with you than be with Majory,his wife.But he has a mission.And that mission is to inherit everything that Majory’s health failing father owns, when the father retires or dies.”

Mwaka thought for a moment then said,” but….why…why have you been disclosing everything to me about your best friend?”

Daniel swagged his beer bottle,” Let me tell you in my car.”

Daniel removed his wallet and paid for the beers he had taken and walked out to his car with Mwaka.He had Mwaka sit next to his driver’s seat.He put his arms over the steering and sighed high and stared out the windshield as he began to speak:

“I want the same thing that you want,” Said Daniel.

“I…I don’t understand,” said Mwaka.

“You want to be with the person that you dearly love for the rest of your life and so do I,” said Daniel.

“Yes I want Mwewa,but I still don’t understand what you trying to say,” said Mwaka.

Daniel narrated,”Mwewa’s wife,Majory,was one of those most recognized beautiful student girls some years back at the University.Majory joined the university for her Medical course when I was doing my final year for our bussiness course.

I saw her around everyday in the campus and I saw her in my dreams.I became obsessed with just a sight of her.I ever imagined a relationship with Majory and I saw how happy I could be with her.She has ever had these qualities that I wish for in a woman.And so I had just been trying to gather up my courage just so I could approach her and ask her out.

But soon enough, something happened that automatically made me find my way to her:

A leader of some famous dangerous University cult blocked her way and started harrassing her as she was a new girl around there.I clenched my teeth and a fist as I watched the gang leader grip my crush’s hand tight and try to kiss her and his friends laugh.

I was the only person in the lone grounds of the campus,and when Majory screamed for help,I had to risk it all.I walked up to the gang with the little courage I could gather,with an attempt to talk nicely with the gangters to let go off ‘a sister’.

But when I approached,one of the cultists mocked,” whoa…and there comes her super man!”

I pleaded with them to release her which they did at the expense of my teeth.They beat me up and knocked a tooth out of my mouth when I tried to fight back.

Later,the gangters were all arrested ~because Majory’s father is a great man in this country.Majory found me and told offered me a token of appreciation in monetery form but I turned it down and confessed~ my feelings to her.But she begged me to get the money so I could get an artificial tooth because she could only be my friend as she had a boyfriend already.

I got the money but didn’t use it for an artificial tooth because I have always wanted to remind Majory of the fight I joined up for her.I also became good friends with Majory and I was patient and hopeful that she could develop feelings for me as we usually met,talked and laughed in the campus.Sometimes we even went out for a drink together and we once accidentally kissed and almost had it because the wine had turned us both horny.But later we regretted and promised never to repeat it as Majory was seriously in a relationship with Mwewa.
Through her I met Mwewa as her boyfriend.I had no hard feelings for the brother and we became best buddies, especially that we were doing the same bussiness course and we were both in our last year.

Majory got us both some vacancies in her father’s company a year after our graduation,as sales representatives.But soon after Majory wedded with Mwewa,my best friend got a promotion as a general manager.Just like that!

But the bastard has never been grateful to all of those favours.He never appreciates the woman that I so much love.He fakes his love for her wealth and goes round cheating on her in my presence!

But he must not escape this one! He must leave Majory for me and marry you! I know Majory can easily develop feelings for me without him around!”


Daniel clearly expressed his evil plans against his friend Mwewa with his clenched teeth while he spoke,”I want him out of my way to the love of my life!Majory must be mine!”

“Well..I made the video you told me to,” said Mwaka as she handed her smart phone to him., “so what’s next now?”

“Good,” Daniel grinned as he checked the nude video in the phone,” just as I directed this short movie.Your face isn’t showing except for your big butt and boobs…girl you so sxxy and smart….and this bastard is all over the bed wrinkling his careless face in such great pleasure that will soon land him in a great loss!” Daniel said and squeezed a wicked laughter out his lungs.

“Don’t call him a bastard.What’s next?” Mwaka asked again.

“Oh,sorry…I understand how much you love him.I love him too as a friend and I want the best for him because I believe you truly love him and…,” Daniel bragged with a faint smile.

“What’s next,please?” She cut him and repeated her question curiously.

“Same as planned earlier,” said Daniel,”when you meet him tomorrow,tell him you got robbed and your phone is gone,so that he won’t have to blame you when I leak this video.”

“But I think he will refuse to marry me when the video is already leaked.I will have nothing to use to threaten him into marrying me.I will loose him.”

Daniel grinned sarcastically,” calm down dear Mwaka.Like I told you,once ~we succeed,I will transfer millions into your account as promised and that will make you rich enough for Mwewa to come knocking and begging a~ t ~~your door step when he is thrown into the streets by Majory and her father for disgracing them.Dont ever stress about anything,okay.I got your back.You will get your love,and I will get mine,okay?”
Mwaka seemingly fell into his meek words.She almost smiled as she said,” you are evil!”

“At least am not being evil to that innocent child you are carrying for ~mwewa.That child must grow up with his father.Mwewa has no child with Majory yet.You ~know Majory is too busy with school to bear him a child~ .I think she’s been keeping herself intact for me…” He said though she didn’t care to listen that last part.She told him she could be driven back to her rented apartment and so he did.~

“Good,night,” she said as he dropped her.

“Same,” he waved a hand and reminded her,”hey! Remember,never to take anything prepared by him.We need that baby alive!”

“You both wicked!But thanks for the warning.Mwewa will never terminate this pregnancy as long as I live!” She said.

“Good.He must marry you no matter what!.Are you going to his house as a maid tomorrow by the way?” He mockingly asked.

“Aufff! Me, maid?I can’t imagine myself doing that!But I will try ,” she said.

He nodded with a smile,” I will keep in touch,” and he drove away and Mwaka entered her apartment.

The following morning,Mwewa woke up in bed with Majory’s head over his chest.She snored there softly and peacefully.

He shifted out of her hold and kissed her cheeck so loud that she woke up.She turned and met eyes with him.She looked sleepy weak but happy.

“Good morning,Mrs Mulusa,” he said.

“Good morning too,Mr Mulusa,” Majory eyed him back with a smile.

“Can I get a number out of ten for last night?” He loved it when she praised him.He loved to hear her brag about how great he was in bed.

“Eleven” she told him and he laughed.

“Really?Meaning I had Twenty to succeed?,” he said.

“You always succeed,am blessed,” she said and threw him down the bed and kissed him,” you had ten but you went extra because you know how I love it with my king of the bedroom.”

“Ok then let me make it Twelve because I love to make my queen of the bedroom to love it even more,” he said and grabbed her into his hold but a hard knock on their front door of the house echoed in and interrupted.

“Is that ba Kupa?” Asked Majory.Kupa was the gateman and house guard.

“Obviously,” he guessed.

But when the knock continued and Majory decided to get it,She found Mwaka there.

“Good morning.Do you have to report this early?” Asked Majory.

“I thought that’s what a maids job is all about,” she said and ushered herself inside the house before Majory.

“You can’t greet back?” Majory complained,she was surprised.

“Sorry,Good morning to you too,” she said with an attitude.

Majory just paced back into her matrimonial bedroom in her pyjamas and asked her husband,” honey,who really is that girl?”

Mwewa’s heart jumped into his mouth and he sat up over the bed,” who?which girl”

“Your so called ‘new Maid’,” She asked.

“Oh..that…you mean the girl I employed yesterday?Was she the one at the door?”

“Since yesterday,I have noticed some attitude.The same attitude with those poor and hunger stricken divas,slay Queens or whatever they call themselves,working as maids and yet can’t tuck in their fake lifestyle kind of attitude.I warned you about that girl yesterday.I don’t think we need that girl already!” Complained Majory in a more respectful tune of her low voice.

“Did she say something stupid to you?” Asked Mwewa.

“Am just noticing her.You can’t see it cause you a man.But believe me, she’s acting as if she is part of this family or she’s your relative.To my surprise,it’s almost her first day here!”

Mwewa stood to his feet and wrapped up his naked body,” let me talk to her and show her some rules. Kindly hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more stories. She must clarify whether she wishes to work here as a maid in respect and nothing more,or she feels more than being just a common maid!”

He hurried out of the bedroom and when he closed the door behind him,he noticed Mwaka had been over hearing their bedroom talk.He caught her tiptoeing back into the living room.Then he followed her.

“You!” He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the living room into the dining room,” listen,if you misbehave,I swear I will not care being exposed by you. I will not only refuse to marry you,but make your life miserable!Act like a maid in the meantime.I repeat Mwaka,please,You are a maid here,act like one before you spoil my plans to marry you.”

“But what have I done?” She asked.

“My wife is already complaining about your attitude,”he said and it was all in a whisper.

But she replied in a loud voice,” she is a lier!What have I done to her?Call her!” So much that Majory heard and came out of the bedroom.

“Honey!Is everything alright?” Majory fussed.

“Honey,am trying to advise her about getting this job elsewhere if she’s not ready to behave like our maid,” Mwewa tried to twist the conversation, hoping that Mwaka would get in his line.But:

“I am not your maid!I can never be!” Mwaka exclaimed!

To be continued…..


“I am not your maid!I can never be!” Exclaimed Mwaka.

Majory got too curious to know exactly what was going on here.She keenly moved a bit closer to where Mwewa and Mwaka were standing and was about to ask something like,”somebody tell me the hell that’s going on here?!”

But Mwewa had already sensed the kind of beans Mwaka was about to spill .So he gripped her hand so hard that the pain in the hand paralised her mouth and she couldn’t speak but fought with her other hand by slapping Mwewa’s gripping hand to let go off her.

“Well then get out of my house!” He shouted as he promptly dragged her out of the house.

“Honey!” Majory yelled,” honey…easy!”

“Stay right there honey,let me handle this!” Mwewa had to make sure Majory remained inside the yard.So she remained by the front door of the house and waited for Mwewa to come back after chasing Mwaka out of the yard.

“Be careful honey!Don’t hurt her!” Warned Majory.

“Kupa open the gate!” Ordered Mwewa.The house man opened the gate.

Eventually,It was just Mwewa and Mwaka outside the yard,at the gate.Mwewa searched through a hole on the gate and peeped and spotted his wife still standing by the door.Then he turned back at Mwaka.

“Are you insane?!What the hell do you want to do in there?huh?!” He fiercely whispered at her.

“Let go off me!” She cried out loud.

“Honey!”Majory’s voice and footsteps were heard approaching.

Mwewa quickly said,” please Mwaka don’t do this,if you mess up now she will have a reason to divorce me and I will loose a lot to her in penalties.Let me set her up with something that I can use against her for a divorce ,so I can marry you.Please go home now I will come to your house in the evening to talk more about this,okay.Go now,go,go,go!” He pushed her softly and before Majory could come out,Mwaka had warned Mwewa,”you better be quick about it!”,and had started off down the road.

“Mad girl!” Mwewa pretended to be shouting at Mwaka as he heard Majory’s footsteps nearly approaching.

Mwaka heard him wrong and aggressively shouted,” me mad?!” But he forced a smile,winced at her and waved at her to continue moving away as a signal that he was only pretending.Mwaka continued to walk away.

“She’s gone?”

“She has to get lost!I didn’t know I was employing a mental patient!” Mwewa acted.

But Majory looked suspicious,” honey,we need to talk..”

“Let’s go inside,” said Mwewa as he put his arm round Majory to get her inside with him.

“Kupa!” Mwewa warned,” if you ever see that girl any close to this compound, don’t allow her in.Do you understand?”

“Yes.Sure sir” Kupa nodded rapidly.

So Majory had his husband sit at the edge of the bed and started,”why do I think there’s something going on between you and that girl, something that you feel I don’t want to know but I need to know?”

“What?!” Mwewa stood up and held her shoulders from the front,”honey,what are you saying?”

“Yesterday when I was showing her round the house,she ran into the bathroom to vomit.I asked if she was pregnant and she admitted.I asked if she was married she said no.But when I asked about the father,she just turned and told me that I didn’t want to know!Look,honey….I ..that pregnant girl acting up in my own house gives me these thoughts that are so hard to share with you..but…is that girl really just some girl you just picked up from wherever you got her from to be our maid?”

“I can’t believe this is coming from my own wife,” muttered Mwewa and freed her shoulders.

Majory felt guilty of expressing insecurities,so she followed him close and said,” sorry if I make you feel accused of anything…but..”

“But what?!” He stormed,” what else are you doing?!You are telling me that I have something more to do with that useless girl?!”

“Look… sorry honey,I know you can never cheat on me!” She tried to flatter him.

“You know what,I don’t think today is a good day for me.Let me just take a bath and leave for work!”
“Am…am Sorry!” Majory tried to apologise but he banged the door closed and he was already in the bath room.


“There comes the GM himself!” Daniel met Mwewa in the doorway of the offices at SD Rides.

“How is it,man?” Daniel asked.

“Boi,shit is up on me!” Complained Mwewa.


“Let’s go into my office,” suggested Mwewa.

They both entered the office and Mwewa dropped his brief case over the table and took off his jacket.

“Taking off a jacket this cold morning,is everything ok?” Asked Daniel.

“Boi,that girl almost had the waters in my nose level.”

“What happened?”

“She almost exposed me before my wife!”

“You survived right?How and why did she attempt to do that? ”

Mwewa went on and told Daniel what exactly had transpired earlier this morning.

“That girl is insane!But thank goodness you survived!” Commented Daniel.

“But I Know she won’t stop at nothing.I must move in real quick and stop her.My wife will be going back to school today and so I will find time to spend a night with that b*tch.I will then wipe away her pregnancy and make sure she looses her only evidence about me__the video!”

Daniel couldn’t hold it but laugh, knowing that he was the one in possession of the nude video now.

“What’s funny,man?”

“ man.Just the character Mwaka is makes me laugh.She thinks you can leave your wife for her? Really?Hahaha!”

“She is crazy!” Said Mwewa.


Later that day,Majory had just finished taking a bath and was now in the bedroom applying lotions on her body as she sat by the dressing mirror in a towel, while talking on phone with her room mate at school.

“Wooh! Sounds like you had a good time with ba Sema last night,” teased Majory’s friend over the phone.

“He never fails me!” Said Majory.

“Stop showing him off naimwe.How is he doing by the way?”

“He’s alright.Except that I made him angry this morning,” said Majory.

“Why would you do that after draining the energies out of him last night?Are you this ungrateful?”

“That’s the more reason I called you.Baby I want you to suggest a better way am going to apologise and make him feel appreciated before I come back there later today.”

“Make him his best meal.Call him and tell him not to eat lunch from the restaurant cause you will take the meal to his office”

“Wow!I knew you would help!Great idea!Thanks pal!”

“Always welcome”

“I will see you later at school!”

“You better hurry cause I miss you already!”


Daniel paced direct into Mwewa’s office and found him on phone.He waited for him to finish.

“That was my wife,she just called to stop me from going out for lunch at any restaurant cause she’s bringing me food specially cooked for her husband!” Said Mwewa smilingly.

“How sweet.And I just came to check if we could have lunch together at our usual place.”

“Sorry man,I will definitely join you tomorrow,” said Mwewa.

“It’s alright man.I will see you soon then,”


And Daniel left.As he walked towards the exit of the building,he bumped into Majory.She was carrying a basket obviously full of the meal she had prepared for her husband.

“Hey…look who we have here after a long time,” Daniel said starringly at Majory.


“Hello Dr Majory Tembo,how are you?”

“Am ok,Mr Branch Manager.”

“Rushing up for the husband,huh?”

“Sure…Is he up there?”


“Is my father in the office as well?I would love to check on him when am done with the GM”

“Oh yeah…the director is in too,”

“Ok thanks,see you around,” said Majory and continued her way.But Daniel thoughtfully paused and then stopped her:

“Hey,Majo.How can I see you in private?I have something to show you that I feel you really need to see cause I care about you?”

To be continued…..


For a moment Majory wondered what Daniel could possibly have to show her .She rarely saw him nor spoke with him as she avoided his continues advances on her.She knew he was still obsessed with her since the time she met him at the University.And so keeping a big distance between him and her was the best solution.Because on the other hand, Daniel was her husband’s best friend and bringing the two into conflict because of her would be uncalled for.

“Is it urgent?” Asked Majory.

“’s not,” said Daniel,” but it’s very important for you to see.It’s for your own good.”

“What could that be?”

“Meet me at Mutabanks Restaurant before my lunch hour elapses,” he said while glancing at his wrist watch.

“Oh..sure,” agreed Majory.

“But..” Daniel emphasized,”don’t say anything about what I just told you to your husband.Am doing this for you cause I feel you don’t deserve what’s happening behind your back”

Majory frowned,” is it that serious?”

“Meet me at the restaurant asap.And please come alone,” he said and walked out.

Majory watched him pace straight to his car in the parking lot and got very curious.He sounds so serious,She thought before she continued her way into the SD Rides HQ building.

“Mrs Majory Mulusa!How are you,madam?” A secretary to Mwewa’s office greeted Majory with a genuinely stretched smile on her face.Majory greeted her back with a smile too.

“Is the GM in?” Majory asked the secretary.

“Sure.And he is expecting you,” said the secretary who kept looking at Majory enviously.Majory was known to be a social and approachable person but wealthy.

Majory thanked the secretary as she entered Mwewa’s office.

She found Mwewa standing in the center of the office, obviously waiting for her.

He hugged her with one arm and took the basket off her hand.

“What do you have here for me?” He said while removing the warmers out of the basket.

“Something cooked by your wife with love,” said Majory smilingly.

“Woow!! This is not just something that I so much enjoy eating but something that no best restaurant could cook the way you make it.I really love nshima with lumanda and grilled pork!”

Majory couldn’t stop smiling at the joy she saw in him.She ever loved to see him happy because she so much loved him.And now that he was smiling,she took the opportunity to put her arms round his neck and hold him for a while.

“Am sorry about this morning,love.I didn’t mean to…” She got interrupted.

“Forget it,honey.It’s that stupid girl that got on my nerves…..Am sorry too,I left home without a word a kiss or hug,” he said.

“I came to collect it though,” she said and moved closer into his chest.He took her and they kissed deeply for a minute.

“I love you, honey,” Majory confessed as she pulled herself back.

“Love you too,” replied Mwewa.

“Okay,I will leave you to eat your lunch so I can see the Director in his office,” said Majory.

“No no,” Mwewa grabbed her by hand,” not until you feed me a bit.This type of food is always more delicious when am fed by your fingers.”

“Aw no, spoiled boy,” she said as she removed a jug of water and a small basin from the basket to wash their hands.She fed him for a while then afterwards she had to leave.

“Hope the graduation comes in too soon cause I miss you too much” he said.

“I miss you more,” she frowned and muttered.Then she pecked him and Left to check on her father,Mr Binwell Tembo,the Son and Daughter Rides(SD Rides) foreman.

She planned to spend about half an hour chatting with her father in his office,just trying to check how the old man was coping with his diabetic condition,but she remembered she had to meet Daniel before his lunch hour elapsed.So she kissed the old man goodbye and rushed outside.She drove her car straight to Mutabanks Restaurant.


“Wow!You finally came..” Daniel stood up from his chair to receive her,” I almost despaired when there was no sign of you.”

“Sorry,I was with father,” she said.

“Oh..the big man.Haven’t seen him today,how is he?” Daniel asked.

“Not too well,he complained of pains in his limbs and some episodes of fatigue,” she whined.

“I remember his driver told me about his diabetes…So sorry for the big man,let him get better soon cause we still need him greatly,” said Daniel.

“Sure…yeah…so..uhm..Talk to me,boss,” she told him as she took a chair opposite him and rested her elbows on the table between them.

“Well,” he started,” i..I ..I really didn’t want to do this.Bearing in mind that Mwewa is my best friend but…but..I must confess that you are more cherished to me.I care more about you.Am sure you still have the memories about us back at the University…You know I could take a bullet for you,” he made a joke and smiled and his gapped teeth showed and it reminded Majory of how he fought for her and lost a tooth a few years back at the University.

“When will you see a dentist for an atrficial tooth,Dan?” Asked Majory jokingly.

“I will never do that,” he said.

“But why,it’s not expensive after all”

“I like it this way,” he said.

“Your smile looks horrible though,” she teased him as a friend.She was still friends with him though,by a great distance now that she was married.

“I know but I don’t mind that it looks horrible because I took a bullet for the person I never cease to love…” He said.

“No no no… don’t go back into the past,Dan.I know I will never forget how you came to my rescue back then and lost a tooth all because of me,and I will forever be grateful for that.But let’s not make it the subject,tell me why you called me here.”

“Yeah you right,” he said,” but you see,when I learned that you were already dating Mwewa,I saw how happy you were with him and so I gave up the chase.Mwewa became my friend because I thought he would treat the woman I have ever loved right and make her happy…”

“Dan!” Majory hit the table with her palm,” If you called a married woman to talk to her using some chuffing words about the past or present,then am sorry I will have to leave now. Read more of these story from unlimited story platform, fresh stories kingdom, house of story room, sweet and nice story room through fresh ome on+233544142683.this what you wanted to show me?That you have ever loved a married woman?”

“No,Majo,relax,” he calmed her in a whisper,” look I don’t know how to break this to you but…you see..Mwewa is no longer the guy I loved you to be with after I found out that I could not have you because you already had him.”

“What do you mean my husband is no longer the same guy?”

“My best friend has been cheating on you with different women and I don’t like it cause I still love you,” said Daniel.

Majory scoffed,” you know what?You never move on!But guess what,I was never yours and I can never be yours.I love my husband and nobody can change it.So if you called me here to try and fabricate some cheap stories about my husband,you are just wasting your time.”

Daniel removed his phone from his pocket and searched for the nude video,”Majo…not only is your wreckles husband disrespecting you and your marriage,but also putting your father’s company,our famous SD Rides at risk of having its reputation ruined……..This video was taken by one of his side chicks and the girl is threatening to circulate it on social media until he gives her a colossal sums of money which I know he may not even have in his personal account.He might even steal from the company just to settle this blackmail.”

“What?!” Majory’s mouth gapped and remained speechless as she watched the playing nude video of her husband and a girl (Mwaka) whose face didn’t show except everything else on her body.

“No,no,” she got completely astonished and agonized,” No!This is not him,this is not my husband!” She couldn’t believe what she had just seen because she fully trusted her husband.

Majory’s vision got blurred and the sounds around her eluded and she fell down on the floor of the restaurant and fainted!

To be continued…..
~ 🤦‍♀️

“Majo!Majo!” Daniel tried to shake Majory body back to consciousness while he screamed,” waiter!Bring some water!”

A small crowd formed around Daniel as he held Majory up in his arms.But before the waiter could bring some water, Majory had bounced back to consciousness.But appeared weak and Daniel had to help her up.He put his arm around her waist and held one of her arms up his shoulders and slowly walked her to his car.

“Please take me to school,” said Majory in an exhausted voice.

“No,” suggested Daniel,”You are weak.I can’t drive you all the way up to the University.That’s too far.You need to rest.My house is the nearest place from here and am taking you there right away.”

“Please..” she whined as she slowly exhaled,in the back passenger seats of his car.

“No Majo, just relax and when you completely gain strength I will drive you to school,” he said as he started the engine and drove to his house.


The telephone rang in Mwewa’s office and he picked it.The director,Mr Binwell Tembo,called him over to his office.So he walked out of the office and left a message to his secretary that if someone came wishing to see him they had to wait for him by the bench outside his office because he was expecting some clients.

“Good afternoon,sir” Mwewa greeted the old man who sat relaxed in a sofa of his office.

“Good afternoon,Mr Mulusa,” Mr Binwell Tembo greeted back in his deep and weak voice.

“How are you feeling sir?” Asked Mwewa.

“I am dying,” reported Mr Binwell Tembo confidently,” please take a seat.”

“What..should I call the doctor?” Mwewa hesitated to take a seat.

“I mean my health is failing me day by day,” so he put it and Mwewa took the seat.

“You will be fine sir,” encouraged Mwewa.

“That was my prayer before now.To be fine for my daughter because am the only one she has apart from her husband of course.But unfortunately, nature has decided that my time to live more is up,”

“I don’t understand sir,” Mwewa wondered.

“Yesterday I had a meeting with my doctor and he informed me that I have another health condition that you must not disclose to my daughter.I don’t want her to get depressed and to ruin her studies,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.


“My doctor said that I have colon cancer stage 4 and I have about 6 months to live,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

A moment of silence followed as Mwewa became speechless.He didn’t know whether this was a moment to give any words of hope to the ill old man or it was better off ,simply a moment of silence as it happened.

The old man continued,”You know my story,Mr Mulusa.You know I don’t have any other family apart from you and my daughter.Therefore I wish to entrust all my investments to you,my son.Apart from being a responsible son in law,you have shown competence and great commitment and you have surely upgraded our company to a fair level.It is because of your leadership that my companies are still standing strong.So,I have decided that I retire and handle over all my investments to you to run while I wait for my numbered days to live to finish.I want you to simply promise me that you will take the best care of my daughter and that the Tembo legacy shall be passed on successfully to your lineage__my grandchildren. ”

“I..” Mwewa began,” I don’t know what to say.I so sorry about the sad development.But you must not feel depressed about anything.You are a great man of great honor and a father that I will live to remember and honor for the rest of my life.And I promise to keep your name alive forever,sir.”

“Not to worry my son,we all love to die,” he said with a smile on his grey beareded face,” the most cardinal thing is to live to leave a legacy for the entire generation.”

“Sure sir”

“So,inform the staff that we have a meeting tomorrow after lunch.I have already called my lawyer and everything is under process.”

“Ok sir,”

“Good.So get yourself together, prepare yourself to be the new MD” smiled Mr Binwell Tembo.

“I am more than humbled sir.I really appreciate for recognising and considering me in this great position.”

“You deserve it,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.


As Mwewa made his way back to his office,He found Mwaka arguing with his secretary.Mwaka was trying to enter Mwewa’s office by force while the secretary blocked her way in by telling her to calm down and sit in the bench to wait for her boss.

“I don’t need to get permission from you to enter this office,okay?” Mwaka was saying.Thanks to her Voice for not being loud.

Mwewa approached and asked,” what’s going on here?”

The secretary explained,” I politely asked this madam to wait for you in the bench since you were out of office but she couldn’t believe that you went out.And so she wants to get in minus anybody’s permission.”

Mwewa turned to Mwaka and told her to follow him inside his office to prevent her from creating a scene.

“Why didn’t you call before coming here?” Mwewa asked angrily.

“Am sorry my love but I got robbed of my phone on my way from your house when you chased me this morning,” she said.

“What?!” Mwewa panicked,” what about the video in your phone?”

“It’s still there and am worried.I pray that the robber doesn’t take advantage of that video,” said Mwaka.

Mwewa wandered round the office, capping his mouth.”you know what?You are pathetic!”

“Why? Because you chased me out of your house and I got robbed in the process?”

“I don’t care!Tell me,what do you want here?” Mwewa shouted.

“Well,” she said soothing her belly with a smile,”this will definitely calm you down…I went for a scan and the results are that you are gonna be a father to twins!”

To be continued……

Mwewa moved forward and grabbed Mwaka by her nape,”Congratulations to us.We have twins.But let me warn you:if that video goes loose of your possession,I swear the three of you,you and these two tods,will die before I kill myself.Do you get me?”

Mwaka slapped his arm away and laughed in mockery,”my babies and I are ready to die with you.Because we will never live without you in our own home!So you must marry me and how you do it,I don’t care!But you must marry me,Mwewa!”

“If that video goes viral I will have no reason to marry you!” Said Mwewa.He was more concerned about the video because anything else here didn’t mean a thing to him.Only his marriage with Majory and the long awaited opportunity to inherit Majory father’s wealth did.To him,Mwaka was just a distraction.

Mwaka scoffed,”before a bump forms on my belly,these twins must be living under the same roof with their father.Put that into your mind,Sir!” She said and stormed out.

She needs a psychiatrist! Mwewa thought and slapped hard on a table in agony.

He took himself deep into thought asking himself how he was going to clear this mess.He had the answers already.In these thoughts,he saw himself putting some abortion drugs in Mwaka’s drink.Then later he saw himself threatening Mwaka over the whereabouts of the nude video of him and her,at gunpoint! He had decided never to take her lightly again after deleting her pregnancy.

The loud tone on his phone brought him back to reality.It was Daniel calling.

“Hey,man,” said Daniel.

“You back from having lunch?”

“I already had my lunch but right now am driving somewhere to meet a client.He just called to meet him somewhere.He wants the newly arrived VX sold to him, he also wants to have his company vehicles signed under contract to be serviced by SD Rides.I guess its gonna be a long business meeting with him.So I called to inform you that I won’t be at the office for some hours.”

“I hope the deal is lucrative to the company,” Mwewa said superiorly.

“Yeah,sure it is…it is..” stammered Daniel.

“Well,go for it Mr Marketing Branch Manager ,” he said.

“Sure boss”

Mwewa wished Daniel was in his office so he could chat him up about Mwaka.According to him,Daniel ever came up with ideas and solutions to every challenge in his personal life.So he shared every detail about his encounters with him.

And right now he was disturbed by Mwaka’s visit in his office.He couldn’t tolerate her anymore.So he decided to drive out of the working place and follow her to her house and began his mission on Mwaka as soon as possible.

First he would go to her house, according to his plan,and apologize for being rude at the office and then chuff her up that a night with her would make things right between them.Second,he would knock off from work and go straight to her house to kill the pregnancy.Third,he would threaten her with a gun to release the Video to him to destroy.Then it would be the end of Mwaka in his life once the Video was destroyed!He would eventually ask her to leave his life forever so he could continue with his sweet marriage life with Majory.

But as Mwewa drove towards Mutabanks Restaurant,which was along the road he was driving,he spotted Majory’s car through his windshield.So he pulled and parked by the Restaurant.

Nobody was in Majory’s car.Mwewa had to enter the Restaurant and ask one of the waiters who knew him as their regular customer.

“Am looking for one lady who owns that car over there,” said Mwewa.

“Oh is that not the same car of the lady who fainted here ?” One of the waiters replied.

“Fainted? Somebody fainted in here?”

“Yes…the same owner of that car came in here _an hour ago and joined that friend of yours you normally come here with for lunch.They were having a conversation from that table over there and after some time,the lady_ fainted and woke up later.Then your friend drove her away in his car.”

“Are you sure?”

“Very sure sir,” said the waiter.

“Ok,thank you,” said Mwewa and hurried back to his car.

He got his ~phone and called Majory.He went through ~her line but nobody picked his calls.So he tried to call Daniel but his phone was unreachab~ le.Mwewa fussed and panicked.
What the hell is going ~on?My wife fainted an hour ago and was taken ~away by a man whom the waiters say was my friend.But Daniel called to tell me about his business meeting just a whil~ e ago.Mwewa was thinking.

“You need this glass of wine,” said Daniel as he handed ~the glass of wine to distressed Majory.She s~ at in his couch with her hands pinned between her laps.

“Where did you get that video?” She asked Daniel as she took the glass of wine.

Daniel tried to cut her,” look, let’s not talk ~about this now.I regret that I showed you the video.I shouldn’t have shown you.Its only that I hate it when I see Mwewa cheat on a beautiful w~ oman you are.”

“Oh please!Just where did you get that video?” She said.

“Okay,” said Daniel,” some girl who is ~pregnant ~for Mwewa sent it to Daniel to blackmail him and as evidence that it was he that impregnated her.Then Mwewa sen~ t it to me to see.”
“So..he even has a girl pregnant for him…? ”

Majory said and became speechless.She just took a sip on the wine she had been served and smiled in pain.

Daniel slowly motioned and sat next to her,”please, don’t tell him I disclosed this to you.”

“So why have you exposed him?” She asked.

Daniel ran his hand over hers slowly and said,”because I love you.I hate *seeing him cheat on you.You don’t deserve such an ungrateful man.You see I have always advised my friend to stop his dirt games behind your back but he doesn’t take it.He never realises that I get hurt cause I hav* e feelings for you.”

But Majory removed her hand and reached for the wine glass and sipped and finished it.She then stood to her feet and put her hands in her hip pockets of the tight jeans she was wearing.

“Please take me back to the restaurant,I need to drive to school.I need sometime away from this nightmare,” she told him.

“Are you sure you are fine now?I hope you not planning to confront Him now.”

“Am ok,” she claimed.

“Ok,” he said,” let me take you there.Just give me a second I need to get my car keys,i think I left them in the bedroom.”

But as Daniel left the living room,got his car keys and came back,he found Majory stumbling to stand.She making these weird smiles,and making some movements like she wanted to lean against something, that one could tell something was biologically wrong with her body.

“Are you okay?” Asked Daniel as he carefully observed her behavior.She silently but still smilingly threw herself into his chest and put a finger on his lips,” please I need a bed to sleep”

Daniel smiled and thought: wow the drug in the wine worked!

Guys sorry for the missing episode 😢 ( epi 9)


The boy screamed out loud at the sight of Majory who lay down on the grassy ground choking out the foam out of her mouth.He got the attention of the many that heard him scream by the football pitch.

One adult held the boy and asked what was wrong as the boy appeared traumatized.The boy did not say a word,he just opened his eyes wide and pointed in the direction he had seen Majory.In his thoughts,the boy had seen a corpse.But Majory was still alive, though she was close to dying.

So the adult pulled the boy with others that followed,and made him to lead them to whatever he had seen.They finally found Majory.They all called the rest of the people at the pitch and they all crowded around Majory.Most of them suggested that they called the police at once.

“The police will take long, somebody just call the ambulance!This lady is still alive,if we waste time she will die!” Others pressured.

But as they debated,some of the people in the crowds were already trying to reach the local rescue teams.And, luckily enough,both the police and a medical team arrived in no time.The crowd cheered and whistled for the quick response.

Later,after a quick examination,the medical team picked up Majory and drove her to the hospital in an Ambulance.

The police were delayed back at the scene for investigations and by some news reporters.And as the police surveyed the area where they had picked Majory,not too far from the spot,there was the driveway where Majory’s car had been parked by the lady Daniel had payed to drive.


The sky had darkened already now.Mwewa and Daniel had already knocked off and they were having a drink at the ‘Junction’ near Mwewa’s place__their usual hide out.

Mwewa had a night to spend with Mwaka to carry out his mission on her.So he bet he was not going to spend much time out here , chatting and popping bottles with Daniel.Besides he had Majory to try and find out her whereabouts and well being since her phone line had gone completely unreachable.He had told Daniel here that he would drive to the campus to check if Majory was safe first thing in the morning, the next day.So he kind of forgot about his worry,for now.

He sipped his beer bottle and put it down ,” …and I have some real good news my guy”

“What’s the good news?” Asked Daniel curiously.

“Tomorrow is the day!”

“Tell me…” Daniel couldn’t guess anything.

“Tomorrow the Director will call for a board meeting to appoint me as the new Director of SD Rides baby!” Said Mwewa.

“You serious?” Daniel asked.

“Finally dude!Am the big guy in town.And do you know what that means for you my dear best friend?You automatically succeed my position.You are the next General manager after tommorow!”

Daniel did not look excited as expected by Mwewa.He instead lowered down his face before facing Mwewa and said,” but why is that? I mean what about the Director?”

Mwewa told Daniel everything about the private meeting he had with Mr Binwell Tembo in the day,about the sickeness and the retirement of the director.

“Congratulations…sir” Said Daniel finally and shook hands with Mwewa, smilingly.

“Congratulations to you too because I will definitely make you the GM of the mighty SD Rides,” said Mwewa.

Daniel hit bottles with Mwewa,” cheers to our success!”


“But how far are you to getting rid of Mwaka?” Asked Daniel.

“Oh the little b*tch is about to get out of my way.But,can you imagine!Today she told me that her phone had been stolen.But I don’t believe her.I will get to know the real truth when I get to her place tonight anyway,” said Mwewa.

“What if it’s true the phone got stolen?”

“Man,it better be not! That Video can end my opportunity to become the MD in a blink of an eye once circulated!”

“Yeah,it better be not….so what’s the plan against Mwaka?” said Daniel.

“I have the drugs to terminate her pregnancy tonight.Plus I have a gun to threaten her to tell me where she’s keeping that sex tape,” Said Mwewa.

“Gun?This is getting dangerous man.What if you commit murder in the process?” Daniel stressed.

“Chill man,its nothing,the gun is not loaded.I just want to scare her….I can’t add on to the little mess am in with Mwaka when I have a big day tomorrow.I will be careful,” said Mwewa.

“You better be careful” said Daniel.

“Sure.And I got to be heading to her place right now,” Mwewa stood to his feet from a stool.

“I will have a few more bottles,” said Daniel.

“I know you.You always remain here until you ‘hook’.Anyway don’t forget to use condoms and don’t get too drunk.We have a board meeting tomorrow and you don’t want a hung over” said Mwewa and left the liquor store.

A few minutes later, Daniel fished out his phone and called Mwaka.

“He is on his way coming.He is planning to terminate your pregnancy with some drugs tonight and to threaten you with a gun” Daniel warned Mwaka on phone.He sat in a far fainty lighted end corner of the liquor store,facing a big TV screen that was showing the evening national news.The TV audio was off because a soft music played in the store.

“A gun?” Mwaka’s Voice trembled.

“Relax.Its a useless one.The gun is not loaded.Don’t tell him I got the video.Stick to what you told him earlier.Your phone is stolen,okay? And as I have always warned, don’t take anything edible from him,okay?”

“Okay…but am scared.Are you sure the gun is not loaded?” Mwaka stressed.

“Not at all.Just enjoy the moment when he tries to scare you.Besides he won’t be able to harm you because I got your back.Am here to protect you,okay?”

“Will you follow him up to protect me?”

Daniel laughed,” I have connections sweetheart”

“I trust you”

“Always,” he told her,” bye bye young lady.”


Daniel grinned as he hang up.His eyes were still on the TV screen and the news was still showing.And he noticed something that really ~caught his attention.The clip was showing under the national news.In the clip he saw Majory surrounded by a big crowd and there were a medical team that was conveying Majory from the ground int~ o an Ambulance.There were some cops around too.

“Bartender!” Shouted Daniel,” on the volume on the TV!”

The bartender did as Daniel asked.And a voice of a news reporter was reporting….

“…..the woman has been identified as ~Majory Tembo ,a 7year medical student at Mutabanks ~University, and as the only da~ ughter of a business tycoon and SD Rides CEO and owner,Mr Binwell Tembo,and a wife to the company’s Managing Director,Mr Mwewa Mulusa.The ~police have carried out~ an investigation and have assured the public that more details leading to the event shall be revealed once they are done with the investigations.Mrs Majory Mulusa is c~ urrently under treatment in the City Hospital.

Information reaching our news room has it that Mrs Mulusa could have attempted suicide by taking an abnormal dosage of some drugs in the bush,as her car was discovered by the police a distance away from where she was found laying almost lifeless.But we shall report back to the public once the full valid details are completely gathered.

The medical professionals have confirmed that the victim is stable and is expected to recover anytime soon…..”

“Oh my god!” Daniel panicked in thought,” am in trouble!If Majory recovers she will definitely report me to the police and I will be sent to jail!”

He left the liquor store and got into his car,hit the steering with his fists that the car honked and said told himself,” ooh you are f*ckez up Daniel!”

He thought and thought again and finally said to himself,” one thing is for sure.I will never marry Majory after this.I will never become the Director of SD Rides either.Instead I will be sent to jail if I allow Majory to live.I got to act faster enough to escape this….”

To be continued….


Daniel sped the car down to the City Hospital.When he entered the hospital,he introduced himself as a relative to Majory.He asked to talk with a doctor who was diagnosing Majory’s illness.So the doctor walked him to his office and gave him a seat.

“She almost succumbed to a ‘Date Rape Drug’ called Royhpnal which was wrongly ingested with alcohol and some other sex drug and these are dangerous illegal drugs ,” said the doctor.

“What?who could have done that to her?” Pretended Daniel.

“That’s for the police to investigate.But the good news is that she was not raped.So the police might conclude that it was an attempted suicide,” said the doctor.

“Obviously… obviously…but doc, how is she…I mean is she ok now?”

“She is still in comma.And am afraid,she might wake up to an amnesia which may be temporary or long term,” said the doctor.

Daniel sat leaned forward in his chair and said,”that means she can’t remember anything that happened to her for some time?”

“Exactly,” said the doctor.

“Can I check on her?”


So the doctor led him to Majory’s sick bed.She was under cannulation.Daniel felt pitied her and thought that she was too beautiful for a sick bed.

But he thought again: Am sorry Majory,but If your memory loss will be temporary,you will still remember what happened one day and I will surely go to jail.I still need to find a way out of this mess completely.

“Doc,” he turned to the Doctor,” can I have a serious talk with you?”

“Serious talk? Ok…”

” I mean in your office?”

“Okay..” said the doctor.

So they both treaded back to the doctor’s office.

“Uhm… see…the patient lying down there wanted to commit suicide because of what she tried to do with me against her husband,” said Daniel.

“What did she try to do with you?Please excuse me I need to check a message on my phone,” said the doctor as he pressed on the phone.

“Yes mister… what’s your name again?” Asked the doctor when he was done with his phone.

“Daniel,and you?”

“Iam Dr Sinyiza.Ok.. continue Mr Daniel,”

“Yeah…that woman wanted to force sex with me but I refused because she is married to my best friend.So she put the s*x drugs in my wine but I saw her and I made her drink the wine that was meant for me to prove her denial that she never put the drugs and that’s why she is lying there in comma,” Daniel twisted the story.

“Is that the case? But why are you telling me this?You could have reported to the police…” said Dr Sinyiza.

“Listen,” said Daniel,” when she recovers her normal life she will twist everything that really transpired because she is a woman and the victim….I will transfer a whole K50,000 into your account if you simply end her life right now before she wakes up.”


“Ok..Ok…relax.I will make it K100,000,” said Daniel.

“Is that so?”

“Just like that,Doc.As simple as that,” said Daniel.

The doctor excused himself to check on his phone again and said,” well let’s start by doing the job then you pay me later.”

“Good!You a real man,doc.Do the job.But If you like,I can transfer the advance just now,” said Daniel.

“No no no,I prefer cash to digital money.So let me do the job first.May I have your lines?I will let you know when the Job is done” said the doctor.



Food had just been served nicely at the dining table by Mwaka as Mwewa was taking a bath in Mwaka’s apartment.She had deliberately tricked him into bathing so that she could search for the alleged gun.She searched in his jacket and everywhere he had passed in the apartment but she didn’t find the gun.Mwewa had apparently kept the gun in the car.

“Darling, food is ready,” Mwaka was speaking to Mwewa from the dining room.

“Yeah am almost done!” Replied Mwewa from the bathroom.

Then Mwaka heard Mwewa’s phone vibrate in a sofa where he had left it before going into the shower room.She took the phone and went into her bedroom to pick it.It was Mr Binwell Tembo on the phone.

“What happened to my daughter?” Asked Mr Binwell Tembo as he expected Mwewa on the phone.He keenly wanted to hear from Mwewa about the news he had just heard about Majory this evening.

“Excuse me?” Mwaka’s feminine voice replied.

“Who are you?” Mr Binwell Tembo asked curiously.

“That doesn’t matter.What should I tell my husband that you called to tell him?” Asked Mwaka.

“Can you put your ‘husband’ over the phone please?I really want to talk to him and it’s very urgent,” Mr Binwell applied his manners.

“He is sleeping now and I wouldn’t want to wake him now.He needs the sleep,” she said.

Mr Binwell Tembo silently hung up the call.

“Whatever!” Mwaka made a sarcastic whisper at the disconnection.Just as she tried to walk out of the room, another caller popped up on the phone.Then she thought Mwewa’s phone would be too busy for her to have the moment with him in peace.But it was one of the contacts that had heard the news about Majory and they wished to hear from Mwewa who unfortunately had not yet heard about his wife’s tragedy.
So she switched it off and hid the phone in her closet so that Mwewa would not find it if he insisted to use it.

She now went back to the dining room.Mwewa had just finished taking a bath.She called him to the table to eat,dressed in Mwaka’s pyjamas.

And they sat round the table.

“Wow.The food looks delicious,just like the cook?” Complimented Mwewa.

“I know right,” she said, smiling seductively.

“Can’t wait to eat the cook too,” he whispered seductively.

“The cook is all yours tonight” she replied.

And so they ate together the supper and It was time for bed.Mwaka had decorated her bedroom romantically with a candle lighting environment and Mwewa stamped on petals of red roses down the floor as he entered the room.

“I thought as much,” said Mwewa as he looked around and kissed Mwaka upright,in the middle of the room,” this is so sweet of you.This place looks amazing.”

“Thank you”

“Let me get you a special something in return,” said Mwewa.


“Yeah I brought us a present its in my car ,” said Mwewa.

Mwaka smirked as she watched him leave the room to get the present in his car outside.

She was still smiling when he came back with a bottle of whine and two glass cups he got from the kitchen on his way back.

“Wow, champagne!” She said and hugged him.

“We have to celebrate for the blessing of our twins,” he said and she touched her flat belly proudly.

And he popped the champagne and poured it into the two glasses and shared between themselves.

“Cheers to our twins!” They celebrated.But Mwaka did not take any sip on the glass.She simply excused herself and left the bedroom with the glass in her hand and when she was in the kitchen,she poured the wine away even if she had seen Mwewa drink the same.She had been warned by Daniel and she would be very careful.

But Mwewa had not put anything in the wine.He had something else on his mind and it was not time yet for that something.So when Mwaka returned into the bedroom,he let the night pass without taking his plans into action.They instead had fun and punished the bed the whole night long.They both loved the lust.

In the morning,Mwewa woke up early and cooked breakfast, got the abortion pills in his car and mixed in Mwaka’s drink to surprise her with some breakfast in bed.But she thought this could be a trick too.So she took the breakfast happily and thanked him for being such ‘a sweet darling’.

But then Mwaka put the tray of breakfast aside and pretended to have felt like throwing up.She ran into the bathroom and spent a few minutes there and when she returned,she acted sick.

“Pregs can really haunt you.Just a while ago the breakfast looked delicious but now I feel like puking at the smell of everything!” She whined.

“Are you not gonna eat?” Mwewa felt disappointed already.

“I’ll eat later,” she told him.

“I can’t spend half ~an hour preparing food for my dear wife to be and all she tell me is that her appetite is ~gone!Take atleast the drink,” He had to do this.She ha~ d to take the drink so he could end this drama.But,willfully as Mwewa saw it happen,Mwaka dropped the glass o~ f the drink down the floor.

“Oops!” She said,” I will just get another one.”

This hurt Daniel and he ran out of patience.He remembered of last night when ~she moved out of the room with the glass of champagne without taking a single sip and came back in without the glass,and sensed that she was suspicious.So he decided to~ do it the hard way.

When Mwaka came back with another glass of drink,she sat over the bed and Mwewa was up.

He began,” where is the video?”

Mwaka paused with a frown,” what?why?I told you I lost my phone.”

“You are lying,” he said gently.

“Why would I lie?”

“Because you think blackmailing me is the only way to marry me,” he said.

She laughed,” is it, really?”

“Go and get your phone wherever you are hiding it in this apartment,and delete that Video now!” He commanded solemnly.

“Mwewa,I dont have the phone,” she said and drunk her drink and turned away.

And he removed the gun from his boxers in the pyjamas,” I have two bullets in here.One for myself and another for you if I don’t see you deleting that clip of nonsense in your phone.”

“What?!You came to kill me?” Mwaka said.She still trembled at the sight of the gun.What if Daniel was wrong about the gun?What if it’s loaded?

“Where is your phone?!” He yelled.

“I don’t have it!” She said and shielded herself with her hands, because now he pointed the gun right at her.

“I am pulling this trigger at a count of 5!” He said,”Where Is the video,Mwaka?”

“I swear Its stolen!” She screamed out loud.

“1…2…3…4..” he was counting but she frantically moved in and kicked hard his set of manhood.

He groaned loud and fell down to his knees and nursed his pig with his hands.Mwaka ran out of the room, and locked the door from outside.She took her phone which she had been hiding from Mwewa,somewhere in the kitchen and got out of the entire apartment and locked all the doors from outside, including a small gate to the house and went out.


On the other hand,Dr Sinyiza of the City hospital shook hands with a police detective,and walked him in a hallway of the hospital to his office.

” I called you because I have something that I think will really help with your investigation in Majory Tembo’s case,” said Dr Sinyiza.

“Oh that’s so thoughtful of you doc,” said the detective.

“I recorded a man secretely on my phone in my office last evening,who identified himself as Daniel……” explained Dr Sinyiza.


After waiting for Dr Sinyiza’s call so curiously but in vein,Daniel left his office and went to the City Hospital to find out if the Doctor had killed Majory.

As he approached Dr Sinyiza’s office,he overhead voices from inside:

“Interesting,” said the detective after Dr Sinyiza played the recording of Daniel.

“What do you make of this, detective?” Asked Dr Sinyiza.

“This is enough evidence that Majory Tembo was attacked and this guy is still after her life.I am taking this recording,” said the detective,” let’s see her medical reports”

“Mm…A Date Rape Drug?” Wondered the detective,” but no traces of rape?Ok will figure out this once we get this culprit….we will still need your help doc.Call this guy to meet you and when he comes,inform us asap.”

“Alright,” nodded Dr Sinyiza.

“Alright thank you very much Doc.I really appreciate for your help.You are a great professional that the society needs.I salute you,sir,” said the Detective.

“No problem,” said Doctor Sinyiza as he shook hands with the detective again.

“Ok..I will take my leave now.Mr Binwell Tembo will be glad to hear from the police.He’s been under our nose of late,” said the detective.

“Ok more time, detective,” said the doctor.

Daniel quickly walked out of the City *Hospital and raced down to a shanty compound.He had some thugs there that he hired for his enemies.And he met them to plot against the doctor and* the detective.

Later on,he rushed back to SD Rides.

He bumped into the old man,Mr Binwell Tembo in the doorway.

“You look tense,why?” Asked Mr Binwell Tembo at the sweating Daniel.

“Me?Am ok…am ok ..sir.How are you?”

“Am trying.My daughter is in the hospital,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

“Why?…WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?” He asked thoughtlessly.

“You sound like you have heard the news about her though,” the old man looked Daniel in the eye.

“No..not at all,” he stammered.

“She was drugged close to death obviously by unknown culprit,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

“Really? Oh my God…is she getting better?”

“She woke up from a comma this morning,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

“What?!” Said Daniel confusedly.

Oh yes Mr Binwell Tembo had passed by the hospital earlier this morning and Majory had woken up from the comma.But as the doctor said,she had a loss of her memory about what happened to her.And definitely she had lost the event about the video she was shown by Daniel too.

“What do you mean,’what’?” Wondered Mr Binwell Tembo.

“I…I.. oh…am sorry I heard you wrongly.Thank God she woke up,” he said.

“Where is Mwewa?” Asked Mr Binwell Tembo.

“I don’t know sir,he hasn’t reported for work,sir,”

“And his phone is off.I passed by his house this morning he was not there and his house boy told me that he did not spend the night there, either” added Mr Binwell Tembo,” what’s going on?”

“I really don’t know,sir.I have been trying to call him too..” said Daniel.

” Anyway…We are supposed to have a board meeting at 2pm and he is not supposed to be absent.When you see him send him to my office,” ordered Mr Binwell Tembo.

“Ok sir,”

Mr Binwell Tembo walked to his office and Daniel entered his own.He was in great panick.He kept walking from end to end in the office.

That bastard doctor played me! Now he must pay together with the detective.He kept thinking.

His phone rang and Mwaka was calling.

“What?” He answered.

“Hey,you sound rude,” said Mwaka.

“Where is Mwewa?” Asked Daniel.

“I locked him up in my house after he tried to threaten me with a gun,” she said.

“What about his phone?It’s been off,” said Daniel.

“I hid it somewhere in the house and it’s off,” he said.

“So what do you want?” he asked.

“I know you have thugs that work for you.Send them to my house am kidnapping Mwewa away from his wife and he must marry me!Then you will go to his wife and tell him that he has been planning to run away with me or something!” she said.

“Ok,so where are you now?”

“Am somewhere at a friend’s place,”

“Ok stay right there until I send my guys” said Daniel.

“Ok,” she said.

“Good,” said Daniel.


You have just made my job easier dear Mwaka.Now let the game begin! Thought Daniel with a grin on his face.

As directed by the detective,Dr Sinyiza called Daniel.

“Hello,am I talking to Mr Daniel?”

“Yes yes please,who is this?”

“It’s Dr Sinyiza”

“Oh doc! How are you?”

“Am fine thank you,”

“I guess the job is done?” Daniel pretended.

“Yes,Majory Tembo is dead,” Dr Sinyiza lied.

“Great job doc.Meet me at my plot site,its down the alley behind the City Hospital,opposite the network tower.Come and get your money right away,” said Daniel.

“Can’t you come to my office?”

“No doc,I don’t want anyone to be suspicious” said Daniel.

“Ok let me come there right away,” said Dr Sinyiza.

“Good,” said Daniel.

So the Doctor called the detective and told him about the meet up.

“Am coming down there right away.Make sure you hold him there with some conversation so I can find and arrest him,” said the detective.

Dr Sinyiza got to the plot site he was directed via the phone and some guy walked up to him and greeted him.

“You must be the doctor my boss is expecting,” said the guy.

“Yes,where is he?”

“He is in there!” The guy gestured towards an incomplete building and told the doc to follow him.But the doctor hesitated and told the guy that he preferred to see his boss out here.

At that point,the guy removed a pistol and pointed it to his heard and ordered,” let’s go in now!”

Trembling and begging for his life,the doctor walked into the incomplete building.Daniel was not in there.Actually Daniel had been communicating with Dr Sinyiza from his office at SD Rides all the while.There was only another guy with a gun in his hand in the incomplete building.

“Call the detective and tell him that you are with Daniel in here” ordered the guy.

“Please… what’s going on?”

“Do it!”


As soon as the detective arrived at the site,a gun was pointed to his head too from behind by another guy who now removed the detective’s gun from his gunporch and took it.

“Where is the recording?” Asked the guy.

The detective removed his phone and gave it to the guy.As soon as the guy collected the phone,he pulled the trigger and shot the detective in the head and walked into the incomplete building.

Then the other guy who was manhandling Dr Sinyiza in the building, took a step backwards and hit two bullets into Dr Sinyiza’s chest and he dropped dead too.He then searched Dr Sinyiza’s pockets and got his phone and vacated the plot site.

To be continued…….


“We are done,they are both dead,” reported a thug over the phone.

Daniel grinned as he pulled back his office chair and said,” good,now go and fetch this guy in the pictures am sending you at the same residence I gave you the address.Take him away and kill him too.And make sure you leave no traces of him.Burry him!”

“Count it done,” assured the thug.

“I trust you guys,” said Daniel.

As Daniel hung up the call,he walked to a picture frame that could reflect his image and stood in front of it.He saw beyond the picture that he looked a weird and different being for a moment.It was as if he had completely lost his conscience and he was going astray like a mad stray dog.He had never killed before.Except for sending the thugs to beat up his enemies he made at the drinking club.

He opened his mouth and looked at his gap between the upper teeth and said,”like I got my tooth knocked out for my pretty Majo,and I will never have it back,so will Mwewa get knocked out of your life,Majo.Iam never giving up on you now.I will make sure you keep loosing your memory so that you can start a new life with me.”

He turned away from the picture frame and said,” but first let this little game of mine finish!”


Mwaka got back home hoping to find Daniel’s thugs guarding up the place as agreed,but there was nobody!The locks to her apartment doors were broken and the doors were open.And there was a trail of blood by the front door.She ran to the closet and found Mwewa’s phone and everything else in the apartment intact though scattered, except the gun Mwewa had.The apartment was messed like there had been a fight.

Did he break out?She asked herself.She had to call Daniel.

“Hello” Daniel answered.

“Where are your guys?They should be here as you promised!” Asked Mwaka.

“Oh yeah they came there but did not find Mwewa.The bastard broke out of your apartment before they could find him.” Said Daniel.

“Dan,this place looks like there was a fight.There’s blood stains and everything is not in order,” said Mwaka ,panting.

“He might have hurt himself while trying to break the doors,” said Daniel.

“Ok…but where is he?Is he at the office?” Asked Mwaka.

“No he’s not.I don’t know where he is,” replied Daniel.

“Am I not in trouble for locking him up?Cause this blood is horrific!If it’s his then he is badly hurt.Aah am confused…I can’t find his gun too…maybe your boys came and had a fight with him?” said Mwaka.

“Calm down Mwaka,okay!My boys never had a fight with anyone.They came and didn’t find Mwewa.Whatever happened there will find out soon,okay?” Said Daniel.

“Ok…please don’t let him hurt or hate me,you know I love him.I just want us to be together with him and this child am carrying for him.I don’t want a mess like this…oh my God,” said Mwaka,in an emotionally depressed tone.

“Yeah..I will..I will talk to him when he shows up,” Said Daniel.


“Please where am I?” Mwewa woke up in a very strange building of ages,tied against a pillar.He felt so stiff and his whole body ached and blood oozed from his nostril and from a cut on his forehead.He had been knocked out unconscious by Daniel’s thugs at Mwaka’s apartment,a few hours ago.

“You made it so hard for us to drag you out of that apartment and that’s what has kept you alive up to now.You don’t cooperate!” One of the same thugs who,with his colleague standing by his side now, had killed Dr Sinyiza and the police detective,was talking.

“If you are a religious man,we can let you say a prayer before you die here!” Said the thug.

Mwewa weakly looked up the thug in his scar face and said,” why do you have to kill me?What have I done?I have never had enemies in my entire life.”

The thug knelt before Mwewa gave an evil smile, ignoring his lamenting,he chinned Mwewa up with his pistol and said,” do you wish to say a prayer or you wish to walk a rough road to your grave?”

“Who sent you?” Mwewa asked as he hea

The thug stood up and stepped backwards and pointed the gun right at Mwewa,”you ask too many questions!But if you must find whom to haunt after a shot,ask the dead they’ll guide you .Now close your eyes!”

“Please!!” Mwewa said.

“Close your eyes,I said!” Shouted the thug.

He was about to pull the trigger when a mixed voices of a crowd approached.Some among the voices were singing religious songs.Perhaps they were coming for a burial because here it was a grave site.So the thug had his hand that held the gun put away by the other.

“Iwe you said this old cemetery house was too old and isolated but what are those people coming to do?” The thug whispered in another’s ear.

“Aah..we both know this is an old and locked down cemetery.I now think it has been re-opened.”

“So what do we do now?”

“You know you can’t fire a bullet.It will be noisy and people might get our faces on our way out.We dont know who’s out there.So let’s wait here for a while.”

“Wait here?My guy just seal this guy’s mouth so he won’t shout for help and let’s leave him here for sometime. Let’s leave this place before we get caught.We will come back later to finish him.”


“Where is Mr Mwewa Mulusa?” Mr Binwell Tembo asked the audience in the conference room.

Everyone looked at each other and seemingly nobody knew except for Daniel who sat in his conference chair with his face down.
“Daniel?” Mr Binwell Tembo got his attention.

“Yes…yes ..sir?” Daniel stammered up.

“You seem out of place..” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

“No sir…I mean..yes sir..”

“What’s bothering you?”

“Nothing sir,just that I have a lot to digest on my mind,”

“Okay.But we need your attention in here” said Mr Binwell Tembo and continued,” where is your colleague,Mr Mulusa?Has he not reported yet?”

“No he hasn’t reported for work,sir” said Daniel.

“Well ladies and gentlemen,this meeting cannot continue without the presence of Mr Mwewa Mulusa as he is the course of purpose for this meeting.Until he comes,we shall not proceed.Thank you.” Said the chairman,the Director Mr Binwell Tembo.

So everyone got back to their respective offices.But Daniel remained and wished to talk with Mr Binwell Tembo.

“Sir,am worried,” said Daniel.

“About what?” Asked Mr Binwell Tembo.

“About Mwewa,” said Daniel.

“ too.But where could he be with his phones off?”

“Sir, correct me if am mistaken.But let’s think about this: Mrs Majory Mulusa,his wife got drugged and dumped away probably from home, and the following day Mwewa is nowhere to be seen.I think he had a serious fight with Mrs Majory Mulusa and he might be on the run after hearing the news that his wife did not die.”

Mr Binwell Tembo thought calmly and pulled a chair to sit and listen.He gestured for Daniel to sit too.

“I know you and Mwewa are friends,” began Mr Binwell Tembo,” is there something you know about his marital relationship with my daughter that I need to know of?I mean are there been some disputes between them ?”

“I wouldn’t say they quarrel,” Daniel was saying,” but…in any marriage two people are likely to quarrel..and….Mwewa is an unpredictable type of guy…”

” I don’t understand,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

“I mean Mwewa can do the unexpected,” said Daniel,” I Know he is my friend but at times I doubt him because of his deceitful character.”

“Deceitful character?Please get straight to the point”

“Sir,Mwewa cheats on his wife and as iam speaking,there is a girl carrying his child.”

“What?Are you sure of what you are saying?”

“I know the girl sir.And I think his wife found out about her and then ,maybe some fight broke and maybe…am saying maybe he tried to do something to his wife__with or without intentions to kill her___ so that you wouldn’t find out that he has been hurting your daughter and stop him from becoming the new Director…. because Mrs Mulusa got drugged the yesterday and today you are supposed to crown him as the new MD.”

“How did you know am making him the new Director?”

“He told me ,” said Daniel.

“Well, thank you for your information.If he doesn’t show up tomorrow morning,I will call the police to launch a manhunt on him if indeed he is missing,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

Daniel remained alone in the conference room as Mr Binwell Tembo walked out.

He smiled at himself and thought,” tommorow morning? Am sure Mwewa is dead and burried by now?And there will be no traces of him forever!”

To be continued……


“Rest in peace in advance,my dear old friend Mwewa!” Daniel whispered out loud in his office and made an evil grin on his face.

His phone rang and it was the hired assassins calling.

“Is he dead and buried?” Asked Daniel.

“Just as you ordered,boss” replied one of the assassins.

“I hope the job is clean.We don’t want the cops coming after our ass!” Said Daniel.

“The ‘west kids’ are smart hustlers boss.We leave no traces behind….” Boasted the assassin.

“How can I believe that?” Asked Daniel.

“After killing the last target(Mwewa),we took his wallet and took it to where we had killed the doc and the detective and put it over their corpses.If the police find the corpses,they will surely find the wallet which has the evidence they need…his passport photos,a driver’s license and his business card.But they will search everywhere and won’t find Mwewa because he is dead and buried.”

“Good!Smart boys,” Daniel said,” Iam transfering the money into your account now and I will add an extra amount.”

“Thank you sir,”

“I will see you soon my boys!” Said Daniel and hung up the phone.

He smilingly hit a fist in the air and said,” Rest in peace my dear old friend!”

A staff knocked on his door and Daniel let her in.She informed him that Mr Binwell Tembo wanted to see him in his office and he hurried there.

“I tried to call the detective who has been investigating my daughter’s case and the news is that he has been found dead in the same place with a doc who,again,has been treating my daughter.And just a few minutes ago,some CID officers came in wanting Mwewa.They say the have some evidence linking Mwewa to the death of the two men.Do you believe he could cause such tragedy?Such evil acts?!” Mr. Binwell Appeared very horrified.

“I said it!I told you Mwewa is such an unpredictable fellow!I don’t trust that guy and I can’t doubt he is the suspect.Why would the police have evidence against him, that is linked to the death of the people that are both linked to the case of Madam Majory Tembo?”

“Now,” Mr Binwell Tembo leaned forward,” I want you to give the police the best information you have that can lead to the arrest of Mwewa. Tell the police everything you know about your friend including his pregnant mistress you told me about.She might know where he is hiding.He is becoming a big threat to my only daughter.
It’s hard to believe that such a gentle young man and why he could do all the mentioned crimes,but let’s help the police and ourselves to understand why these all crimes are done by Mwewa who has suddenly gone into hiding.”

“Mwewa is a great pretender sir.I wonder why he is so ungrateful after all he has.I mean,he has a beautiful wife,and a very generous father like you!” Daniel said.

“It’s alright,just help the police get Mwewa” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

“Sure sir,I will try to help.” Said Daniel.

“You may go,” said Mr Binwell Tembo.

Daniel left the Director’s office chanting inside of him,” Dan the don of achievements!”

After work,Daniel drove down to Mwaka’s place.He found her mopping her apartment.

“I just wiped out the blood stains.You could have seen how horrible it was. Join us on our telegram page for more intriguing stories through ohene ome on+233544142683. I went out this afternoon trying to find Mwewa but to no aveil.I think something really bad happened to Mwewa,” said Mwaka while mopping.

“Mwewa is on the run from some crimes you won’t believe!” Said Daniel.

Mwaka paused mopping,”what?”

“Yes.He tried to kill his wife so that he could marry you after inheriting his ~wife’s wealth.But she didn’t die.The police came looking for him and somehow he managed to flee and later killed a detective who was hunting for him,and a doctor who was treating his wife from a deadly dr~ ug he forced her to ingest.The police now have evidence supporting the fact that he killed the detective and a doctor.”

“What?!No..No.That can’t be! Don’t Tell me he is behind the deaths near the City Hospital that I just heard about!”

“But it is what it is.The police are looking for him and am sure he is even heading out of the country cause the news is everywhere.”

“You mean the father of my unborn child,can be such a criminal?Please tell me it’s a lie!” Mwaka broke into tears.

“Am sorry,I didn’t see this coming.I mean I never thought my friend could commit such crimes.But I ever wanted to bring you guys together according to the palms you and I made.Am sorry.”

Mwaka was crying.

On the other hand,the two thugs were sharing the money Daniel had sent to them while drinking and smoking in roughly built house in a shanty area.

“We must go back to the cemetery and kill that guy.If Boss Dan finds out we got his money before doing the job,we will loose his trust.” One of the assassins was saying.

“Yes you right,we will go at night and finish this,” Agreed the other one,” we don’t want any obstructions again”


The old cemetery had a path to some nearby hills where most religious groups camped for prayers,and this melodic group was one of them.They had passed to reach the hills.

Mwewa had heard them sing but he couldn’t scream for help as his mouth had been sealed with a piece of cloth from his ripped and blood stained shirt,by the thugs before they fled out of the place.He could only groan while trying to pull out of the knots that he was tied up against the pillar.But all his efforts were to no avail.The people passed and their voices faded away up to the hillls.

Before evening,the religious group had set up a camp by the hills just a kilometer away from the locked down cemetery and the old cemetery house.Its leaders had ordered everyone to go in search of firewood in readiness for the approaching sunset.

“Stop it, someone might catch us,” whispered a young lady as a young man fondled and kissed with her.

“I can’t help it, let’s go down to that old cemetery house and finish this.Nobody can see us there,” suggested the young man.

“A cemetery house?Are you crazy? That’s a land of the dead for Christ sake!” The lady slapped the man playfully.

“The dead knows nothing,Eclessiates 9:5,” joked the guy.

” You are mad.The prayers will start soon and we don’t want the members to find out that we have paired off,they will definitely suspect,” worried the lady.

“Come on, we won’t take long,” said the guy with his impatient heavy breaths.

The guy peeped in all directions and said,” I hope you came with condoms”

The guy smiled,” why would I forget?Come on let’s go”

To be continued……..

The guy pulled the girl by hand and went down the hills until they reached the old house by the cemetery.They hid themselves in one of the dark corners of the cracked up building and started kissing and cuddling again.

The young man was too quick on this as he ran his hands all over the girl’s body,and so the girl responded.And they both panted noisily and clicked their lips loudly that they woke up Mwewa who had been drowsy due to the body aches or fatigue.

Mwewa turned up his head slowly and set his face in the direction the girl’s soft mourns were coming,and saw the youths going at it a bit roughly.He was in the centre of the room with his chest and arms tied up against the pillar and he faced with the young man’s back who was thrusting his waist in and out between the girl’s thighs in a missionary position.

Mwewa could not wait for them to finish so he started groaning for help as loud as he could.He groaned and groaned but for a moment,the couple did not seem to pay attention.So he began to hit his foot hard on the floor while still groaning.

The girl finally heard the groans and the stamping sounds Mwewa made and popped her head out over the shoulder of the busy guy and saw Mwewa struggling between the knots.

She frantically tried to push the guy off her but he was getting at the peak of his job and he gripped her hard and hissed.

“Am almost there,” he said.

“No baby,look,” the young lady tried to gesture at Mwewa.But the young man did not look.

“Am cumming!” He said.

“No!Look behind you!”

At that, the guy tilted his head and looked behind and got what his girlfriend had meant.He saw Mwewa tied up and his mouth sealed with a piece of cloth that the thugs had earlier ripped off his blood stained shirt.

They both got a bit frightened but the young man had to show off his fearlessness.He quickly pulled up his trousers and fastened up,and paced torwards Mwewa carefully and slowly.Glancing around to see if there were other people,the guy removed the piece of cloth off Mwewa’s mouth.

“Please help me!” Mwewa said.

“Who are you and how did you get in here?” Asked the guy keenly.

“Please untie me first,some criminals kidnapped me,” he said.

The young lady was very scared as she pulled down her dress and unfolded her pants.

“James it’s getting dark,” she reminded the guy who was now untying Mwewa.

“Relax Norah,we’ve got to help this man we can’t leave him like this,” said James.

“Then hurry up,they are two men coming!” She alerted.

“What?” James almost gave up but he was halfway done untying,and Mwewa picked up from there.He loosened up himself completely.

“Let’s jump from that window,” Norah suggested, pointing at an unframed window opening of the building.

“Those must be the kidnappers,” whispered Mwewa.

“Come on let’s go,” James pulled Norah and made her to jump out first.Himself next.He then stretched his arms to support Mwewa who was weak to do the jumping quickly.

By the time the hired assassins entered the building,Mwewa had escaped with the two youths and they had heeded towards the hills.

“What!How did he escape?” The thugs got astonished.

“Man,we are in trouble!” Said a thug.

“We must find him and kill him as soon as possible” said another.


“We are taking you to our church prayers camp it’s safe up there,” said James.

“Thank you,but please,help me,I need to make a phone call.I need to call my wife” asked Mwewa.

James removed his phone,” say the numbers.”

Mwewa said out Majory’s phone numbers which were the only contact he correctly had on his mind.But Majory’s phone was unreachable for Daniel had recently crushed and flashed it away.

“Alright,try to call my line I left it at a friend’s house….09…..,” said Mwewa but Mwaka had kept his phone off since.

“Oh no…okay..okay…just call the police,” said Mwewa,” my kidnappers must be searching for me now.”

James called the police.He then put Mwewa on the phone and he personally spoke with the police.The police advised that he should stay up the hills with the said church members and they would be there soon.

So James and Norah led Mwewa up the hills and introduced him to the rest of the church members.They all glorified God and the prayers soon began as it was already dark.They all surrounded a big flame of fire, jumping up and down in tongues.But Mwewa was too weak and hungry to join them,so he sat down leaning his back against a rock, watching the prayer warriors and hoping for the police to show up.

Later on James received a call from the police that complained about having not enough fuel to reach,and to give them proper directions up the hills anyway.But his battery drained out and his phone went off.Norah offered her phone but their pastor walked up to them and did not seem to like the disturbance they were making.

“It won’t be easy giving directions to the police up here, let’s just wait for the morning to come my brother.God will keep you safe with all of us here,trust on God,” said the pastor who had just overheard James talking with Mwewa.

Mwewa wanted to mention about the kidnappers being armed and too dangerous but he thought it was not worth it.He would just stay here for the night.

And the police never came.

In the morning,the church members had to set off their camp and head back to their respective homes.The pastor suggested that Mwewa went to the pastor’s house to freshen up first before they could go to the police station to report.James and Norah would go there too as they would be needed as witnesses.So they all went to the pastor’s house.

But as James and Norah sat by the dining table, waiting for Mwewa who was now taking a bath,Norah was browsing on her phone and saw Mwewa’s pics all over the internet.

“Hey,James look at this,” she whispered,”POLICE LAUNCHES A MANHUNT AGAINST THE SUSPECT AND SD RIDES GM,MWEWA MULUSA FOLLOWING THE MURDER OF THE DETECTIVE AND THE DOCTOR” Norah read out one of the posts on social media.

“What?So he is the criminal behind those two murders by the City Hospital area?” James fussed.

“But why was he kidnapped and tied up in there?” Asked Norah.

James thought through,” I think we should ask him about this.”

So when Mwewa was done bathing,the two youths showed him the posts including one on a trusted news website that the police had found his IDs over the two corpses.

“Oh my God!Am being framed up!Those kidnappers took my wallet which contained my IDs and used it to frame me! Now I know why I was kidnapped.Trust me,I don’t know anything about those mentioned crimes,” said Mwewa.

“But sir…,” Norah said,” the story in this post is that: you killed the detective because he was investigating a case where you attempted manslaughter on your hospitalized wife and the doctor for unknown reasons,maybe because he was treating your wife?”

“Treating my wife?What happened to my wife?” Mwewa got confused.

“Just about two days ago we heard the news about your wife being drugged almost to death and dumped somewhere in the bushes and she was discovered by some footballers who were playing football near the bushes,” James said.

“What?Is this a dream?” Mwewa felt like he was loosing his mind for a minute.”Who is my enemy trying to ditch me down?”

A few minutes later,the pastor who had been outside the house came in with some police officers.The fact was that,the pastor knew about the manhunt against Mwewa and he had secretly called the police when he was at the hills and assured them not to worry as the ‘culprit’ was in his hands and that he would hand him over to them.

“……..Mr Mwewa Mulusa,we are taking you at the police station for questioning please cooperate,”said a police officer.


“You idiots! You lied!You lied that Mwewa was killed!How could you!” Daniel woke up to the news this morning that Mwewa had been found and arrested by the police.He called the hired assassins immediately.

“We are sorry,boss” the thugs said on phone.

“You are sorry?!Don’t Tell me crap! Return my money or I will come after your lives!”

“Take it easy,boss,” said the assassin, calmly.

“I said don’t tell me crap you idiot! Am coming down there right away.We must plan something to get out of this mess.I must find you!” He shouted.


“Better, because if I go down because of your negligence and unprofessionalism in your business,I swear!You are going down with me!” Warned Daniel and hung up on the assassins.

But on the other side,the thugs the phone and one said,” if he goes down,he will definitely bring the cops after us”

“He is stupid!” Exclaimed the other assassin,” he thinks we can go down with us?”

They both laughed,” let’s get out of the city.”

To be continued……


Daniel raced his car down the shanty compound and tried to call the thugs but they were unreachable.He had been blocked from calling them,and they had fled out of the City.

Daniel kicked a tire of his car in anger and shouted,”damn!”

He stood with his arms over the roof of the car thinking,” I need Mwaka dead before the police goes after her for questioning over the kidnapping of Mwewa.Its Obvious Mwewa will make statements about how he was kidnapped from Mwaka’s apartment after he was locked up.And if Mwaka learns about the two thugs having kidnapped Mwewa,she will know it’s my boys(the thugs) and she will definitely have me down in it as she is a potential suspect over the kidnapping.I have to get her down real quick!”

Daniel was right,Mwewa had already made statements at the police station about how he was kidnapped from his Mistress’s(Mwaka’s) apartment after she locked him up,left the apartment and never returned.And about how he was kidnapped by the two hired assassins.

The police had already filed Mwaka as a suspect and they would soon get down on her for questioning.

Majory had just been discharged from the City Hospital and she was in a back seat with her father as Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver rolled them up to their family house.She was a target Daniel had to be planning to get rid of instead of Mwaka, because her memory had been fully regained.

“Where is my husband,” Majory asked her father.

“I will tell you later about your husband.But for now,I need you to get home and have a rest my child.”

“Why are you not taking me to my matrimonial home?”

“Honey,” Mr Binwell Tembo put an arm around her shoulder, “you need to be around your father so you can regain your memory and tell your father what happened to you?”

“I can remember everything!” She said.

Mr Binwell Tembo looked into her eyes and saw that she meant it.” Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Can you tell your father what happened to his pretty daughter?” Said Mr Binwell Tembo.

“I think Daniel drugged me,” she said.

“Which Daniel?” Asked Mr Binwell Tembo anxiously.

“Your Branch Manager,” said Majory.

“Daniel?How?I mean…where and why?” Asked Mr Binwell Tembo and gently held Majory’s hand.

She told him all that happened from the time she fainted at the Restaurant,to the time Daniel took her to his house and prepared a glass of wine for her to drink.But she hid about the Video Daniel had shown her that made her faint.She didn’t want her father to know about it.She still respected her husband and she felt to keep it to herself.So she lied that she had not been feeling too well before she fainted.

“So why do you think he had to drug you?”Asked Mr Binwell Tembo.

“I don’t know.Daniel has been making advances on me since his university days with Mwewa and he doesn’t like the fact that I married his friend,” Majory disclosed.

“What a devil that young man can be!” Mr Binwell Tembo felt extremely disappointed, ” so he tried to kill my only daughter and trashed her ?I swear I will make him pay!”

Daniel pulled outside Mwaka’s house later that day,in the evening.He called her to come out of the house and joined him in the car.She found him sipping on a whisky bottle and he looked a bit drunk.
“Any news about Mwewa?” She asked curiously.

He ignored her question,smiled and handed the whisky bottle to Mwaka,” drink this.You need to forget your troubles.”

“You look weird,” Mwaka observed.

“Drink it” he persisted.

“I don’t drink whiskey” she told him.

“Oh… let’s go to my house then I have different types of wine there.”

“No thanks.Tell me why you called me”

“I know where Mwewa is,” he said.

“Are you sure?Is he safe?”

“Oh yes my friend is safe!”

“Is he angry with me?”

“No I told you that he loves you more than his wife”

“Well can I see him?”

“Yes you will see him.He is hiding out there, waiting for me to take you where he is so he can flee out of this country with you,away from his wife.I will miss you!”

“Are you serious?” Mwaka smiled.This sounded like success to her.Her dream was to marry Mwewa.Poor her.She didn’t know a thing about the dirty and deadly game Daniel had been playing all along!

“Am damn serious,Mwaka.But I will take you there on one condition!”

“What condition?”

“Come with me to my house and have some fun!” He said and tapped his finger on her cheek,” I want to have a taste of you!”

“No,I can’t” she snapped away.

“It’s just s*x…or you don’t want to with Mwewa?”

“You know I love Mwewa and I would do anything just to be with him.But am not gonna allow you take advantage of me because of that fact!” She told him.

“Well,I will tell him you are not willing to flee to south africa with him…”

“And why do I feel like you are lying?”

Daniel thought this was taking too long,he had to grab her and just kill her right there in the car.So he frantically and swiftly gripped her neck so hard with both hands and tried to strangle her to death.But she managed to reach her hand over his ‘piggery’ in the trousers and pinched it as hard as she could.He gave up on her neck and she pushed him and opened the door and jumped out of the car.He followed and gave her a chase.

She tried to run across the road but he caught her and kicked her hard in her pregnancy that she fell to the ground and groaned with her mouth wide open with her right hand over her belly.She tried to crawl but he stopped her by kicking her harder and harder.

To Mwaka’s rescue was a CIDs car that braked before the scene.Mwewa had come with the CID for Mwaka’s arrest for interrogations in relation to his kidnapping.

“Freeze!”” Shouted the CID.

Daniel who was now trying to escape and almost got to open the door to his car, froze by putting his hands up.


“Don’t move an inch!” Warned the CID officer as Daniel froze his arms up in the air.

Mwewa only wondered why this scene could be, involving his mistress and Daniel in a gravious beating.He could have asked Daniel about this if he had a chance that evening,but he was in handcuffs,guarded by a police officer in the backseat of the police car.

The officer leaned Daniel hard against his own car and handcuffed him.Daniel panted and trembled profoundly,and sweat dripped allover his body.The CID officer then called for back up from his fellows who arrived with a police vehicle and picked up Daniel.

An ambulance was called too for Mwaka who laid down on the ground, groaning and screaming in pain as she bled from her womanhood.She was soon taken to the hospital where a doctor signed that she had sustained a miscarriage from the beating.She got admitted under police watch and she would be discharged in a week’s time,to face the police over the Kidnapping of Mwewa from her apartment.

Daniel was locked up in a different cell from Mwewa’s as they both awaited interrogations the following day.Daniel would probably be facing charges of assault and interrogations on what had led to the fight with a suspect(meals) of the Kidnapping.

Mwewa would be attending more interrogations too,the following day.Especially on how his documents were found at the murder scene.

But by the way,the two thugs that worked for Daniel,had recently passed by a street in town and sold the two mobile phones they had taken from the detective and the doctor after the killings,and before they fled out of the City.

So the day after the night Daniel was arrested,the police traced the two smart phones and had just caught a young street hustler in possession of the same.So the young man was first to attend interrogations.

“Where did you buy the smart phones,and who sold them to you?” Asked a detective.

“I bought on the street from some men,” said the young man.

“Where do we find those men?”

“I don’t know, bwana.But after the transaction on the street,the two men asked if I knew anyone whom they could hire to privately drive them out of town and I took them to a friend who is in transportation business.He can be the best person to lead you where those men could be,” stated the young street dealer.

“Interesting,” said the detective,” so take us to this friend of yours.”

“Yes bwana”

And that’s how the police managed to track down the two assassins, through their hired driver,a while ago.They found the two criminals in possession of two unlicensed pistols,and one legalized and clean unloaded pistol that they robbed from Mwewa.

Mwewa stood behind bars when the police led the two assassins past him.They were heading to Daniel’s cell.Mwewa recognized their faces and screamed,” you! I know you! Officer those are the same idiots that kidnapped me!”

The two assassins glanced at Mwewa and recognized him too but looked away as the police officers who were leading them in continued their way.On their way back in the hallway,the police officers told Mwewa to report to the detective during the questioning period.

Mwewa felt at peace after a long night of anxiety in the cell.He deliberately couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his two ‘kidnapers’.He was like,” this is a good sign!.”


Daniel was sitting in his cell with his troubled head down with his fists under his chin, thinking of the hell he was going through now.Then bang!The police officers opened the heavily grilled door to his cell and his fellow conspirators in crime were being ushered into the same cell he was!

But there was another criminal called Mubita in the same cell who stood up to welcome Daniel’s fellows.This was an armed robber who hid his criminal profession in the bus driving business.He had at several occasions worked with the two assassins.

“The west kids!” Mubita smilingly hit hands with the assassins.The ‘West Kids’ were the criminals’ ghetto gang name.The west kids greeted back dismayed when they saw Daniel who stood up slowly, greatly surprised that they were in the same cell!

“You?” Daniel said.

“Boss,” they still called him.

“What happened?” Daniel asked with curiosity and anger.

The west kids told him how the driver who was to drive them away landed them in the arms of the cops.They told him about the cellphones and guns too.

“Whatever! Where’s my money?You never worked as expected!” Daniel was whispering at the west kids furiously.

“Boss,relax” they told him,calmly.

“I thought you guys were professionals.Look at us now!You are both useless!” Said Daniel.

The west kids remained silent as Daniel continued to lamentably underate the assassins for sweeping them into this mess they were all in now.

Mubita listened and tried to connect what the discussion ~was about and asked what had happened and the west kids told him a part or two of their crimes but never mentioned about the mur~ ders.

“Men,you are never coming back home!” Concluded Mubita and teased them to greet some of the people he knew from prison when they got there.

“What about you?Are we ~not going together to prison?” Asked the west kids.

“Am here for a simple case.I hit somebody with a bus and luckily he wasn’t badly hurt.My boss is coming to bail me out today,” said Mubita.~

Daniel overheard as Mubita chatted with the west kids.And following their conversation,Daniel interrupted:

“What do you do for a living?” Asked Daniel.

Mubita answered,” I am a bus driver,why do you ask?”

“Meaning you work for someone as a bus driver?”

Mubita nodded,”uh-huh?”

“What’s your monthly income?” Daniel asked.

“Just get to your point,” said Mubita solemnly.

“Okay…..okay,” Daniel said,” I have a job for you that can pay you an annual income in just a day!”

Mubita snickered,” what job?”

“Good,” Daniel got even closer to Mubita’s ears,” ~you and these two here(the west kids) can get me out of here and I can pay you handsomely for it.All you have to do is follow my plan.”
One of the west kids said,” whatever your plans are,it’s too late for them.The man we kidnapped saw us and recognized us on our way in here just a while ago”

“He saw you?” ~Daniel said to the west kids,” ok…you have made so many mistakes in this which has landed you here.But listen to me, don’t ever make anymore mistakes.Follow my orders if you want the way out of prison.”~

“Way out of prison? How’s that Even possible we have got the most revealing evidence against us right on the police desks.The guns, cellphones and the person we kidnapped”

“Listen,” said Daniel,” I know you are not escaping this now.But I can get you guys out of prison later after my freedom.With the help of Mubita,I can get out of here as iam here only for assault.I have the money and I have the right answers to every question the police will ask.With money everything is possible.I will get you out of prison when am out but for now, let Mubita help us.”

“Help you how?” Asked Mubita.

To be continued


“Help you how?” Mubita asked attentively.

Daniel gazed around and said out all he had plotted and they all listened attentively.To Mubita he gave assignments or a mission,and to the two assassins,what to tell both the police and the court.

“Once you all stick to this without fail,you all will be paid handsomely as soon as I get out of here,” Daniel concluded.

Mubita thought a moment and asked,” how much are we talking about here?”

“You name it,” Daniel pledged.

“This will cost you your house,” Mubita said.

“I own three big houses,I will give you directions to go and check on them to help you choose which one you like,” said Daniel.

“But,” said Mubita,” I will keep the girl alive until you come out of here and officially handle over the selected house to me.”

“Deal,” said Daniel.”But be very careful,she must not escape.”

“Deal,” said Mubita.


Majory had now heard the news about the killing of the doctor who had been treating her when she was in comma and of the detective who’d been investigating her case.And also about the detention of her husband,Mwewa as the suspect of the murders.

She perplexedly stood in a balcony of her father’s house with a coffee mug in both her hands,putting her mind to task so she could figure out what had been going on since the day Daniel took her to his house for a nap.Everything just seemed as a dream to her.A nightmare.How in the world did all this happen around me just after Daniel showed that video of my cheating husband? She recalled and asked herself.

Mr Binwell Tembo walked slowly into the balcony, behind her,” good evening darling.”

She cut her thoughts and looked behind and found her father.”Hey Dad, welcome back.How’s work?”

“Oh dear…Mwewa and Daniel’s absence at the company has incoviniently affected work,” replied Mr Binwell Tembo.

“Even Daniel was absent today?” Majory did not hear about Daniel’s detention until now.Her father just told her.

“I know Daniel has the biggest hand in these crimes.Why did they arrest him too?” Asked Majory keenly.

Mr Binwell Tembo took her by her shoulder with his arm and led her to a rest room of the house,and sat her in a couch.He sat right next to her.

“Am sorry I didn’t want to tell you,” began Mr Binwell Tembo,” when you asked about your husband,Mwewa.I know now you know your husband is the cell as a suspect of the murders cases.I did want your early knowledge of such a breaking news as I considered your state.I need you to heal from the disturbing trauma,my love.But you see,your husband has been cheating on you with this young lady Daniel told me about.”

“I know he’s been cheating,” she said trying to beat her emotions .

“You do?”

“Daniel told me too,” she said.

“I see..” said Mr Binwell Tembo,”yes…so Daniel was involved in a fight with the same young lady and he assaulted her.”
“What caused the fight?” Mwaka got even more buffled.

“Am yet to find out from the police” said Mr Binwell Tembo.”But do you think your husband could have committed such crimes?The murders?”

Majory answered,”my husband could have been cheating on me.But I know he can’t kill anybody.Its a frame against him.I feel Daniel is the psycho behind all this.”

“What makes you think so?”

Majory did not answer.Her father sensed she needed a little time off this topic.And so he tapped her shoulder and encouraged her not worry so much about her husband.That he would be vindicated if indeed he was innocent.

Deep inside her,Majory felt Daniel could be behind all that had happened after she passed out in his house and later found herself in the hospital.She had recalled vividly how she was served the glass of wine by Daniel.She knew now there was something wrong about that glass of wine. Join our telegram and WhatsApp page for more stories through kwaku ome on+233544142683. if there’s really something wrong about the wine,only Daniel could have deliberately toxicated it.So who could have dumped her into the bushes if not Daniel who was there with her,and whom she surely knew was too obsessed with her to do anything?


“Why were you beating up Mwaka that evening?” The interogater calmly asked Daniel in the interogation room as he uncuffed his hands gently.

“I went to seek answers over the disappearance of my best friend and colleague, Mwewa Mulusa.Mwaka recently had been *blackmailing Mwewa with a nude video which she recorded with him.She threatened my best friend that she would release the shaming video to social media platforms if he didn’t divorce his wife and take her* in as his new wife.I knew she could be keeping my best friend somewhere,away from work and family,so I had to confront her that evening.But when I tried to get into her house and search for Mwewa,she resisted and kicked me in the balls.Am sorry I couldn’t hold my temper and I had to respond.”

“You are sorry?That means you are ready to face the charges?” Asked the interogater.

“Charges of assault,yes sir” Daniel said.

“Are you trying to teach me my job?” Asked the interogater.

“No sir,” said Daniel.

“So you better give me a No or Yes! Are you ready to face the charges?”


“Good,” said the interogater, “Iam placing not only charges of assault against you,but of murder as well!”

“Murder?” Wondered Daniel in shock.

“Manslaughter or whatever the judge may call it.But you killed the unborn child of Mwaka after you assaulted its mother.”

This stroke Daniel with hopelessness.He had planned so well to get out of the cells with the west kids and Mubita.But will he win this new battle with himself? If he must,then how?

This,now ,was a serious case.More than that of the assault.He would be jailed for years for causing death to the unborn child of Mwaka.

Meanwhile,Mubita had taken up his assignment as assigned by Daniel.And right now,he put on a face mask and a cape and disguised himself as a relative to Mwaka,he was on a mission to skillfully kidnap Mwaka from the hospital and take her away to be killed so that Daniel could have his way out of the cells before Mwaka could be questioned by the police….

To be continued……


Mubita spotted a police officer by the entrance to Mwaka’s medical ward, securing Mwaka’s custody.

He quickly conceived a plan and calmly treaded towards the officer and whispered,” good evening Officer”

The police officer responded,” yes,good evening,sir?”

“Bwana,I hear you are guarding a young lady who is involved in some kidnapping case…” Said Mubita.

“Yes,are you one of the kidnappers?” Asked the policeman with an AK47 across his chest, in an intimidating deep voice.

Mubita giggled,” no bwana.Iam the young lady’s neighbor .”

“Okay,” said the police officer.

“Yes bwana.I came to find a way to her so that I can ask her about something very frightening before I report to the station but it’s good you are here.I found something in her yard.”

“What could that be?” Eagerly asked the police officer.

“I found a big bag filled with stacks of kwachas in her backyard and am very scared,” said Mubita.

“Money you say?” The cop lowered his voice.

“A lot of money bwana” said Mubita.

“Are you sure?”

“Am very sure bwana” said Mubita,” I can take you there to see for yourself”

The cop looked around and said,”I hope you are sure of this or I won’t be nice,” warned the police man.His heart raced at the sound of the pronounced “stacks of kwachas.”Perhaps he had some wrong intentions had this information been true.

So the police guy followed Mubita in the hallway to the exit of the hospital,up to a car Mubita had rented to use on his assigned mission.He offered the cop a drive to Mwaka’s place.About 3 minutes of drive through a very lone alley,Mubita stopped the car and removed a pistol and pointed it at the police officer who could hardly stretch out his long AK47 in the backseat.

“Come out!” Ordered Mubita.

The cop climbed down the car and he was made to put his gun down, or the pistol to his head behind him would be fired.

“Now take off your uniform,” Mubita ordered.

The cop did as he was told and eventually he was handcuffed with his own police handcuffs,and thrown at the boonet of the car by mubita.

Then Mubita put on the police uniform to disguise himself.He put the AK47 in the backseat,and drove back to the hospital.There he had no problem to get access to Mwaka’s sickbed.And In no time,Mwaka was kidnapped from the hospital out of belief that she was being taken to the police station for questioning.

But Mubita took Mwaka to Daniel’s house as Daniel had instructed.The cop was still in the boonet.

” Officer,Why have you brought me here?” Mwaka asked,startled and afraid.

“Quiet,” Mubita warned and pushed Mwaka towards the front door to Daniel’s house.He shot the door open and as directed by Daniel,Mubita dragged Mwaka to a cellar of the house and locked her in there.

Then,Mubita,drove the cop in the boonet quiet a distance away from Daniel’s house and trashed the cop in the bushes__naked and handcuffed.He vowed not to murder anyone.And he believed the cop could vaguely recognize him anywhere in the streets as he had put on a face mask all the while.

The next day,Majory had to visit his husband in the cell.She was accompanied by Mr Binwell Tembo.

But first,she and her father were led into an office by the detective who had taken up Majory’s drugging and dumping case from the murdered officer.

“We have unearthed some facts about your case,” said the detective.

“Really?So who drugged and dumped my daughter in the bushes?” Asked Mr Binwell Tembo and was as curious as Majory.

“Yesterday we interviewed two criminals who kidnapped Mwewa Mulusa .They confessed having killed my fellow detective and the doctor of the City Hospital,may their souls rest in peace…..Let me call the two criminals to listen for yourself how everything had happened..” The detective called for a police officer who brought in the two assassins from Daniel’s cells.

“Tell them exactly what you told the police yesterday!” Echoed up the detective, yelling at the criminals.

One of the assassins maintained the statements and narrated exactly as Daniel had cautioned them to say, ” a lady called Mwaka wanted her boyfriend’s (Mwewa’s)wife (Majory)dead so she could snatch the husband from her.She was the one that hired us to kill her boyfriend’s wife.We followed the boyfriend’s wife (Majory)everywhere up to this house where she was with a guy…..”

Majory interrupted,” you mean you followed me and Daniel to his house that day?”

“Yes,Madam,” said the assassins.

” Go on,” the detective told the assassin.

“So…,”the assassin continued,” we managed to hiddingly sneak into the house without your knowledge and we watched everything from our hideouts.And I saw the guy(Daniel) prepare a glass of wine for you in the kitchen.I personally put a deadly drug in the wine as we had already planned to drug you to death had we kidnapped you by any chance before then.Then a few moments later after you were served that wine,you got onto your car and drove out of that yard.We had to make sure the drug worked so we followed you behind.

You later pulled your car by the bushes and came out of it looking dizzy.You staggered into the bushes and laid there.From there we thought you’d died.But later we heard the news you had survived.

Then again,Mwaka ordered us to finish you.We came to the City Hospital and tried to bribe the doctor into killing you but he betrayed us and we overheard him call the detective who was investigating your case about us.And that’s what led to us killing the doctor and the detective.

But later on Mwaka had a conflict with her boyfriend and so she ordered us to take him out of her house and kill him somewhere.That’s how we kidnapped Mwaka’s boyfriend (Mwewa) and implicated him to the murders we committed by using his IDs we found in his pockets..”

Majory frowned, astonished.She puffed out her shocked breaths,” oh my God.I can’t believe this.So inwardly I have been accusing Daniel wrongly?I still can’t remember how I left Daniel’s house, though.”

“Perhaps that’s because You were under the effects of the deadly drug in the wine,” said the detective.

“But why is Daniel in the cells?” Asked Majory.

The detective explained.It was then that Majory and Mr Binwell Tembo got the whole story behind Daniel’s detention.

And when Majory was left alone with her father she whispered to him and whined:

“So Daniel never had a hand in the attack!My wreckless cheating husband got us both into danger!He should be the one charged against assault and manslaughter and not Daniel who only went to his concubine’s house to confront her about his best friend’s whereabouts!”

Mr binwell Tembo added,” It’s obvious Mwewa has learnt a lesson on cheating.I hope you guys will settle this conflict and continue with your marriage.”

Mwaka was silent.But the fact is she felt something beyond love for her husband.She truly loved Mwewa.But now she was confused.She had to listen to him today.

“I still believe he is a good man though not perfect.Nobody is.” Mr Binwell Tembo said.

Later,Mwewa was brought in the office by the detective to talk with his visitors__his wife and and his father_in_law.

To be continued…….


“You have a few minutes to talk,” announced the detective that brought Mwewa into the CID office.

Mwewa was made to sit in a chair apart,with a big wooden table between him and Majory.Mr Binwell Tembo stood up, turned away and cleared his throat and before he walked out of the room,he told Mwewa,” you must see me as soon as you get out of this place.”

“Yes,sir” answered Mwewa.

When it was only the two of them in the small hall or office, silence broke in until Mwewa tried to speak,” I…I messed up.Please..”

Majory rose a ‘stop gesture’ on him,” please! You don’t know how hard am trying not to believe this betrayal,do you? Please… don’t utter a word about it at least not now….I hear that you’ll be let free soon.What are your plans after that?”

Wondered Mwewa,”I…I..I just want to come home and fix my marriage after this big lesson on me.”

“Really?Well,good luck,” said Majory.”I just want to tell you that I will be going back to school before you get home,and please!I repeat Please!I need space.”

“You trying to say that we are going on a separation?” Asked Mwewa.

“Whatever” she answered,” but I need space.”

Mwewa decided to remain silent as she walked out of the hall.But when she disappeared through the doorway,he hit his fist on the table and cursed,” damn you Mwewa!”

But a day later Mwewa was found not wanting by the police.The informations and evidences gathered by the detectives were all in good favour upon his freedom: The two assassins had earlier confessed having had implicated him for the murder cases using his IDs,and now Mwaka whom the criminals had dragged into their crimes as their inciter,was now believed to be on the run after a successful kidnapping by Mubita.Whatever happened to Mwaka, but his only worry now was Daniel.

He had some questions he wanted answers.Just,why did Daniel Beat up Mwaka that night?So when he got released,Mwewa visited Daniel in another cell.A police officer called Daniel to come by the bars to talk with his visitor.

Anxiety struck Daniel came by the bars and met Mwewa.

“Hey man,” said Mwewa.

“Hi.I guess you going home?” Daniel replied.

“Sure,” said Mwewa,” but am confused boi,how did you find yourself in this?”

Daniel wiped his face with a hand and gently said,” man you got me into this.”

“How?” Asked Mwewa.

“Man,when you went missing I got really worried and I couldn’t think of anyone else to have known your whereabouts but your girlfriend Mwaka.I was angry.The company needed you and your family was worried.And it ate me up because my friend went missing on the day you were supposed to be elevated to the highest position of SD Rides,as the new MD! What could I have done?I had to confront that b*tch.But in the process,she slapped me and i couldn’t take the nonsense.I hit back.So hard.Unfortunately,she got hurt that she lost the pregnancy.You didn’t want that pregnancy anyway,so everything just happened in your favour.”

Mwewa listened to Daniel emotionally.He was skipped out of words seeing his best friend in this mess ‘all’ because of a single cheat of his marriage life! But was his emotional thoughts as things really were with Daniel?No.Daniel was a masked friend of two characters and oh poor Mwewa never saw a thing about his best friend!

“IAM really sorry my friend,I will try and find a way to get you out of this mess.Please be strong,” Mwewa said.

“I hope so.I hope that you don’t forget about me and this tribulation,” said Daniel,”I know you can get me out of here.You are a powerful man,so is your father_in_law.Please don’t let me to rot in here boi.Its hell in here!”

“You are my best friend,I can’t forget anything about you my guy.”

When Mwewa tried to walk out as instructed by the police officer,Daniel stopped him and said,” and am sorry I told Majorly and her father about your secret affair with Mwaka.”

“You did?”

“Am sorry but I thought it was the easiest way to getting close to finding you when you went missing…” Said Daniel.

Mwewa had better heard this from Daniel himself before he was told by either his wife or his father_in_law or he was going to suspicious of a wrongly intended Daniel.He was going to see Daniel trying to dent and tarnish him.

“Man,” said Mwewa a little closer to Daniel,”I messed up and I accept the consequences.I was going to tell my wife myself anyway.Its just time for the truth.I messed up and I will tell it exactly the way it happened.”

“Good,” said Daniel.

The police man persisted,”Hallo time is up!”

Later and soon,Mwewa stood out in a fresh breeze,a differently flowing breeze healthier than the one in cells, outside the police premises.His eyes caught a mumbling sound and he saw a group of some journalists who had been following up the murder cases he was involved approach him.And upon being seen by the small crowd the vocal sounds grew louder pushing for an interview.But Mwewa asked the police to prevent the journalists from blocking his way.The police helped him shy away from the media by leading him towards their vehicle.

But negative to his expectations,,Mr Binwell Tembo’s car was in the police parking lot,and Mwewa was reached by Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver.

“Good afternoon sir,” greeted the driver.

“Yes,how are you?”

“Am fine sir.Mr Tembo sent me to pick you up,” said the driver.

“Why?The police have offered to drive me home,” said Mwewa.

“He said I should take you home to freshen up and thereafter take you to SD Rides to meet him,” Explained the driver.

“Is there any problem?”

“I don’t know,sir,” said the driver.

Hesitatingly,Mwewa hopped into the car and the driver took him home.The gate was electronic but Kupa the house keeper opened it manually and the car parked in.

“Ba Boss!” Kupa was excited to see Mwewa again and he greeted his master delightedly.It had been a few days without seeing anyone in this compound and he had been worried until today.

Mwewa was fascinated by the genuine welcome Kupa gave him.How cozy were surroundings and it’s fresh air for Mwewa to be home again after a few days of horror! Except that his dear wife was not home.She had been to her father’s since her recovery from the trauma,and now she was soon going to get back to school, leaving Mwewa with no chance to make up with her or explain himself.

I will have my home back in place,I promise you this Majorly my love.He thought as he unlocked the door to the house.

How he would have still liked to spend a longer moment here but Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver waited for him in the car and he had to meet the Director or his father-in-law at SD Rides this Afternoon.

Staring out the bars, Daniel visualized his upcoming trials in court for assault and manslaughter.His company behind him, the west kids,laid down on the floor shirtless taking a nap as it was too hot in the cell.

Then,Mubita came by the bars from outside the cells with a parcel in his hands,escorted by a police man who stood a distance.He had reported at the reception as a friend to one of the inmates and that he had brought food for the friend.

The west kids joined Daniel by the bars to hear from Mubita and chat him up.

“Mission Accomplished,” whispered Mubita,” what’s next?”

Daniel did not look like this was news worth of delight,he had other obstructions on the way.His crime had unexpectedly doubled up on his Assault charge.And it was going to be difficult for anyone to bail him out apparently.But he was still hopeful with the promised help and the apparent sympathy of Mwewa,he would be squeezed out of prison.

“There’s a serious case against me,” said Daniel.

“What case? Assault?You can still be bailed out with money involved.Especially that the girl has turned out to be a culprit now, believed by the police ,to have been the instigator of the crimes committed by the west kids.” said Mubita.

“She lost her pregnancy to the beating I gave her that’s how the crimes have doubled up,” said Daniel.

“What?” Mubita realized how deep Daniel was dipped in the mess,” this means I can’t bail you out as planned.Thats now a murder case.So what’s next?”

“My only hope of getting out of here is Mwewa,” said Daniel.

“What if Mwewa doesn’t help you out of here?”worried the west kids,” we are going to prison with you right?”

Daniel did not answer and appeared hopeless.

“Look,” said Mubita,” My job is done.I have the girl locked up in the basement of your house as you asked.I want you to settle me as agreed.”

“But how do I settle you in here?” Asked Daniel.

“Tell me where the Title deeds of your house are and I will get everything finalized.I will only need your signature and it will be done from here.”

Daniel said,” what about the girl?”

“She will remain to die in the cellar and I will bury her,” said Mubita.

“Please make sure she dies.”


Mwewa finally reached the SD Rides.Mr Binwell Tembo waited for his presence up in his office.So he took the stairs up.He found Mr Binwell Tembo sitted with the company auditor.

Mr Binwell Tembo did not look happy even upon Mwewa’s arrival.He silently gestured at Mwewa to join the Auditor in the guest chairs of the Director’s office table.

“Mr General Manager,” began Mr Binwell Tembo,” while you were on vacation with the police,we had a thorough investigation in your branch manager’s previous transactions of this company.And my Auditor here has reported that huge colossal sums of money have been stolen from the company by your Branch Manager,Daniel.Are you not aware of this?”

“What?” Mwewa pretended.The fact was that he had been in this together with Daniel.They had both been stealing from the company and keeping secrets between them.And each time the auditor tried to do his job,Mwewa and Daniel would find ways to distract him.

“When did this happen?” Asked Mwewa.

“I should be asking you!You are the General Manager and you report to me.I don’t report to you!” Said Mr Binwell Tembo angrily.

“Yes,sir,” said Mwewa.

“So why didn’t I receive this report earlier from you?”

“Iam sorry sir,” Mwewa ran out of words.

“You are sorry?” Said Mr Binwell Tembo,” I won’t tolerate this incompetence!Besides I can’t trust you guys anymore!”

“Please sir we can talk over this issue as family,” said Mwewa without thinking.

“I don’t mix my business with family!”said Mr Binwell Tembo,” talk of family,you have failed as a family man too the last time I checked Mr Mulusa.So what family?”

Mwewa was speechless.

“I want that guy jailed!” Shouted Mr Binwell Tembo in conclusion.But seemingly his anger caught the heart_failing episodes of his cancer disease.He held his head and staggered out of his office chair and fell down unconscious.

To be continued……

“Let’s carry him to the car!” Mwewa screamed at the company Auditor.

The Auditor shoveled up the back with his arms while Mwewa lifted the legs and carried Mr Binwell Tembo to the car outside.Mwewa instructed Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver to steer down to the City Hospital.

On the way,Mwewa searched for Mr Binwell ~Tembo’s phone which luckily had no password and called Majorly.He personally did not own a phone at the moment,since he left Mwaka’s apartment without it.
“Yes Father,” answered Majorly.

“Have you left for school yet?” Asked Mwewa.

“Not yet.Who’s this?You don’t sound like father,” said Majorly.

“Where are you?”

“Am still at my father’s house.Who are you?”

“Come down to the City Hospital,father just collapsed,” said Mwewa.At this point Majorly knew this was Mwewa for he called Mr Binwell Tembo his father too.

Majorly went like “What?What happened?”

“Just come to the hospital, okay?”said Mwewa.He guessed Mr Binwell ~Tembo’s sudden break down could be cancer complications related.But he couldn’t disclose Mr Binwell Tembo’s health condition against the old man’s wishes.He thought it best for Majorly to find out ab~ out her father’s heart breaking health disorder perhaps later this afternoon when she would come to the hospital.

A few minutes later,they were at the hospital and a medical team rolled Mr Binwell Tembo on a stretcher into an emergency room.A nurse kept Mwewa and the Auditor in a bench outside the ER.

Majorly rushed into the hallway to the ER and found Mwewa and the Auditor in the bench.

“What happened to my father?” She whined.

Mwewa stood up to talk with her,” relax.We are waiting for the same report.”

Standingly they both waited silently for someone to come out of that ER and tell them something.Minutes later,a lady came out with a stethoscope in her hand.

Marjoly blocked her way,”what’s wrong with my father?”

“Oh,you must be Mr Binwell Tembo’s daughter right?” guessed the doctor.

“Yes,please,” said Majorly.

“Your father has regained conscious after some elevated levels in his BP but we are keeping him here as he is in the last stages of his health condition.We need to prevent him from getting too depressed again,” said the doctor.

“Excuse me?” Marjoly puzzled up,” what do you mean ‘ he’s in the last stages of his health condition?”

“Go in and talk with your father for a minute,I will talk to you later,okay?” said the doctor.She sensed Marjoly had no idea about her father’s disorder.

Majorly hurried into the ER.Mwewa followed with the Auditor.

She couldn’t hold back her tears seeing her father in a stretcher.

“Father!What happened to you?” She held his laid right hand.

Mr Binwell Tembo held her back with his left and said,”am fine now, darling.Am alright.”

“Yes you are alright now.You have to be for me,right?” Said Marjoly.

Mr Binwell ~Tembo forced a faint smile.Inwardly he felt the pain but was really trying to hold it.Though lately, Marjoly had roughly ~thought about his unexplained weight loss which she mistook for work stress.He had ever h~ ated to imagine himself disclosing his health status to his daughter.He really despised the feeling of seeing her worry~ about him.But now, feeling that he would not make it to his medical life expectancy,he losened his secret to let his daughter know about his troubles.

“Yes am alright,” he began and stared into the ceiling,”but the doctor said that I won’t be able to live the six months I was expected…”

“Father!What are you saying?”

Mr Binwell Tembo glanced at Mwewa and then turned his head back to his daughter, “Ask your husband,he knows my condition.”

“I don’t understand,father,” Majorly felt confused though she began to think something was really bad here.She’d have sought a clear answer but the medical team pleaded to let them take him out of the ER.

“Excuse me,madam.He’s been just admitted and we need to commence treatment right now,” said a nurse who came to roll the stretcher.

Mr Binwell Tembo said to Mwewa,”help me tell my daughter about what has left of me.And when you done,go back to work and work with the Auditor.Come back here after work,with my daughter, I have something important to tell both of you.”

Majorly tried to follow the stretcher but she was left standing in the center of the hallway.Mwewa walked up behind her and said,”he’s gonna get well.”

“What’s wrong with my father?” Asked Marjoly without looking behind her.

“Let’s go to your car,” suggested Mwewa.She agreed.

The Auditor waited in Mr Binwell’s car and was instructed to tell the driver to wait too for Mwewa.

Mwewa sat in the passenger seat next to Marjoly in the driver’s.

“Father warned me not to tell you about it because he thought it would hurt you badly and affect your studies ,” began Mwewa.

“About what?” Marjoly was both nervous and curious.

“Father has Colon Cancer stage 4..”

Marjoly looked in Mwewa’s eyes hoping to see it a lie even though she knew he wouldn’t make a lie for such a thing.

“Cancer?” She asked.

“Yes.He told me the last time you brought lunch to my office.He also told me that his personal doctor had medically proven that he would not live more than six months,” said Mwewa.

Marjoly stared in the windscreen speechlessly.She felt a weight in her heart as it pumped profoundly.She lost her strength and leaned her forehead over the steering and sobbed softly.Mwewa put his arm over her back.

When she was done sobbing, rubbing her eyes, Majorly said,” I need to be alone.”

“Honey,I need to be by your side now more than ever,” said Mwewa.

“What do you care!” Said Marjoly.

“Marjoly,he’s my father too,” said Mwewa.

“I said I need to be alone,” she told him.

“Okay..” said Mwewa and got out of Marjoly’s car.He went to Mr Binwell Tembo’s car and told the driver to take him back to SD Rides.

“Get me all the reports against Daniel,”Mwewa ordered the Auditor when they reached SD Rides.


Later in the evening,back at Daniel’s house,Mwaka had been trying to escape from underneath the house.

She had been in the basement not knowing the duration of her stay in the cellar.It was too dark in there to distinguish a day from a night.
But she had used her senses of touch to locate a third hand cupboard that felt in her hands as the door of the basement.Actually the used cupboard covered a small window of the Cellar,and it was that prevented light from getting into the room.

She kept pushing the cupboard thinking it was the door she could break open.But it was too hard to break by pushing.Eventually she tried to pull ‘the door’ and the cupboard moved an inch.Her hopes went high and she kept pulling until she realized she had been pulling something else,but there was a small window without burglary behind the object she had been pulling,that shed through a little electronic light from the flurocent tubes outside .She broke the window with a spade she found in the Cellar and squeezed herself out of the basement through the window.

On the other hand,Mubita had plans to get into Daniel’s house to search for the Tittle Deeds.On the way into the yard,he spotted Mwaka trying to get away.He gave her a chase.

She took him down an alley and curved away into a tared two-lane road that it could take a minute for him to see her running up the main road.She was screaming all the while,”help! help! Somebody help me!”

Nobody came to her rescue until she almost bumped into the on_headlights of a car that braked emergently into her shadow.

“Help me!please!” She hit her fists over the boot.Hesitatingly,a door to the car opened and Mwaka jumped in, panting and choking.She sank herself in the passenger seat next to the driver’s.

“What’s wrong?” Asked a voice from the back passenger seats and Mwaka,frightened for once thinking it was the person persuading her,she looked behind and popped out her eyes into Mwewa.



“Mwaka?!” Mwewa was mesmerized.Mwaka’s face appeared begrimed,and her hair uncombed and scruffy.She had a gauze pad on her forehead too.

Astonished,Mwaka uttered aloud,”Mwewa!you are alive?”

“That’s not important right now,who is pursuing you?” Asked Mwewa anxiously.

“I don’t know,” replied Mwaka,” some guy kidnapped me from the hospital and locked me up in a dark room but I managed to escape and now he is after me…I think it’s Daniel!”

“Daniel is in police cells,” said Mwewa.” And why do you think Daniel would be after your life?”

“It’s a long story,my love.But I will tell you everything when it’s safer for me.Please move the car the person coming after me has a gun!” Warned Mwaka.

“Move the car!” Mwewa ordered Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver.

Wayward with Mwaka’s thought Mubita occasionally moved with the pistol Mwaka had seen him use to break the door to Daniel’s house, especially when he had a robbery operation with his gang.Right now there was no gun on Mubita.He reached the spot a little late and he watched the car speed off with his hands gripping his knee caps, panting heavily.But the number plate flashed in his eyes and he mastered it up and recognized it too.The number plate was a simple tag _’SD RIDES’ and he immediately knew whose car had fled his target away_ the famous wealthy man,Mr Binwell Tembo’s car.

If the target got away and made it to the police station alive,Mubita knew Daniel would not trade his signature for a deal not done and he would loose Daniel’s million Kwacha house.Morover he thought there were chances things would get ugly for his kidnapping crime,and the disposing of the police guy naked and handcuffed in the bushes,if he let loose the girl(Mwaka).He vowed to get Mwaka at all cost before midnight or before she could reach the police.So he removed his phone and called his robbery gang:

“Find me in the main road coming down to the City Hospital right now!Come armed and don’t waste time it’s an emergency,” he directed his gangsters.


“Are you taking me back to the City Hospital?” Asked Mwaka as the car pulled into the City Hospital parking space.

Mwewa explained to her that he needed to check on his sick father_in_ law and that he would be back soon.Mwewa also called Mr Binwell Tembo’s personal driver outside and cautioned him to keep an eye on Mwaka while he was inside the hospital.

“She won’t get away,sir” assured the driver.

Then Mwewa hurried towards the entrance of the hospital with a parcel in his hands.And he was soon guided by the reception to take stairs up to a high cost sickroom his father_in_law was admitted.As expected,he found Majorly already there.She was seated in a bedside chair,resting her upper body over the sickbed,next to her laying father.

“Hi,” Mwewa greeted after a minute of staring at his wife while he stood in the centre of the room.He knew she had heard him but she kept silent.

“Father,said I had to come so he could tell us something,” he reminded her.

“You know you can’t disturb him,” she finally spoke,still bent over the sickbed.”He is sleeping.”

“Yeh I thought as much,” agreed Mwewa.Not knowing how much he needed to say next,he just tapped his lap with his hand and said,”well ,I will be leaving then.I will check on him tomorrow.”

Majorly was silent again.

“I brought you guys something,” said Mwewa as he unpacked some food stuffs and drinks and put them on a bedside table.Majorly was still silent and it was obvious her mood could not be tempered.What was he not to understand her feelings after all he knew that he was involved in her traumatized state.She looked emotionally weak .

“Oh ,” said Mwewa, searching his pockets,” I brought his phone too.” He put the phone on the same table.

She never responded to whatever else he said before he gently opened the door of the sickroom and closed it back softly.He went back to the car thinking on anything he could do to take away that gloominess on his wife.But he was cut off thoughts by Mwaka.

“Please take me to my apartment,” said Mwaka.

Mwewa told the driver to excuse him with Mwaka.The driver stood a distance away from the car to wait up.Then Mwaka lowered himself in the driver’s seat next to Mwaka in the front passenger seat.

“Am sorry for your miscarriage,” said Mwewa.

“You wanted the baby dead,so stop faking those condolences,” she told him.

Mwewa took a deep sigh as though to calm himself.Then he said,” It wasn’t yet a baby,was it?”

Mwaka gravely looked him in the eyes with a wrinkled face and said,” you and your friend are more evil than the devil himself.But I promise you,I will avenge the death of my baby!Thanks for the ride…” She tried to open the door to step out of the car but Mwewa locked all the doors.

“Open this door and let me go,” she told him.

Calmly,Mwewa said,”You promised to tell me everything.I know why Daniel beat you up.But I don’t know why you hired thugs to attack me and my wife.The same thugs you hired to attack us,killed a police detective and a doctor.How could you do all this evil,Mwaka?”

Mwaka was dumbfounded,”what are you talking about?”

“You know exactly what am talking about,” said Mwewa.

“I can’t believe this,” said Mwaka,” who said I committed such crimes?”

“The criminals you hired confessed and the police have been looking for you since,” said Mwewa.

“What?Which criminals?”

“You’ll see them when we get to the police station,then you can explain yourself,” advised Mwewa.

Mwaka appeared even more confused.Puzzled,she tried to figure out what was going on for a moment.Then she said,”Mwewa I promise I didn’t hire anyone to attack you and your wife.Infact Daniel your friend came to my house and told me that you had tried to kill your wife so that you could marry me before you went missing from my house.I didn’t do anything to harm anyone!”

“Daniel told you what?” Asked Mwewa,” If Daniel told you that I attacked my own wife and went missing then why did he come to confront you over my disappearance from your house?”

“Daniel beat me up because he wanted to sleep with me that evening but I refused!” She told him.

Mwewa laughed,”ladies ladies!I can see you, like most women do,are ready to defend yourself using false sexual allegations against my friend.But I must tell you the truth,as things stand now,no lie will help you.The people you used to commit those crimes are in police custody and they have confessed their dealings with you.”

“Mwewa,those are Daniel’s companions!” Said Mwaka after a thought hit her mind in relation to a Daniel she really knew and what he was capable of doing.

“You know what, let’s get to the station so you can explain yourself better,” said Mwewa.

“Mwewa,please hear me out,” she said, trembling.”Your friend Daniel is not a good friend.He can even kill you.”

“Kill me over you?You are crazy!” Mwewa laughed.

“Am serious,Mwewa,” said Mwaka solemnly,”Daniel could be behind the attacks.I know he is.He started this by hiring me to blackmail you with that nude video because he knows how much I Iove you and how much I want to be your wife !”

Mwewa paused as he was about to call the driver to take them to the police station.”Enough!You won’t implicate my friend for your crimes!If you think you will,then let’s get to the station!”

“Daniel used me to record that nude video because he wanted to break you and your wife up so that he ~could get your wife,and I wanted you!He might be the person behind the attacks.I also know of some dangerous guys he uses to attack people who stand in his way.They might be the ones making false confessions to trap me into th~ eir crimes with Daniel!Please believe me!” She confessed.

“Like have told you,try your luck by telling those lies to the police maybe they will believe you cause I don’t!”

Mwaka got scared because she knew Daniel was never going down a fight.She thought he would trap her into his mess if he failed too.So she shivered in the car and her voice trembled.

For now she had less to say as she kept begging Mwewa to believe her and understand what kind of a friend Daniel was.But Mwewa maintained that he was not going to pay attention.He called the driver and directed him into the way to the police station.

A few minutes away from the city hospital,the driver almost collided with a mini bus that blocked his way by stopping across the two lanes of the road.Two men came out of the mini bus, frantically.

“We are under attack!” Exclaimed Mwewa.

“That must be him!” Mwaka recognized Mubita’s body size and somewhat the way he walked.It was surely him coming towards the vehicle with one of his two gangsters.

Mwewa, quickly pulled the carrier tent in the back of the car and made Mwaka jump into the carrier,and hid there with her.He got the driver’s phone to call the police when he had the chance. “Tell them you dropped Mwaka at her house,then pretend that you have a break down so you can use the mini bus.I will then call the police and follow you up.Keep on showing fake directions until the police comes,” Mwewa told the driver.

Mubita came and jumped into the vehicle right behind the driver’s seat,and pointed a pistol to the driver’s head.

“Where is the girl you picked?” Asked Mubita.

“I dropped her by her place,” said the driver.

“Take me there,” said Mubita.He then instructed his gangster to go back to the mini bus and tell his colleague to drive after this vehicle.He kept his gun pointed to Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver’s head.

The bus unblocked the road and Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver turned the car backwards and pretended to be driving back to where he had fictiously drove Mwaka to.

While in the carrier,Mwewa thrusted his body in a wheel spanner and that changed his plan.He was not going to wait until the driver did as he had told him:stop the car and pretend it had a fault.

Mwewa reached his hand for a wheel spanner,and courageously sneaked his head out of the carrier and hit Mubita’s occiput with the wheel spanner,and knocked him off by adding to the beating.Soon enough,he called the police and a siren came wailing behind the mini bus.

Eventually and in a swift act, Mubita’s two gangsters were blocked and fished out of the bus by the police,drawn down the ground and handcuffed.Mubita woke up in the CID chambers,with two officers commanding him to confess why he had been hunting Mwaka.

“Who sent you!” Yelled the officers.

Mwewa,Mwaka and the driver were all in there, curiously listening when Mubita groaned for his head and confessed:

“There’s a guy called Daniel in your custody.He sent me!”

To be continued…


“There’s a guy called Daniel in your custody.He sent me.”

Startling everyone in the hall,Mubita went on without being questioned and said all his part in the Daniel conspiracy.He also said of Daniel having bribed, in advance, his two hired assassins_the West Kids_to twist their statements and implicate Mwaka in Daniel’s position of their crimes since he was going to kidnap Mwaka away from police findings.

Mwaka threw her hand over her mouth and held her breath for a second.”I knew it! I knew Daniel had planned all this.”

Mwewa capped his chin and took a few steps backwards in disbelief.He hardly believed what he had just heard.Not Daniel of all people!Why would he commit such crimes? Mwewa thought.

The detective sent two officers to bring in Daniel and his two criminal friends, handcuffed.The officers could be heard in less than the tenth minute, echoing up in the hallway as they led Daniel and the two assassins into the detective offices.The West Kids walked in slowly ahead of Daniel.They were eventually set down a floor and leaned against the wall by the officers.

Daniel’s heart dropped its beats into the pit of his stomach and there was no strength left of him to think properly.Just the sight of Mubita,Mwaka and Mwewa was enough to form sweat allover his body as he visibly trembled.He now knew it was all over! The light at the end of the tunnel of his hope for freedom had just eluded his sight.As the world say,Game Over!

The detective lowered his height in front of Daniel.He stared him in the eye and solemnly asked in an intimidating voice.”Do you know this man?”He’d pointed out to Mubita.

Daniel trembled even more.He stammered,”I..I..who is this guy?”

The detective scoffed,” I don’t want to use a taser on your body before you waste my time.Do you know this man?”

“I know him from the cells!”

“Good.” The detective felt a great progress in his investigative tasks.”So why did you want to try and pretend that you didn’t know this man?Huh?”

“Am sorry, sir.”

The detective lifted up Daniel’s face with his fingers though he spoke to the West Kids too.”I have enough evidence for all your crimes.All of you!I just want you to tell everyone in this room exactly what you did,and why you did what you did.I will not tolerate any lie,nor will I let any of you waste my time anymore.Now..speak!”

“Daniel is behind all this!He hired us to commit these crimes.” Finally the West Kids felt there was no narrow escape out of this mess at all!Daniel or Mubita had terribly failed them.After all,they were still going to jail even if Daniel got his freedom to later fight for theirs.So they told all their part too.This time telling it exactly as it happened without a Daniel lie in it.They said:……

“……He hired us to kill the detective and the doctor because they had a recording of him trying to bribe the doctor into killing his friend’s wife whom he’d single handedly drugged and dumbed into the bushes some days ago.Then later sent us to this girl’s(Mwaka) apartment to kidnap his friend to end his life so we could set him up for the murders using his IDs.Nobody else hired us, Daniel did.He made us twist these statements when he sent Mubita to kidnap Mwaka for a killing so she could be mentioned as our client in these crimes, instead of him….”

Mwewa was dumbfounded.He reduced his height into a chair without a word.He couldn’t face Daniel right now.He was having a hard time trying not to believe this all evil had been planned and done by one he called his ‘ best friend’.But he remained calm and well set to listen carefully to the criminal confessions.

“So,” the detective finally said.”There you have it!The real culprit is this man called Daniel.” The detective moved away from Daniel and the West kids.

But Mwewa swiftly leaped towards Daniel and when he got him,he stood him up and thrushed him against the wall.”Did you do this?huh?Iwe boi,Did you do this evil?”

Daniel did not respond nor did he try to free away from his restraints.

The officers pulled Mwewa away.And cautioned him to term his anger.

Suddenly Daniel became aggressive and he spoke on top of his voice.The police knew this was their time to finally conclude their investigations to present in a court of law.The CCTV audio cameras had been ever on in here anyway.

“Yes I did everything!” He screamed out.”I did everything because you took Majorly away from me!”

The detective eyed each other with the two police officers smilingly as if they all thought the same thought,’oh so all this had been because of a woman?’

Mwaka turned to mwewa and and whispered,”I told you.I told you had a devil for a friend.”

Mwewa stared and frowned at Daniel both in shock and anger.

Daniel grinned and laughed sarcastically.He suddenly appeared as a psycho.Perhaps He was now acting out of frustration that he was definitely going to prison.”I told Majorly about you and this b*tch (Mwaka).I showed her the sex tape..hahaha…then I told her how much I love her.Do you want to know what happened next?Hahaha….she said,’take me to your house and give me what Mwewa can’t give me!’ Oh man I gave her orgasms! Then I drugged her to make her forget about that hardcore ride or she was going to come back for it!Because she knows am the Man! Dan Is the Man!Hahahaha….”

The hate, the jealousy and the envy_all had just manifested in Daniel.But as you all know Daniel had just lied once again!You all know he never had the ‘fruit of wonders’ before and after he drugged and threw Marjoly down his bed and she passed out.Right now he just lied again just to hurt Mwewa whom he seemingly hated for taking his obsessive crush,Majorly.It was all a lie but an obvious truth enclosed in Mwewa’s thoughts.

But what would the future bring with that lie?Only time would tell.

Mwewa tried to pierce through the cops to unleash his balled hands on Daniel careless if they ever locked him up for assault.But the two cops held him away and warned him again.

“I will make sure you rot in Jail you devil!Prepare yourself for more charges because I am coming for you for all the money you stole from SD Rides.” Shouted Mwewa.

The officers took Daniel away as he continued to grin and laugh like a mad man.

Later that evening,Mwewa had to get his car and his iPhone at Mwaka’s place.So Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver, steered the car down there.

Mwewa found everything of his now dusty car intact in mwaka’s surroundings.His phone was good too.He took the phone from Mwaka and switched it on.

Mwaka opened her mouth to break the silence that had been through out the driveway.But Mwewa maintained the silence and walked out of her without a word.She wrinkled up her face as she watched him drive away his car that had been parked in her flats surroundings for days now.

Mr Binwell Tembo’s driver was left to start his car.He had been directed to head to Mr Binwell Tembo’s house and park the car.As he put the key in the ignition,Mwaka came to the window.

“Hey.” She began.

“Atishani,(what’s up)” answered the driver.

“What’s your name?”

“Collins.” That was the driver’s name.

“Collins,I want to thank you and Mwewa for risking your lives to save mine this evening.Iam really grateful.”Said Mwaka with a smile on her face.

Collins nodded his head.

“How about you pay me a visit one of these days,Collins? I want to appreciate you in a special way.”

“No it’s fine.It’s all alright.”

“I will get rid of this dirt on me now.I too slay ka.” She looked him in the eyes.Though she knew she so badly needed a bath because she looked dirty and sick.

Collins smiled back at her.”wooh..I get you.I will surely get down here when I find the time.”

“You find me.Anytime.Here’s my line.”

Collins saved Mwaka’s line.

Mwewa got home and poured whiskey from a cocktail into a glass and rapidly took all it’s content.He repeated the rapid shots for three to five times.He then crossed into the living room with the glass of whiskey thinking about Daniel and his betrayal.Thinking about everything that had happened in the few days.But most Vividly remembering what Daniel had told him earlier this evening:

“…. she said’take me to your house and give me what Mwewa can’t give me.’Oh man I gave her orgasms!……..”

Those carelessly uttered words hit Mwewa in the most fragile inner part of him.He couldn’t just think straight.And every now and then,he took more shots from the glass trying to erase those thoughts.

How could you!You are supposed to be my best friend!How could you sleep with my wife you son of a b*tch!He screamed out loud.He then threw the glass of whiskey into a wall.The whiskey spilled and the glass hit one of the picture frames in the wall.Slowly he walked to the wall and looked at the picture frame the glass had hit.There was Marjoly, with a joyful smile on her pretty glowing face, standing between two gentlemen in graduation gowns.These were Daniel and himself.He remembered this day.Majorly had brought them both congratulatory gifts.Mwewa got an iPhone and Daniel a Rolex wrist watch.And on top of the iPhone,Mwewa got Marjoly his fience by then,for a night in an executive hotel just to get pleased.

The glorious love making scenes flashed in his mind.He then conveyed the same scenes into imaginations by changing one character and replacing him with Daniel.He then saw Daniel jerking on top of his lovely wife!

Frantically,Mwewa unplugged the picture frame off the wall and threw it down the floor.

“Enemy!You are my number one enemy!”

He sat himself down on the floor and sprawled up until he slept off.He woke up in the morning and found himself in a couch.He remembered he’d gotten up from the cold floor at mid-night and had dived into the couch.

His head ached due to hang over but he still used it to remember the day’s routine.He had to check on his father_in_law and Majorly at the hospital before work.He was still anxious about what the old man had to say to him and to his wife.

The story continues……..


A doctor paced through the hallway into Mr Binwell Tembo’s sickroom with a notepad in his hand.

“Okay Mr Binwell Tembo,” he started.”You have been discharged.But you must ensure that treatment continues from home with your personal doctor.”

“Sure.” Replied Mr Binwell Tembo.

“And…” The doctor paused as if to recall something.”Don’t over think.You don’t want to be depressed again.You take care of yourself.”

Mr Binwell Tembo nodded,”I’ll surely take care of me for my lovely daughter here.” He said soothing his hand through Marjory’s wigs.Marjory sat on the bedside chair.

The doctor nodded back at Mr Binwell Tembo and excused himself when Mwewa made his way into the room with a newspaper in his hands.

“Good morning.” Greeted Mwewa.

“Yes Mr Mulusa,good morning to you too.” Mr Binwell Tembo greeted back.

Marjory handed over her chair to Mwewa and found another seat at the edge of her father’s sickbed.

“How are you feeling today.” Asked Mwewa.

“Much better.” Commented Mr Binwell Tembo.He sat up in his adjustable sickbed that formed a higher bed head.”How’s work yesterday?”

“It was a hectic day with the auditor.So much is needed to work on.”

“I hope you were able to see that the annual reports are not in anyway close to the progress of our business, were you not?”

“I was.” Commented Mwewa.

“Yes.The more reason I called for this meeting.” Mr Binwell Tembo cleared his throat.”I have decided to sell SD Rides.”

“Father!why?” Marjory interjected.

“You are soon graduating as a medical doctor.Before then,we would have built a hospital for you.I believe you can run the hospital perfectly with Mr Mulusa as CEOs.”

Marjory looked satisfied with her father’s idea now.A hospital would be great to run as her own boss.While,in as much as it was interesting to hear,Mwewa felt that the old man had acted out of frustration for the losses by incompetence and theft SD Rides had recently reported.And indeed,Mr Binwell Tembo had feared that SD Rides would fail terribly at the hand of any other person who was not his blood,when he was gone.But Mr Binwell Tembo said,”it has ever been my dream to build a hospital for my daughter since she went to university.”

Mr Binwell Tembo continued,” you both know I have not enough time under the heavens.So I want to leave with that dream fulfilled or getting fulfilled.And I expect both of you as my only children to make me proud by ensuring that the hospital emerges as the best hospital in this country.Can I count on both of you?”

Marjory was silent.Mwewa nodded his head and said,”you deserve more to your reputable name,father.We will bring that dream to life.”

“I believe you.” Said Mr Binwell Tembo.”I know you can achieve anything if you get the right team,Mwewa.A well displined team.Without the likes of Daniel.You got to stay away from such people.Please stay away from Daniel when he comes out of cells.He is a thief.”

“Not only is he a thief,father.I just discovered more of Daniel.” Said Mwewa.He took a sigh before he continued.”Daniel is going to prison for years.”

“Years for assault?” Mr Binwell Tembo wondered.

“Not really.” Said Mwewa.” Actually Daniel has been the evil one behind all the tragedies that have been happening to us the past days.”

“From your girlfriend as the evil one to Daniel now?” Asked Marjory and it sounded as a scoff.

Mwewa felt a sudden pinch of embarrassment at the mention of ‘girfriend’.Marjory was still upset with Mwewa.

“Take a look at this.” Mwewa passed the newspaper he had came in with to Marjory.”I woke up to that screaming headline on today’s newspaper.That’s after what happened last evening.”

Marjory was reading the newspaper, gasping.”What?” She wrinkled up.She had just read the story of Daniel and the two hired assassins’ confessions to the police.She had just read that Daniel was actually the mastermind behind the crimes including her husband’s kidnapping and in which she was drugged and left to die in the bushes.She also read that Daniel had caused the murders near the City Hospital.

“What happened last evening?” Mr Binwell Tembo asked Mwewa.

Mwewa told them about the scenes involving Mubita that led to Daniel’s crime confessions last evening.It was really an astonishing moment.

Marjory however had thought of Daniel as some guy who could not be trusted.She had seen him act like a perfect friend to Mwewa,but still had the guts to make advances on her__his best friend’s wife.It was though hard time believing Daniel could have done the unthinkable_the murders.

“I think Daniel is a psycho.” Concluded Mr Binwell Tembo.”How could a man in his right senses do such things?”

“Iam equally astonished that it had to be him.”Said Mwewa.”But he is soon going to prison along with other charges am going to file in against him.He will also pay for stealing from the company and I will make sure everything he owns gets back to SD Rides.”

“I have had his bank accounts frozen already.” Said Mr Binwell Tembo.”When the investigations are done we shall be able to recover some of the monies he unlawfully got from the company.”

“You can leave the rest to me,father.I will fix everything.” Said Mwewa.

“Yes fix everything.Including your marriage.” Just when Mwewa thought his father_in_law was not going to talk about that.

“That’s my number one goal for now.Its my prayer too that my wife finds it in her loving heart to forgive me so that I can strive to retain her trust.But I don’t even know where to start from because Iam so ashamed of myself right now.” Said Mwewa.

Mr Binwell Tembo was silent.Right now he’d bet he would not involve himself in his children’s marital matters unless he was invited or unless the matter was uncalled for to the extreme limits.

“Father I need to drive into town for some necessities before I take you home.” Marjory said.It was as if she was not comfortable discussing reconcilation with her husband when the wound on his heart was still very fresh.She only wondered why her father was so quick about settling matters with her husband.Well,she still loved her husband and she knew she would not make herself want to loose him for any woman out there.

“Don’t forget to get yourself a new phone because I need mine back.” Majorly had been using one of the two smart phones her father owned since Daniel broke and flashed away her iPhone.

“Am actually enjoying this one.” Said Marjory.”And I do not have enough funds to get a new phone.” She said while walking out of the room.

Mwewa was still seated.”I will take my leave,sir.I got to hurry for work.”

“You better hurry and get everything in place and order before we get the buyer.”

“Sure,sir I will.” He said as he heightened up.He had actually intended to go after Marjory for a talk.

“Hey.” Mr Binwell Tembo stopped Mwewa.” You guys can still work out things together.Just rush her.And when you fix this, don’t you ever hurt her again because I will not be happy with you wherever I would be then.Promise me you will do nothing to hurt my daughter but make her happy for the rest of her life…”

Mwewa took a moment of silence.He turned up his head to Mr Binwell Tembo and said,”forgive me for all my mistakes father.But I promise you:I will do nothing to hurt my wife but make her the happiest woman on earth.”

Mr Binwell Tembo nodded his head slowly.Then Mwewa left.

He found Marjory in the hospital parking lot trying to close the door to her car.He blocked her from closing the door.

“Am still not in the mood to talk about what you want talk about.” Marjory said.

“I know we can’t talk now.I just want to tell you that we have something more to seriously talk about.And I want you to come home so we can talk.”

“I can’t leave my father with the maids.”

“Marjory,I need answers from you about something.You have to come home”

“Was that a command?Really?”

“Am talking as your husband!”

“No you should be talking like an adulterer!”

Mwewa calmed his voice.He felt like telling her off.Coming out like,”we flock together as adulterers cause you went the same bed with Daniel.” But he was wise enough to control such fuel from pouring into the fire.He said he wanted her to come home so they could talk about everything,but inside of him knew that he wanted to confront her for what Daniel claimed to have done with her.It was eating him up.

“Look,” said Mwewa,”I know how you feel about what has happened.But do you consider what I also feel about what you did out of frustration?”

“What I did?” Marjory scoffed.” What did I do?”

“We can’t talk shameful issues in public.Come home tonight.” Said Mwewa.

“Are you trying to…” Marjory started but Mwewa had already walked to his car.She was left wondering why the offender was all of a sudden commanding her around.This made her anxious.She was left asking herself about what she could have possibly done in the past but she couldn’t find anything that could hurt anybody.She waved it away and started the car into town.She told herself she would go to her matrimonial home to listen to ‘whatever rubbish’ this man was trying to get at.


“Did you get what I couldn’t give you in bed from Daniel?” Mwewa was asking with a glass of whisky in his hands again.

Marjory stood staring at him with an angry face and her hands folded in front her chest.Mwewa was in a sofa as he spoke.”You are drunk,right?’

“It’s finally out from it’s dark corners.You slept with that bastard!”

Marjory had ran out words.Her heart swell up and she felt like picking that same whisky bottle Mwewa was pouring from and break it in his head.But she got over her temper.She sighed high and said,”you know what,I don’t care about what rubbish you heard about me.Am going back to my father’s and later I will be back to school.I don’t ever want you calling me or getting any close to wherever.Like I told you,I need space.Space!”

“Finally!You have accepted!You can go for all I care!I won’t bother you because I too need space!”

Marjory stormed out and she didn’t really understand why she broke down in tears when she walked to her car.She honked the car very loud for Kupa to manually open the gate.And when Kupa opened,she roughly drove out and never returned to her matrimonial home the next two weeks.

Back in school,Marjory had fallen sick and her room mate insisted that she got tested for malaria.But Majory was instead tested positive for pregnancy.

“Congratulations baby girl!” Selina, Marjory’s room mate,waved her hands and danced.

But Marjory appeared unhappy as she sat at the edge of the her bunk bed.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Asked Selina.

“It’s nothing.I am not just ready to be a mother!”

“Baby it is time.Nothing will change.You will still graduate as a doctor.Just pick up this phone and give the good news to your Mr handsome,Mr Mulusa.I know you are going to make his day!”

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